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Thanks to daphne for letting us know that Eva was featured in this week’s issue of Madame Figaro. 🙂

Gallery link:
Magazines & Newspapers > 2014 > Madame Figaro (France) – February 21, 2014

9 Responses to “Madame Figaro (France) – February 21, 2014 (Scans)”
  1. Daphne Says:

    You’re welcome! That was fast. She also appeared in IO donna ?( an Italian magazine for women).

  2. spot Says:

    I’m not entirely happy with the styling of this photoshoot but I did like the make-up. Thank you for posting these M!

    @daphne Is she on the cover?

  3. Daphne Says:

    @ spot

    Not really. It’s just an interview.

    h ttp://www.iodonna.it/personaggi/interviste/2014/eva-green-intervista-401883304124.shtml

  4. Sebastian Says:

    @spot. Yes she is it.
    @daphne. I have already send the link to the Webseite for a couple of weeks.
    Peculiar, In the German Cinema issue from March 2014 are a almost even pic. They can see it at the colors and the swatch of the Jacket (white, black, grey) and the date of the pic is 2013 by Warner Bros. I have send a scan to the Website.
    Also peculiar is that in this article are more written by the writer than spoken by Eva. Nothing about her projects only the facts of the Movies written by the writer, is this really a Interview? If yes, than not a good by contrast with the InStyle or Stella from 2012.
    What think you?
    Admitted, I have attempted to translated this article with a translator and it was a disaster but I have unterstood a little bit.

  5. spot Says:

    @sebastian You mean the Io Donna interview? It’s a reprint. More of a feature than an interview…

  6. Sebastian Says:

    @Spot No the Madame Figaro. Its Eva on the Cover. And in this Interview are more written by the writer.
    The Interview in the I.O. Donna are also facts. It has reminded me at the V.S. Magazine with pic from the InStyle 2012.

  7. Antigonus Says:

    Sebastian. I’ve a basic understanding of written French – I can follow the gist of Le Monde articles – but I found the Figaro article indecipherable. I wasn’t even sure if she was quoted despite some references to the author meeting her in London. The article seemed to consist of the journalist going off on rhetorical tangents!

  8. spot Says:

    I wish we got more proper articles/interviews with her for 300:RofE’s promotion. We haven’t had a decent(ly written) interview in a long while.

  9. Antigonus Says:

    I’m guessing some of these comments were made in a lighthearted joking fashion which is lost through the double whammy of transcription and translation!