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Thanks again to Sebastian!

Gallery link:
Behind the Scenes Featurette

3 Responses to ““300: Rise of an Empire” Behind the Scenes”
  1. AusRotten Says:

    I for one am glad she got rit of the bangs..don’t get me wrong she’s gorgeous eitherway..but I could barely recognize her on the cover of vs mag! What interview we’re those stills taken from?
    Thanks for posting!!!

  2. micheska Says:

    I think, as well, she doesn´t have to hide her bautiful face with bangs 🙂 She looks gorgeous in that interview!

  3. spot Says:

    I too prefer her with no bangs but aesthetically-wise, at least her face and bone structure could work bangs. Actually, her bone structure is so perfect, it could work any look, in my honest opinion.