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“She’s so ballsy,” Green tells us of her character, taking a break from barking orders on set. “She’s not a girlfriend or a love interest; she’s got guts, she’s fuelled by revenge. She’s a very complex character, very exciting. It’s always been a fantasy for me to play an action here. She’s a baddie, but she’s a cool baddie; she’s human to an extent.” At her side, Murro chips in: “She’s ruthless, she’s driven. She’s not all evil, but she’s one badass character. Don’t mess with her!”

Depending on where 300: Rise of an Empire ends, there’s still plenty of Grecian history to plunder for future outings — the battles of Salamis, Plataea (briefly glimpsed at the end of 300) and Mycale could all end up splattered across the big screen, too. Going by what Total Film has seen so far, it seems the 300 invasion has only just begun…

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