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Thanks to Nausicaa for the heads-up!

7 Responses to “Eva Green talks “Perfect Sense””
  1. Saverio Says:

    I’ve seen the move recently and I think it is amazing!

  2. George Says:

    Lovely! Thanks Nausicaa!
    @Saverio Where did you watch the film? Some Festival?

  3. Saverio Says:

    Oh yes, it was the ,,Fantasy Filmfest” in germany but (thankfully) the movie was shown in english

  4. Nikos Says:

    Great & Very Cute interview, Thanks for Sharing!! : )


  5. Leo Says:

    Thank you, Nausicaa and Mariana. So lovely! How can I download the video?

  6. Lucas Says:

    It’s so refreshing to see Eva so relaxed in an interview. It obviously wasn’t too formal and you could tell that she actually wanted to be there; the laugh and the smiles.

    On a side note, I cringe when interviewers pronounce her name as ‘Eeva’. Although, this guy seemed very friendly without being creepy.

  7. np001 Says:

    She sounds so positive and sweet. Ms Green is just awesome!