Stef   /   March 15, 2012   /   11 Comments

This looks like it’ll be a blast! I can’t wait for it to be released. Happy viewing!

11 Responses to “Dark Shadows Trailer”
  1. Nikos Says:

    Ok I’m going to love this One LOL …. !!! Looks Really good and it is nice to see Eva do comedy….Not to mention she looks Beautiful with Blonde Hair!!!!!!!!!
    Hope Everyone is doing well these days : )
    Best Always,

  2. daniel Says:

    OMG, Eva looks incredible, i can’t wait for this!

  3. Nicky Says:

    I cannot wait! Eva look stunning as always ^^

  4. np001 Says:

    Thanks Stef/Mariana. Eva looks great as always in a new look. Hello Nikos, how have you been?

  5. spot Says:

    this looks really good and funny! nice to see Eva do some comedy. can’t wait to see it! thanks Stef and Mariana!

  6. Katie B. Says:

    OH…MY…GOD! I think I’ve rewatched this trailer about ten times now! lol. I Am soooo excited for this film! I think Eva was one of the best parts of the trailer! (And you can bet that i’m already working on a cosplay for her character!) It’s great that she’s going to be trying her hand at comedy! AND was that an American accent I heard?!?!?!?! SWEET! Can it be May 11th now, please?

  7. George Says:

    Eva seems to have greater role than I supposed. Fortunately… A, and the good chemistry with Depp is apparent. The remake seems to be centered around their strange relationship

  8. np001 Says:

    You are spot on George. Any ideas when it will be released in Australia?

  9. emmanuel Says:

    i don’t know. really disappointed from the trailer. it looks like a comedy. rather then a drama with touches of black humor.

    i really hope the film will be diffrent. Eva said that, tim burton, made her character a real humen being. so i hope her character will be diffrent then in this trailer. here, she looks quite cheap..and it brakes my heart.

  10. micheska Says:

    Emmanuel I agree with you, I feel broken, little bit like Rebecca, when she saw dead Thomas. After watching the trailer I was just wondering how could she do that to herself. I don´t mean blond hair of course, but in many scenes she looks, as you said, quite cheap. So I hope that trailer lies me.
    They called it “gothic horror”, but gothic seems only the part of movie which takes place in 18th century.
    No matter how this will end, I will spend money for this movie, because I love Eva and I will love her forever 😀

    And have you guys noticed, that Eva is maybe back in big movies, as it was with Kingdom of Heaven – Casino Royale – The Golden Compass? 😀 … you know, now Dark Shadows, maybe Battle of Artemisia and I´m praying for her to get the role of Maria Callas 🙂

  11. emmanuel Says:

    yes!! i know! i’m so exited for her!!

    the role of artemisia seemsperfect for her.

    i hope Dark shadows will give her that push in the industry for graet roles.. i think she can be brilliant i the type of roles that cate blanchett gets… you know “elisabeth” and even a queen elf would of suited her well..

    i want to see her in roles like Isabelle adjani had. Adele H, camille claudel and Queen Margot.

    she is the most graet actress..she has many graet things ahead of her. i’m sure of it.