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17 Responses to “‘Penny Dreadful’ Teaser”
  1. micheska Says:

    how come this has no comments yet? 😀 Sad we are not able to see Eva but still, it´s something that brings us closer to it and I really can´t wait for more…I hope this is going to be something serious 🙂 I LOVE EVA´S VOICE!

  2. AusRotten Says:

    Im officially pumped..this is gonna be good!!

  3. Nausicaa Says:

    Well, Showtime’s wasting no time with this project. I don’t believe filming has even started, but clearly they’ve pulled in Eva to do the voiceover for the teaser. Can’t wait to hear more about this. I wish imdb would update their PD page.

  4. Alfa Says:

    Dat voice

  5. eva_fan Says:

    her voice. HER VOICE. HER FREAKING VOICE. I don’t know, it’s so expressive. I love it.

  6. spot Says:

    Jesus take the wheel on that voice O_O

    Nice to know Showtime’s full on supporting this project since filming hasn’t even started yet but promotion is already happening. I’m very excited!!!

    PS: I believe in Eva Green.

  7. Xdarkness05 Says:

    Dat voice! Yeah. The fact that they pulled Eva to do some voice over work excites me that this show is gonna be so good. I hope it is though. 🙂 Eva never disappoints me.

  8. Sebastian Says:

    At first sight it look like that Eva will play only the first episode of Penny Dreadful not all eight. Source IMDB. I hope this not. Can somebody tell me has the filming begun? I have read that the filming are begin in October.

  9. Nausicaa Says:

    @sebastian: imdb isn’t kept up-to-date uniformly, and the Penny Dreadful page is both full of glitches and incomplete. There are other actors who have been announced but not added to the main page. Eva’s name was added, and then dropped off…but I’m pretty sure that’s just a programming glitch that has to do with the order in which their names were added. imdb won’t be reliable until close to the premiere of the series; go off the press releases. Eva’s character is supposedly at the center of this story (she even narrated the teaser) so it’s a fair bet she’s in all 8 episodes.

  10. spot Says:

    @sebastian Nausicaa is right. Plus, Showtime would not announce her alongside Josh Hartnett if she’s not one of the show’s main characters.

  11. Sebastian Says:

    @spot@nausicaa Thanks for this news. I know IMDB is not verry up to date.
    Give it a alternative to IMDB?
    Can somebody tell me has the filming begun? Thanks

  12. Ashley Says:

    Filming begins in Dublin October 7th and wraps in late February/early March just before Eva goes on a press tour for 300!

  13. spot Says:

    Yay! Thanks for the info ashley! By the way, where did you get these info?

  14. Sebastian Says:

    h ttp://
    h ttps://
    h ttps://

    Penny Dreadfull on Twitter, Facebook and the Homepage

    Thanks Ashley, I think White Bird come out in the first 2 months 2014 so I think that Eva will go earlyer for a little press tour for Whit Bird.

  15. .Rooz Says:

    I am really curious, this trailer is amazing <3

  16. Astrea Says:

    Juan Antonio Bayona, the director of two firts episodes posted a photos of the shooting. No Eva, but its interesting. The new here (in spanish):

  17. Astrea Says:

    I find this images of Eva, in the set, from tumblr