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Thanks to Ashley for the heads-up.

by Rodrigo Perez

Every year studios tend to overestimate their tentpoles and then end up delaying them a year or more. 2013 saw an unprecedented amount of blockbusters originally slated for 2012 get pushed back six months off their originally intended bow: “The Great Gatsby,” “World War Z,” “Man Of Steel,” “Jack The Giant Slayer,” the list goes on (we took a deeper look at these films earlier in the year, see “The Delayed Films Of 2013: Why They Were Pushed Back & Which Ones Will You Be Seeing?”). The latest casualty is Warner Bros. “300: Rise Of An Empire,” and it’s easy to see why.

Three months away from release, buzz on ‘Rise Of An Empire‘ is fairly low and its awareness rating is probably not doing much better. Coupled with the fact that WB isn’t having their best year (a string of bombs and underperformers including “Jack the Giant Slayer,” “Beautiful Creatures,” “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone“), the studio is probably thinking it’s best to hit pause and regroup with a better game plan next year. So THR reports that “300: Rise Of An Empire” is moving from its current August 2nd date to March 7, 2014. While the “300” brand does have leverage, it probably doesn’t help that its leads, Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro and Sullivan Stapleton aren’t exactly blockbuster-known household names.

A domino effect always occurs with a major shuffle like this and so WB is now moving the Tom Cruise sci-fi vehicle “All You Need Is Kill,” from its March 7, 2014 slot to June 6, 2014; directly in the heart of the summer. The tentpole is directed by Doug Liman and co-stars Emily Blunt.

Other recent release dates of note include, for one, the sequel to “21 Jump Street.” Now that “Jurassic Park 4,” has been delayed indefinitely, Sony Pictures has jumped in and slotted “21 Jump Street 2” (“22 Jump Street“?) for the now vacant June, 13, 2014 release date. Sony has also taken their remake of “Popeye” off the schedule. Once dated for September 26, 2014, the film has now been moved to a TBD 2015 release.

CBS Films must be feeling high about their teen comedy, “The To-Do List” starring Aubrey Plaza. It’s moving off its safer August 16 release date onto a bolder July 27 bow. That’s right in the heart of summer tentpole season, but they obviously feel like they have a funny counter programmer on their hands.


14 Responses to “‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ Bumped From August To March 2014”
  1. spot Says:

    This is disappointing but if it means the movie will be more successful then so be it. I’m honestly not that excited with this movie of all her upcoming films anyway….

  2. George Says:

    A video from “Talent watch” about upcoming events of Eva (copy the link without the starting underscore) _https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYMcaQFeyRk

  3. Nausicaa Says:

    I guess I saw that coming. The total lack of marketing has been poisoning everyone’s expectations, and given that Eva Green is the movie’s biggest name (apart from the “300” name in the title), it’s going to need a strong marketing campaign if it’s to do well at all. I don’t have high hopes for this film, but I don’t want Eva’s name to be attached to a flop (especially a highly visible summer one), and I like Eva’s intensity in the promo images. Hopefully, she’ll earn some acclaim for the role even if the film doesn’t do well critically.

  4. arcee Says:

    It’s so sad to hear about this news…I’m really excited to watch this film because it will be a different Eva…Nevertheles, what’s still important is the film will still be shown but we will just need to wait a little longer than expected.

  5. Nausicaa Says:

    Also, I wonder how close the film is to being finished. I suspect that the main reason there hasn’t been a teaser or a trailer is because the CGI doesn’t look good enough yet. It also looks like they did some reshoots or added some new stuff months after principal photography finished. Imdb still lists it as “filming.” I wonder if they delayed it ’cause it just wasn’t ready yet.

  6. Ashley Says:

    I think it’s a combination of not being ready, poor marketing, and knowing that they’ll be unable to compete with other summer movies. Nobody, not even the die hard 300 fans, seem to be excited for this movie. Everyone seems to have low expectations and I’ve looked around a few 300 message boards and Eva is literally the only thing people seem to be looking forward to! Hopefully even if the movie is terrible, she will shine as always!

  7. George Says:

    Among all the reasons mentioned above,maybe WB wants to capitalize the undoubted success of Eva as Ava Lord in Sin City 2

  8. Nausicaa Says:

    As long as we’re speculating, it seems 300 was one of the movies affected by Rhythm and Hues declaring bankruptcy. So this is another reason to believe the movie just wasn’t done yet, and it’s an explanation for why there’s been no marketing – releasing a trailer with bad-looking/unfinished CGI and potentially the wrong release date would’ve been disastrous for the film. .http://www.thewrap.com/movies/article/rhythm-hues-bankruptcy-status-update-shows-no-decision-warner-bros-films-79841

    And certainly Ava Lord/Sin City 2 ought to raise Eva’s profile in anticipation of 300.

  9. George Says:

    Thanks for the info Nausicaa. Rational reasoning behind the scenes

  10. spot Says:

    Nausicaa and George are definitely on to something here. If they are reshooting, Eva’s schedule must also have been affecting the reshoots as she’s already currently filming The Salvation.

  11. AusRotten Says:

    im sure sin city 2 is gonna be a success cuz its stacked with well known actors and for all those ppl who are not familiar with eva green i bet by the time they walk out of the theater they’ll be googlin her – ,so let me get this straight basically the studio is countin on eva to pull the audience from sin city 2 to 300? cant imagine how stressfull it must be.but if anyone can pull it off is her!

  12. spot Says:

    I agree with you AusRotten. Eva will definitely be bringing all the fanboys to the 300 yard. LOL

  13. Ashley Says:

    The reshoots they were doing for 300 were just for extras and the child actress playing young Artemisia, so I don’t think Eva’s schedule is holding them up. Test screenings for 300 have already played and the CGI is all that needs fixed. Because this movie has has poor marketing, I think they pushed it to March because it’s less competitive than a summer release.

    P.S. The audience reactions to the test screening were overwhelmingly positive. 300 is Eva at her best and most ruthless!

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