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Apocalyptic love stories never end well, but Ewan McCregor and Eva Green have no problem making sense of them.

In David Mackenzie’s “Perfect Sense,” which premiered at Sundance last year, “Casino Royale’s” Eva Green plays a scientist who falls in love with Ewan McGregor whilst discovering a worldwide epidemic. The disease, which is “so powerful they don’t even have time to give it a name,” destroys the senses and puts all emphasis on emotions; and when Mcregor and Green contract it at the same time it brings them closer together.

“I’ve always loved making love stories. I love romance and romantic stories,” McGregor said of the film, according to Sweet On Sigma Films. “I’ve always been drawn to them and never tired of it. Falling in love with someone is very powerful and all-consuming, physical and emotional experience, that we really like as human beings. So I hope we’ll never tire of telling those stories.”

As for Green, she was drawn to the power of the script itself.

“The script was very particular, it was very unconventional, very brave, and very moving,” she said in the featurette. “I thought it was a really cool story, and also I found the love store very powerful.”

“Perfect Sense” is currently available on SundanceNOW and VOD, and hits theaters on February 3.


9 Responses to “Perfect Sense Featurette”
  1. np001 Says:

    :(. Not available in Australia.

  2. micheska Says:

    neither in Slovakia 🙁

  3. Audrey Says:

    Same problem in France.

  4. Saverio Says:

    I’m sorry for you guys the movie is really awesome 🙁
    I had the luck to see the movie here in Germany last year (Fantasy Film Festival and regular release)

  5. BigMan3000 Says:

    It’s only play in the USA!!!

  6. np001 Says:

    Hahaha, so Eva can’t watch her own movie featurette while in England/France.

  7. Saverio Says:

    She already could 🙂 The movie was released in october 2011 in the UK and will be released on dvd in the next days

  8. np001 Says:

    That’s true Saverio. Was just joking.

  9. Nature de Soin Says:

    We are looking forward to be abble to see that in France !