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If you only had one day to live before losing your senses, how would you use them?

Actress Eva Green would take a bite out of the Big Apple.

“The best way to explore your senses in New York City: I love Le Bernardin French restaurant,” says Green, who plays a Scottish epidemiologist investigating a pandemic that’s wiping out the human race’s sensory perceptions in “Perfect Sense,” opening Friday.

“It’s kind of a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine,” raves Green. “It’s one of the best restaurants in New York. It’s a real treat, kind of an old-world beauty.”

After treating her taste buds, the French actress would indulge her eyes and ears with the city’s most iconic green space.

“I love also going to Central Park,” she says. “The views … my God. It’s kind of a weird city; I feel like it’s so modern, and everything is at such a crazy pace in New York … I have to go to Central Park to escape.”

“Perfect Sense” avoids becoming an apocalyptic downer thanks to the sizzling chemistry between Green and co-star Ewan McGregor, whose characters fall in love as the world around them falls apart.

“There’s been lots of blockbusters dealing with the end of the world, and I was drawn to the refreshing new [way] this deals with it,” says Green. “It’s a love story with the background of a worldwide epidemic.”

She sees the pandemic in the film as a metaphor for falling head over heels for someone. “I’ve lost my senses for love — oh yeah,” she says. “You know that experience when you fall in love, and you become blind or deaf to everything else? I can relate to that, sure.”

She doesn’t relate to the blinding jealousy fueling her character in the upcoming gothic thriller “Dark Shadows,” however, where she turns Johnny Depp into a vampire after he breaks her heart.

“No, I’m so not like that. I think taking revenge is so silly,” says Green. “I find life is too short.”

What revenge would she consider taking on an ex? “I don’t know … turning somebody into a vampire is quite bad, though!” she laughs.


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