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Yes, yes, yes!!! It’s true!!! Miss Green kindly granted us an exclusive Q&A and answered all of our questions!!! We thank her for her kindness and for taking some time to answer us. I’d also like to thank Joy and George, without who it wouldn’t have been possible. Keep checking back for the rest of the Q&A!!! 😉

Q&A session for Eva.
ANSWERS 3/5/2011

1. Do you occasionally visit EvaGreenWeb? What’s your opinion about the site? What would you like to change in this?

Yes, I do visit the site – not as often as I’d like as I’ve been very busy – but I’m always very touched by the lovely things people say, their kindness, and their passion through the years. I think what’s moved me the most is that the people who follow my career on this site, seem to understand me and the choices I’ve made in my career, not going for big studio movies, but smaller independent films closer to my heart, that inspire me; project that seem to have a soul.
It is the most up to date web site and even my agent checks it out to see what’s going on with me, so I don’t think that there’s anything that I would change on it.

2. Role selection is a multiple criteria decision making process. What are these criteria for you (e.g. the production, the co-stars, the story, the role itself, the perspectives for award, the compensation etc) and which of them you think as most important?
I can’t say any one criterion is the most important, but definitely the story and its impact on me when I begin reading it, how it grabs me, makes me want to play the character is vital. Then the other actors, the director, and yes, the production is important because there are producers who love to make films and then there are producers who love to make money, and well, of course it’s a business, but I love to work with producers who really care about the film…and there aren’t many left in the business.

3. Which scenes proved to be the most difficult for you in your last projects?
I don’t think there was any particular scene that was difficult in Camelot, but coming from film, it was difficult for me as the pace is different and we must move very quickly from one episode to the next, so this was a really big challenge for me and necessitated having total confidence in my partners, which I did, as they are all wonderful actors, and lovely people to work with.

4. During a new movie project what is the part that you enjoy most and also dislike the most (e.g. reading the script for the first time, filming, the atmosphere during shooting, promoting activities etc)?
I enjoy all aspects of a new project, though I do wish that there was more time for rehearsal before filming, as we do in theatre, but with everyone’s different schedules, this never seems possible. I guess the only thing I dislike is the promotion of the film once it’s finished, but it is an important part of the process and I feel so lucky being able to do the job I do, that I accept doing the promoting, as all actors do.

5. Do you, in general, keep contact with people that you have worked with in the past (actors, directors, producers etc)?
Yes, I try to, but of course, it isn’t always possible as this business takes you all over the world and though you become very close to the team while you’re shooting, everyone moves on in so many different directions that sometimes it isn’t easy to keep in touch. I do manage to stay in touch with a lot of the technical crew like my personal hairdresser, makeup artist, and others behind the camera.

44 Responses to “Exclusive EvaGreenWeb.com Q&A with Eva Green – Part I”
  1. João Says:

    Oh! She’s so nice! I just adore her and I believe all her choices were great, except for ‘Arsene Lupin’, ‘Cracks’ being my favourite film! She was exquisite in that one!

  2. Paolo Says:

    Great Exclusive Mariana!!A dream comes true!
    Many compliments to worderful Eva of course!

  3. Saverio Says:

    Very great interview so far already! Thanks to all (including Miss Green of course 😉 ) who made this possible 🙂

  4. Lorna Says:

    That was really nice of Eva Green for the Q and A and very glad she appreciates the website as well (what nice person)

  5. Aima Says:

    thanks for the Interview Miss Green..

  6. ana Says:

    wow this is amazing news…..i love her so much 🙂

    she is darling.

  7. Rachel Says:

    Its so lovely that she visits this site! Eva if you’re reading this, You’re a fabulous actress and extremely beautiful! Keep up the good work and I hope to see more films from you in the future xxx

  8. edenLiao Says:

    omg! how did you guys do that?
    you met her or through the internet??
    can’t believe!!!

    anyway, thanks for the interview, love Eva more n more! 🙂

  9. np001 Says:

    Thats so sweet. Goes to show how much she aprreciates us all.
    Thanks Joy, George and Mariana. Please post the rest of the parts as well.
    Genuine actress, awesome lad;, thats our Ms Green!

  10. Andrew Says:

    Thank you webmistresses! And thank you Eva! We’ll continue to support you! Your interview in Harper’s is a classic.

  11. np001 Says:

    Awesome lady instead of what I wrote above!

  12. edenLiao Says:

    also, if Eva is reading this, I would like to tell you that you really inspired me a lot! you are a great actress, you did make me see somethings important in life through the characters n the stories you chose, n also make me wanna be involved in films, whether an actress or a filmmaker, I wanna tell something through the big screen!
    btw, I’m from Taiwan (a country, a island in Asia), wondering if you know the place or not? just wanna tell you that you get a big fan here! and… can’t wait for your next project! 🙂

  13. Jay Says:

    Wow, Eva has always seemed like a sweet and kind person and this just proves that she is. Thanks to everyone involved in making this interview happen, including Ms. Green.

    And if Eva gets a chance to read this, I wish you much success and happiness in your life and your career.

  14. Paolo Says:

    I was forgetting..

    Eva I love you!!!!

  15. Nikos Says:

    I have said it before This Very Talented and Beautiful Actress is in a Class of Her own!!
    Knew it from the start and always stated she reminds me of the Actors from days gone by.
    Her choices are always on Target and she is smart not to get caught up in all the Hollywood Fluff – She is to smart and it just is not her.
    Thank you for this interview folks and thank you Eva Green for being who you are as it is No secert…We all adore you!!!!
    Best Regards,

  16. Rafael Says:

    In my opinion Eva is one of the stars of cinema more accessible to their fans! I am Brazilian (More prescisa’m from the city of Limeira), come to Brazil someday, is a wonderful country. For now I’m only 14 but want to be a film director, since I created characters inspired by you! If you’re reading would be an honor if you come on my blog and leave a comment. thanks!

  17. Audrey Says:

    Really sweet interview! Charming and smart, as usual! Cant’ wait to read the rest of it!

    i also found a new photoshoot, published in interview magazine in may: http://www.buddzone.com/eva-green-interview-may-2011-scans.html
    so dark, mysterious and sexy!

  18. Courtney Says:

    Eva, you’re amazing, and I always loved that you never took the typical Hollywood route, but instead chose roles based on your own interests! That says so much about an actress, especially now when it’s so easy to get caught up in fame and money. I’ve been a fan of yours since Kingdom Of Heaven and you’ve never lost sight of your true self. We love you! <3

  19. Marie Says:

    Eva Green: the best actress ever, the most beautiful too.

    Her voice ? Honey to my ears (you couldn’t imagine for a single moment that she’s french! And I admire her for that, ’cause we’re known to kill any other language. )

    Her cheekbones, the beauty spots on her face: perfection?

    It was kind and very friendly from her to answer.

    EGW: I follow Eva for years now thanks to you. You do deserve this honor, your work is rightly rewarded.

  20. Raquel Says:

    You are already Queen of Camelot for me.
    Eva is the best.Poland loves Eva <3

  21. EvaAnne Says:


    Thank you so much for answering the question, that was very sweet of you! You are an amazing actress and an inspiration.

    Lots of love and happiness

  22. Andrea Says:

    So awesome! i really enjoy her acting and i love the roles she picks! she’s so willing to try interesting characters with such depth! And she seems like a very humble person as well, especially if she likes independent movies! i always wish other of my favorite actors would do independent films but their always doing BIG blockbusters.
    Thanks Eva for doing this! can’t wait to hear more!

  23. Olga Says:

    Hi! I really liked this interview! Eva I do appreciate your movie selections! I wish you the best! Love from Greece!

  24. Sara Says:

    Aww I love Eva!! So good of her to do a Q&A with you! Definitely understand why she goes for independent films, they’re usually the best; Cracks and Womb were brilliant. Such deliciously complicated characters or “morally questionable” as I like to think of them. Real creativity doesn’t thrive on an obsession with money. Can’t wait for Dark Shadows I adore Tim Burton and his innovations!! People who are different are good in my book!

  25. Anna Says:

    OMG! She’s so nice! I absolutely love her and I”ve seen just about every movie that she’s been in. Camelot was fantastic! I’m eagerly awaiting the North Americn release of Perfect Sense…. 😀

  26. Kim Bum Hun Says:

    I love you eva green. I’m a high school student in Korea. I’m 17 years old and I’m feeling a love with you. Isn’t it strange? You and me has not ever never met. In addition, I’m an asian who lives in a half the gobe away I watched you in a movie Perfect Sence. It was released in Korea december 4, 2011. Actually it is not hot in Korea. But it relieves me that you played a great depth role which is interesting me. You are a unapproachable women who is in a screen. I can’t contact you and even I can’t have a dream like a talking with you. I’m addicted to your acting. You can’t imagine my feelings. My hope thing is just I live longer than you as I can see you in a screen^^

  27. NoëL Says:

    Hi, eve! Just dropping by to say happy Valentines to you! Hope your okay and in good health. Don’t overstress yourself on your work. Thank you for the Inspiration. Always take care! *Mwahh!*


  28. Dawn Keaney Says:

    This is so nice to read. A celeb who takes the time to talk/tell her fans.

  29. david ruel Says:

    film press agents viva press have a new interview with Eva… http://www.viva-press.com

  30. Kika Delong Says:

    I admire you for the way we choose the criteria to work, how acts and of course the sympathy that it has, I loved the interview and more and more follow! I’m still waiting for the movie “dark shadows” lol

  31. Jason Says:

    How would I go about asking Eva out on a date? {(without being a stalkerish pathetic loser) if I havent been already lol} ps her most recent role in dark shadows was amazing reminds me of why i fell in lust with her in casino royale 🙂

  32. Fulaeetoy Says:

    Hi, again eva! I don’t know where to get in touch with you. So i hope you read this. Just want to say Happy happy birthday to you! Looking forward to see your next movie! Take care always! **mwah!**


  33. jeff Says:

    Eva, your selections of characters and films shows your intelligence as a person and a bit of your unique personality. Being a Psychiatrist, I enjoy the range of your work and complexity of your charachters. I am always looking forward to seeing (and feeling) your next work.

  34. jeff Says:

    P.S. Happy Birthday today!

  35. 480f5a496560ae4228bb7977ecf29b2c589d7a7aa6b609534566af8cbc229a9e Says:


  36. Lorène Says:

    Eva ! Je n’ai que ce nom à la bouche !♥ Tu m’as ensorcelé comme jamais personne ne l’a fait ! Je t’aime ♥ ( Merci à Evagreenweb.com d’exister !! )

  37. Marcella Says:

    To me the movies with Eva are the best! The movie Womb really is the most strongest love story, and, I love Matt Smith too!

  38. Marcella Says:

    To me the movies with Eva are the best! The movie Womb really is the strongest love story, and, I love Matt Smith too!

  39. chembit Says:

    Ms. Eva, you move me in the characters you play. Different personas in shocking moments that leave me quite disturbed for days. Still watching for some of your movies and craving for more! 🙂

  40. RosemaryYeung Says:

    well,she’s my muse.

  41. violeta Says:

    Miss. Eva. Your work is fantastic. The character of your roles and the power of your dramatic plays. You are very singular and unique actress. Congratulations!!!.

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