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Thanks to Joy, Eva’s twin sister, (and Eva herself, of course) we can announce you that Ms Green thinks that “we rock!” and that she “finds the website fabulous”. We’ll soon have a surprise for our fans. 😉

27 Responses to “Eva Green says that “EGW rocks!””
  1. spot Says:

    YAY!!! Thank you to Joy and Eva for thinking that we rock! 😀 And congratulations are in order for M. and Stef (yes girls reap the rewards of your dedication and hard work!!! 😉 ) and of course to everyone here who “rocks”! 🙂

    *waits for the surprise in anticipation*

  2. AusRotten Says:

    ..i suspect this is gonna be a good one, i cant wait!!!

  3. spot Says:

    @ausrotten Another Q&A? A video message? An exclusive announcement? Hmmn…..

    Post your guess people!

  4. Kellyk Says:

    It’s nice to be acknowledged

  5. AusRotten Says:

    My guess is a very awesome Q&A.(.but I also wish it was another autographed photo giveaway haha)

  6. np001 Says:

    Keep up the good work M & S. Fantastic to be acknowledged by Eva. I am hoping for a video interview. :).

  7. Cersei Says:

    So sweet♥ But they are right; this website is very cool, very beautiful… So, thank you very much for all !

    And, I can’t wait to see the surprise ! So, thank you again, haha♥

  8. MJ Says:

    Eva. Rocks. Fabulously.

  9. Bea Says:

    I’m really happy that even if Eva finds the internet mad & crazy, she still manages to deal with it for the sake of her fans. Eva you rock! and you deserve this blessings on your career, 2014 is Eva Green year, you owned it. And we will follow your career every step of the way because you are one awesome person & such a talented actress. Keep it going, you’re making us happy & proud. =D .. can’t wait for the surprise..This post really made my day! EGW ROCKS!

  10. Kev Says:

    Can’t wait for the surprise!!
    I think it’s a video interview 🙂

    Eva rocks, EGW rocks, everybody rocks!!

  11. edenLiao Says:

    wow!!! this is amazing!!! yes EGW ROCKS! everyone who dedicate themselves to the site rock, too! I can’t wait for the surprise. love you guys! love Eva! 🙂

  12. G Says:

    So much comebacks and new people! Welcome and welcome back!!

  13. dandy candy Says:

    I can’t wait for the surprise! I’m glad she knows she has people behind supporting her! Because she truly deserves it. She is just AMAZING.

  14. Monica Says:

    I’m very proud to be Eva Green fan, because she has a beautiful soul first of all. It is a video on the Internet where Eva is going to the premiere of “Rise of an Empire” and one guy (who was waiting to see her) says, that it’s his birthday today. Everybody wants Eva to hurry up, but she approaches him and signs him a photo!

  15. Leo Says:

    An exclusive video interview would be wonderful, damn awesome. An announcement would be great too, especially if is related to her work.

    Either way all this is impressive because speaks well of Eva nature, that even though she have very busy schedule also she can make some time to her loyal fans who admire her and pay to see her in movies. That is amazing and unusual for someone working in Hollywood.

    Eva, i gonna see 300 again for the third time this Saturday only for you, and i hope you make someday a comedy because definitely i would pay to see that. ( If the surprise is gonna be an Q&A please ask her about doing a comedy!!!)

    A fan of your work and your beauty

  16. mang0 Says:

    Having another autographed photo giveaway would be really fun. Did you guys know that Eva Green was the number one actor on IMDb a couple of days back. This was huge news. it was from the publicity of 300, but with the other movies and the tv show that are coming out this year, I suspect that she will be in the top 100.

  17. Rafael Bürger Says:

    A Eva’s 2048: http://games.usvsth3m.com/2048/eva-green-edition/

  18. Johnny Says:

    Oh yeeaah! It’s amazing to know that Eva, in all of her awesomeness, still takes the time to check the website! Kudos to M, Stef and everyone that contributes to this amazing website. And of course thank you Joy and Eva for getting in touch with us, we really appreciate it 🙂

    Should we expect another Q&A soon? 😉

  19. G Says:

    @monica Could you share the link to this video? Thanks!

  20. Monica Says:

    @g Sure! h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wsm-TNwVbGo

  21. Valentina Says:

    Great!!! ^_^ this site is beautiful and Eva is very special for me .

  22. Andrew Says:

    I wonder what the surprise is…. thanks to those who keep updating this site. 🙂 Eva is awesome. 🙂

  23. Alan Feierstein Says:

    An excellent actress Eva is; wouldn’t you say?….Wonderful movie..Eva made it intense..

  24. alanfeierstein Says:

    Eva made the 300 movie all the more intense with her fine acting ability..

  25. alanfeierstein Says:

    I am happy to be associated with evegreenweb.com…I became a fan of hers since seeing her powerful performance in 300 Rise Of An Empire…What a movie; made that much more intense by Eva….

  26. alanfeierstein Says:

    Whatever the surprise is, it must be great….Thanks, Eva and Joy; it feels nice to be appreciated …even though I’m quite new here to this site…So thank you both..

  27. alanfeierstein Says:

    And finally I believe that next to meeting Eva in person and shaking her hand, if we could have another Q. and A. time with Eva, it would be great…