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Then follow Eva Green Web at https://twitter.com/EvaGreenWeb! 😀

13 Responses to “Have a Twitter Account?”
  1. G Says:

    Eva Green fans Twitter Roll Call please! Lol 😆

  2. BigMan3000 Says:

    Penny Dreadful: Behind the Scenes:

    h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuiplviRtvk

  3. .Rooz Says:

    Ah no, I have no twitter ): I almost should make on to follow, but I know that I will never look on my twitter x]

  4. Daphne Says:

    But are you still going to post all the news here, right? Because I’m not willing to make a twitter account. As long as I can’t stay away from twitter and facebook, I’m happy.

  5. AusRotten Says:

    And here I thought I was the las person on earth without a twitter and facebook account haha.

  6. Daphne Says:

    *I can stay away .
    I don’t know what’s wrong with lately.

    You’re not the only one ausrotten. I hate twitter and facebook. I don’t get this to need to share everything with everybody. In a way a get it. It’s a good way to stay in touch with some people who are far away from you, and it’s easier to speak to them. And it’s also a good way to share news (and when I say news, I’m referring to real news, not things like ‘ I bought a new dress’). But some people use them to fish for comments.

  7. G Says:

    News will still be posted here, of course. The Twitter account is for Eva fans who are in it and sometimes don’t want the hassle to go to their browser and check for news or updates on her and her projects or see BTS pics, etc. Also, the account helps us to promote the site, her and her latest and upcoming projects. Lastly, it’s a tool for EGW to help fans get to know her more and tell them about the fake accounts some weird people have made and are posting as her. You don’t have to make a Twitter account so you can follow EGW but you can point traffic here and help promote her and her projects on other platforms (like tumblr or facebook or whatever else) that you may be in 😉

    Penny Dreadful’s official twitter account follows us so we’re up and rolling by the time Penny Dreadful starts airing (and yes, we will help trend Penny Dreadful so we can be counted on the ratings 😉 ) 🙂

  8. G Says:

    In other news, since some of you don’t follow us on Twitter, Director James Hawes, who directed Penny Dreadful’s season finale, has already finished and delivered his Director’s Cut of Penny Dreadful’s finale!

  9. AusRotten Says:

    now I’m.tempted to make an account.

  10. G Says:

    Ha! It wouldn’t be bad ausrotten 😉

  11. alanfeierstein Says:

    I have a Twitter Account; many of my posts regarding Eva’s movies appear there for all to read…The more people that are able to read these posts; I think the better it will be for Eva’s career…So let’s all take some time each day and write something nice; as we are all fans of Eva…

  12. alanfeierstein Says:

    I just want to wish Eva the best of luck as her new movie, Sin City Part 2 opens on Aug. 22, of this year…I know it will be great since Eva is involved..I wait to see it; I wait for Rise Of An Empire to come on DVD..

  13. alanfeierstein Says:

    I’ve been also logging on to Eva’s Twitter Site; it is a pretty good deal; I am learning quite a bit more of Eva’s career there…Also there are many beautiful photos of Eva on this site..