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#3 Eva Green

The Exciting Actor: This year is all about comic-book adaps for the French lovely, who’s playing a badass warrior in 300: Rise Of An Empire, and a lascivious madam in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: 300 will see Green taking on “the most ruthless character I’ve ever played”, as she told Total Film.

You want an iconic baddie? Green’s about to serve up one you’ll never forget.


3 Responses to “Total Film’s 50 Most Exciting Actors of 2014”
  1. BigMan3000 Says:

    White Bird in einem Blizzard Review:

    h ttp : / /www.hitfix.com/in-contention/review-shailene-woodley-and-eva-green-spark-in-disappointing-white-bird-in-a-blizzard

  2. AusRotten Says:

    Hell yeah!! Bring on the badassness and sexiness !!

  3. spot Says:

    Safe bet she’ll be at Comic-Con again this year because of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For right? I expect more fans to flock to her booth after 300: Rise of an Empire comes out.