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12. Is the Maria Callas project active? Have you read about her?
For the moment, the Maria Callas is not an active project, but still remains a thrilling idea as I have always been fascinated by her work, but also the woman, her passion.

13. Did you have any proposals to do stage work in London? Are there any chances to see you in one of the London’s theatres in the future? (we cross fingers!!!)
For the moment I’m really concentrating on my film work, I enjoyed the stage very much, the direct relationship with the audience, so we’ll see…

14. Is there any piece of false information or rumour that you’ve read about you that is completely wrong? If so, you’d like to take this opportunity to set the records straight?
Yes, I read that I composed music and sound tracks, which is not true, and also that I’m an art collector, again not true, though I love art, I certainly don’t have enough money to invest in major art work.

15. How was Ewan on the set during Perfect Sense’s shooting?
Ewan was perfect, I adored working with him, he’s incredibly generous, spontaneous, and not afraid of showing his emotions even though he’s very manly, humble and simple.

16. Camelot: From the first episodes it’s obvious that you are the cornerstone of the show. Do you enjoy making television more than making movies? What do you think is the main difference between the two?
I loved playing Morgan, and the possibility of exploring a character for ten episodes is challenging and something you really can’t do in film.

17. Dark shadows: When does shooting start? Shall we see a different Eva (maybe more comical)? Have you met with Johnny Depp or not yet?
Shooting begins in May. Yes, I’m playing a character different than anyone I’ve ever played before, and Johnny Depp is a gentleman, very humble and I think he’ll be dream to work with.

Thank you very much for your time Eva. We wish you all the best. Keep on inspiring us…

26 Responses to “Exclusive EvaGreenWeb.com Q&A with Eva Green – Part III”
  1. np001 Says:

    Thanks a ton Mariana and of course Eva Green.
    Would be new for us all to see Eva in Dark Shadows with an American accent! I think she will be able to pull it off very well!
    Ms Green, please keep up the good work you have been doing and I hope you continue to entertain us in the future.

  2. Mariana Says:

    And George and Joy! 😉

  3. Johnny Says:

    Awesome interview! Thank you so much Ms.Green, Mariana, Joy, George and everyone that made this interview possible. Eva gives such good interviews, I always love to hear more from her. Eva has been my favorite actress since I first saw the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven and then The Dreamers.

    Probably what I love the most about her is the fact that she isn’t obvious, she chooses extremely interesting and intriguing projects that keep us wondering and always wanting for more. I can’t wait to see Womb, Perfect Sense and the remaining episodes of Camelot!

    Eva if you’re reading this, I just want you to know that I truly admire you as an actress, besides being an extremely beautiful and mysterious woman (reminiscent of another era) I think that you bring such intensity and grace to your characters that is impossible to stay indifferent. You’re an unique actress and nowadays that is a feat, because as you said before people always like to put other people in boxes, it’s easier to do so.
    A film that you made and people don’t talk about is Franklyn, and it’s one of my favorite movies, I thought you were amazing as Emilia and Sally, in my opinion it’s a really underrated movie, I hope it becomes somewhat of a cult hit, it has the potential for that. Besides Franklyn congratulations for your performances in The Dreamers, Cracks, Kingdom of Heaven and Casino Royale of course, indie projects or blockbusters you continue to amaze us, please just continue to be as passionate as you are now!

  4. Nikos Says:

    I just want to say Eva I love You! 😉
    Thank You Eva and Mariana for the Great interview along with George & Joy!
    Eva you are in a Class of your Own and I wish you continued Success & Health!!!!
    Best Regards,

  5. edenLiao Says:

    I hope the Maria Callas project will be active soon, really wanna see Eva as Callas, love them both. also, I wanna see Eva singing!

    I thought it was true that Eva collects art! so… does she really study, also play piano and flute?? :S

    anyway, thank you Mariana, Joy, George, and of course Eva for the interview again! big thanks!

  6. Mariana Says:

    I think she buys some items of art every now and then, when she can afford them and if she likes them enough. But she doesn’t think she can be called a real art collector, because that requires way too much money.

  7. ana Says:

    omg…i can not wait for dark shadows and perfect sence i love her…..and i love the theatre idea 🙂

  8. Andrea Says:

    im curiious to know if people tell her she looks like Angelina Jolie? lol. also model Freja Beha. this interview is so cool!

  9. mandee Says:

    she is absolutely wonderful! so very kind. 🙂

  10. manu Says:

    Eva is amazing… so open and true.
    i love the fact that she doesn’t think Buisness when she answers. To me, that’s beautiful and so fucking refreshing.

    Eva, stay true to your self like you do.. don’t lose who you are.
    you are a true artist, you let your feelings and heart guide you in the dark, and because of that you will never lose your way.

    I think that the most speical think about you, is not your unique looks, of your great abelities as an actress…
    But your beautiful sensitivity and your emotional intelligence.

  11. Rafael Says:

    Eva is an actress who combines stunning beauty with a brilliant intellect, a rare thing among Hollywood Belad. And each part of the interview I am increasingly convinced that I have a personality like hers. If we know one day the chance to turn around friends is great. Eva impresses me since the day I saw on TV the first time.

  12. Chini Says:

    Thank you, Eva for letting know your followers, a bit more of your likes and dislikes, a bit more of your life and career and of course for recognizing the amazing work that has been done and will be done on this site. Thank you.

    Lots of love from Spain.

  13. Sandrine Says:

    Oh mon dieu quelle femme adorable! Merci d’être l’actrice passionnante et passionnée que tu es Eva.

  14. Clarisse Says:

    OH Mariana! I’m so glad for you and this site, you really deserve it! And thank you for this wonderful interview!!

    Merci Eva pour ces réponses et pour tout parce que tu m’inspires chaque jour un peu plus! J’ai hâte de découvrir tes projets projets! On t’adore Eva!

  15. Ea Says:

    Wow, this is awesome! Thanks…

  16. Eric Says:

    She is simply fantastic.

  17. April Says:

    Thanks so much for this! Eva is wonderful and full of spirit, love her sensitive and still somehow candid nature. Great questions, all the best to everyone here 🙂

  18. madeleine Says:

    Eva became my favorite actress since I saw the dreamers. She was stunning. Thank you so much for this interview.

  19. alexcathryn Says:

    Eva Green is so intriguing. And in a way, she reminds me of the weather. suprizing, unpredictable, intense,,beautiful,just..Her name and the way she looks is so perfectly together. i wish i knew her:]

  20. alexcathryn Says:


  21. kellyk Says:

    I absolutely adore Eva, she is my one inspiration in life. I’m only young and i didn’t have any goals for my future until i saw Eva act, now i want to be an actress just like her!

  22. ravi SHANKAR Says:

    Bonjour Eva,

    This is Ravi from Hyderabad city, India. Hope you are fine & doing good?

    I hope it’s the right channel in sharing the thoughts & feelings that’s in me for you.

    A visit to Paris had always been on my mind & a dream to make it true since my childhood. But having seen your movie Womb last week which also compelled me to complete the rest of your movies & did so in a weeks time including the TV series Camelot 🙂

    Hmm know what? You make your fans speechless with your acting prowess & your unique style & beauty. This is where the entire change takes place. Now visiting Paris is secondary & meeting you is my priority. You fascinate me more than any wonders of the world & it’s true from the bottom of my heart & i really can’t give a miss to any of your upcoming movies & episodes, will suely have to reserve my seats in advance.

    Please do instruct your security personnel’s not to stop me the day when i am really there for you outside your gate 😛 just kidding.

    Well … If love makes life beautiful. You add colors to it & make them look more refreshing.

    A million thanks to the the team you have worked with, who believed in you & in extracting the best talent in you, making us truly believe the real character in you.

    If you weren’t an actress, then probably cinema wouldn’t have happened & we fans wouldn’t be here & the world would have witnessed a true talent.

    You have set your own unique standards in the world of glamour & may you keep us stunning & guessing of what next?

    I loved almost all your movies & among them “Perfect Sense ” tops the chart of all time best of the best movies i ever watched so far. Really touching & inspiring & a message oriented ones.

    Am i in love? Yes I am in love with you & your work. I’d like to pen a script keeping your tastes in mind & working towards the story line i have thought about.

    You are true i just can’t write a story for the heck of it but need to have a passion for writing good scripts that touches lives & hearts.

    I truly believe money can be earned by any one at any point of time & earning respect doesn’t happen overnight as it takes decades to build that bonding & everlasting relationships among people around us, who love us, like us & living to their expectations is even challenging.

    I wish i set a road to the sky where we walk together endlessly chatting & letting the time tick tick tick & living the world behind us. 🙂

    Love to see a day when you are also cast opposite our own Mumbaikar hero Mr.Hrithik Roshan & the never fading ever green Sir.Big B of the Indian movies. Hope you are open to Indian movies if opportunity & good script of your interest strikes?

    Last but not the least, give us more tears, as i feel they are the ones that touches the hearts, rather those bold scenes that burns off within the zip! Though i understand they are more challenging, but they are not gonna be everlasting. Let’s not run off our seats while watching you with our families 😀

    I wish you good health & success in all your future endeavors.

    All The Best Miss.Green

    Lots & lots & lots of love, only for you 🙂

    prenez soin
    ravi SHANKAR

    This is my first ever comments written to a fan of mine in my lifetime, sincere apologies if found something wrong in here.

  23. Jason Says:

    Is lust the right word?

  24. violeta Says:

    If yo are not a composer, and other things..don´t care, you are a wonderfull actress and i want to see you in many films with your strong perform and character… Eva.

  25. Jingle Says:

    Hello Eva! I just started following you because my husband seen you in Camelot – Funny, a mans eyes can’t miss your allure! We both started following that series in Starz. since I just had a baby, basically I am stuck. I was glad, because I was able to follow the entire season and finished it. I’m a SciFi gal, but since I started Camelot it opens a new window of genre for me – I am so weird that I really like the Dark character you portrayed. I just seen your Perfect Sense too – WOW! with Ewan-hmm yummy guy! LOL…I guess I have to research more about your previous movies and of course your upcoming. I am out of touch when it comes to movies – I love my books 😛 – I am so glad of this website, that I was able to see your Q & A – that is very interesting. Hopefully – you keep checking this out – and do another Q &A to refresh us with your new stuff. I wish I could email you personally, that would be my wishful thinking……hope things are all good for you..looking forward with the updates here since its my first time.

    My addy: [email protected], Las Vegas, NV

  26. Carmen Says:

    I just love this woman. She’s such an amazing actress, I loved all her roles she’s been, because are complex and there’s always funny and interesting trying to understand the characters, and I love the fact she’s very reserved in real life. As far, she has shown she’s true to film making, that she is interested in the artisctic stuff and not on the $$ stuff and I think that’s the soul of the film! that is made by heart. I hope she never changes that, because she’s unique and would be a pity to see her just as another pretty hollywood girl.

    You’re a truly inspiration to stay true to yourself. 🙂 I like her because she’s homebody and kind of weird to be honest haha
    Greets from México!