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Dear Friends and Fellow Fans,

We would like to take a bit of your time to talk to you about a few things but first, we’d like to express our deepest gratitude for the support that you’ve been showering our way. You are clearly the greatest fans!

A lot of you have been sending us various Eva Green related articles, clips, pictures, scans,  etc. and you may have noticed that some of them have not been uploaded to EvaGreenWeb.com. This is in part of the sudden influx of materials that are being sent everyday to us. Between the successful release of 300: Rise of an Empire and the much anticipated upcoming premiere of Penny Dreadful, Eva’s prominence has skyrocketed and consequently EGW’s, being the oldest and largest resource for Ms. Green and her career. We greatly appreciate all the contributions that all of you have been sending and we would like to let you know that we do receive them and we will be adding them, with proper credit, to the website as time goes by. Sifting through all of them and uploading them takes time. Everything must be double checked, keeping in mind everything that goes along with such materials: finding the best pieces, fact checking, crediting and following Copyright Laws. If there has been a delay in updating, we apologize for it and be assured that we are doing our best in keeping you updated as fast as we can.

EGW is a non-profit fansite and we, the people who runs it, all have lives outside of EGW. We love working on the website and providing fellow fans the opportunity to follow Ms. Green’s career as close and extensively as it can be. It is both a hobby and a passion. We don’t see it as a job and we would like to keep it this way.

2014 is set to be a great year for Ms. Green. Four films and a television show all in one year is an unprecedented achievement. We’ve never had this busy of a year. With her further prominence, we too must evolve and this is why we have decided to engage more in social media. Our Twitter account has been more active and we are happy to see that interacting with you more has been a success. This recent development in our diversity has not been met with open arms by some of you. There have been doubts if it is the website’s official Twitter account which we find inane. M has done a post about this and there is a link on the sidebar of the website. Our Twitter account is for Eva Green fans who use the Twitter social media platform and would like to directly interact with us. No one is forced to follow us on Twitter. There may be things that are being talked about, posted, retweeted or cleared up there and that is because Twitter is an immediate social media tool. As for the people who still thinks that it’s Ms. Green using the EGW Twitter account, we have nothing to say. We have repeatedly reminded everyone that she is NOT in any social media platform and we would like to reiterate it again: Eva Green DOES NOT have a personal Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or other social media account. She has stated this in one of our exclusive interviews with her. It is posted on EGW. If the day comes that she has decided to join any social media platform, we would let you know. We have never claimed that we speak for her. We are approved and recognized by Ms. Green herself and her management but we are not her official website.

As for those asking why there are photoshoots or videos missing in our galleries, it is because there are legal and copyright laws behind them which are beyond our control. We respect the law and we make it a point to follow them. There have also been inquiries on why we never post rumors, paparazzi pictures and personal pictures and information on Ms. Green. We have always shied away from such materials as we greatly respect Ms. Green and her family and friends’ privacies. We are not the place to look for with these kinds of materials. We may debunk rumors and release certain information from time to time but this is all because Eva herself, her management and us, deem it necessary.

A lot of you has been suggesting and inquiring about a birthday project for her. We would like to state that we are not doing one. In the ten years of existence of EGW, we have made it a point to post a birthday message on the website on the day itself and we strongly suggest that you post your birthday messages to her (and her twin sister Joy) on that post. Eva checks the website and she would see your messages.

Lastly, we would like to thank you all for all your sweet messages of gratitude and support to us, whether be it via the comments section on the website, via email or through tweets. We read them all and we greatly appreciate them! It is real and respectful fans like you that we find joy and inspiration in continuing to work on the website.  We encourage you to continue to contribute. After all, this is a group effort and you are all part of our growing EGW Family. We have done surprises and contests before wherein fans have won signed pictures and DVDs. We plan to do these kinds of contests again for fun and to show our gratitude to you all for your continued support so keep checking the website. Post a message on the comments section and interact with other Eva Green fans or send us a tweet. We’d love to hear from you!



EGW (M, Stef and G)

37 Responses to “A Few Words From Us….”
  1. Reinmar Says:

    Your work on this website is truly excellent and I hope you will continue finding some spare time to continue it for the foreseable future.

  2. edenLiao Says:

    thanks again, M, Stef and G, for all your efforts and all your kindness.
    I do really think that EGW is the best fansite I’ve every visited. like you said, no rumors, paparazzi pictures and personal pictures, I think it’s how we respect Eva, and that’s what true fans do. 🙂
    btw, I’ve visited the site for 8 years, and didn’t know til now that I’m sort of an old fan here! it feels like, such an honor to grow with the site and Eva’s Career.
    well, still, my best wishes to EWG, I’ll always be here and can’t wait for more Eva’s news and her upcoming projects from you! really, really, thanks again!

  3. Sid Says:

    I wish She would herself one day post something in the comments section ! that would be great…. also i wish she does another movie like womb or was in a david lynch movie.

  4. Saverio Says:

    Thank to M, Stef and G for all the work you put into this webpage.
    Even though I am not a regular visitor Í am always happy to come back.

    Thank you very much

  5. np001 Says:

    Thanks a lot guys for maintaining this wonderful and beautiful website. I am sure Ms Green will keep you guys busy in 2014 and in future. :).

  6. egg Says:

    You deserve the very best in the future since you have done wonders for us! I am so excited for these games they’re going to be so fun! Thank you for being such an amazing account!

  7. Marijan Petek Says:

    As I am always mentiorin on Twitter:
    GREAT WORK, M., Stef and G.! Thanks that you’re investing your spare time in this great fansite. Regards from Croatia. Marijan

  8. alanfeierstein Says:

    I read the above message; I am more than happy to be a part of Eva’s growing family…I would never want it any other way…I don’t consider posting to Eva’s sites as a form of drudgery or work…I consider it an honor to be able to relate to her…Lastly, before I forget….Happy Birthday Eva; many more…Sometimes in life’s routine, we forget the little things…Take care, Eva….Alan

  9. dandy candy Says:

    Oh God, I’d scream just like a Belieber if I notice someday that she read my messages here… *sigh* because she’s an amazing actress and seems to be kind in real life…

  10. AusRotten Says:

    I googled eva green for the first time I don’t remember how many years ago..but this site popped up and since that day this is the only site I check to get my “eva green fix and 411” .you girls are tremendous!! Keep up the good work and like I always say , she’s got the coolest most original loyal fans ! 🙂

  11. Sebastian Says:

    My last few words!

    At first this is definitive my last comment entry.
    I’m a peaceable person. I’m not the person which ever always say anyone the opiniom but Unfortunately the collar is burst by me after I read your Statmant. What is only loose here? Why must the EGW Staf to comment again?
    It may be true that I to be wrong.

    Why check some people her this not that Eva has no Account for nothing?
    She has that said in a interview.

    Why must some her speculate about Eva’s personal live or why she has make this or this movie?
    Eva make Movie what she likes. Contacts are very important in this Business and John Logan work with Sam Mandes and Ridley Scott. Zack Schneider work with Fank Miller, Frank Miller with Robert Rodriguez. For example when Zack phone with Frank and Frank like to know how is Eva in 300 and he say brilliant. She is good for Sin City than came the Stones into roll and Eva are happy for a new Movie role.

    Discussions about Films the are came not yet in the Cinema and nobody has seen there, is stupid.

    Through deferrals by the Movies came this situation. 3 Movies should come 2013.

    Eva has her name in Hollywood, her publicity will only rise by the Fans not by the Studio Bosses. On EGW has someone say that he hope that the casting directors are going more to her. Bullshit, the casting dirctors act in the mane of the producer. 300 Rise of an Empire lack 5 Million Dollar to the 110 Million when the movie miss this than he is a flop in the US but World wide is the Movie a top Movie. Stupid or?
    Eva’s live is really hard.
    I think for the Studio Bosses is she box-office posion, unfortunately. She has one good Movie (Casino) and one Movie is half, half (Golden Compass) and maby 300. I hope this not. The rest are flops. And behind there a more and more Actress. It’s a hard Buisness for everyone. If I had a Million Dollar than I were much wider.

    Because of some I must once before to comment because some has not understand that On Set pics are normal today. There are the copyright and the big Studios would advance against.
    I support this side since 3 Years and some apparently gripe around about everything. This is so childish.

    My Situation will I never wish my Enemy, it is Hell on earth like million other people and some her lament why she make Sin City?
    She will never typed as a female fetal by the Hollywood Studios. From a role as a female fetal was never the speech. And for a lot is she since The Dreamers or Kingdom of Heaven a female fetal.

    I think some „Fans“ make it to easy, they belive everything what they read.

    If Eva Green Web comes into trouble, because of those, with Eva, her Management or other I will to accept responsibility. Therewith the EGW Staf needs not ever to comment.

    Thank you so much Stef, Mariana, G and all the other real, loyal Eva Green Fans each from you make, through yours support, Eva to this what she is. And you all can pride of you.

    If I said I’m not the person which ever always say anyone the opiniom and sorry If I had hurt someone.
    It may be true that I to be wrong.
    And now back in the battle of live.

    The End

  12. Johnny Says:

    Honestly I don’t know when I first started to check EGW, but I think it was around the time Kingdom of Heaven/Casino Royale were released (time does fly, I can’t believe it has been 7 to 8 years!! Like edenliao I might be one of the “oldest” fans here). I had never heard of Eva before seeing Kingdom of Heaven on DVD, when I was a teenager and was bewildered by her screen presence, to the point of immediately renting The Dreamers and watching Casino Royale on the big screen. She has been my favorite actress ever since. And this website is a marvelous and respectful source for people who want to know more about her work. Keep up the good work girls (M, Stef and the new addition G!), a big thank you on my behalf.

  13. Stef Says:

    M. here. Sebastian: I don’t know what the deal is. I’m hardly ever on Twitter. G. has recently taken over it for us. But what this statement means to say, in my humble opinion, is that we care about every single one of you, true and loyal fans of Eva. She may have box office flops, but we support her. Because we care about her acting chops and the person that she seems to be. Healthy discussions are always welcome. We’ve always been a group that took great joy in discussing the many aspects of Eva’s career, from her fashion choices to her movie choices. As for her personal life, we only discuss it when she decides it’s ok to make it public. For example, we’ve only talked about Marton after Eva talked about him interviews, even though many of us knew they got together after working on Kingdom of Heaven. We post on-set pics or pics of Eva arriving at an event because she’s dressed up, she’s not living her every day life there. She knows that she’s very likely to get photographed and, in a way, it’s an extension of her job. When we saw candids of her walking around London with Helena Bonham-Carter or on vacation with her mother, we chose not to post them. We post family vacations of Eva when she was little because Marlène Jobert was extremely popular in France back then and decided to release them and many of them appeared in old magazines. We also provide exclusive scans that I backordered myself of Eva as a baby and a child. If Marlène had never shared photos of her daughters anywhere or if they never attended any public events with her, they wouldn’t be here. It’s also meant to say that we appreciate every single contribution, even if we may be slow to adding them to the site, or even if we might end up not using them. We appreciate the devotion, time and love that Eva fans dedicate to her and to this site. And we understand that contributors may get impatient to see their contributions online. There’s nothing more natural. So we’re explaining that it may take a while, or that maybe due to copyright laws or because it’s just gossip, we may not add them. But we known that our contributors’ intentions were good and we appreciate them. Nobody is pointing fingers. And we hope that Eva fans don’t stop being who they are and contributing the way they do. And, last but not least, Twitter is not replacing our discussions here at EGW. Over here we can post lengthy comments, have interesting dicussions, etc. Twitter is just another platform. But, I, for one, would be sad to see the comments sections becoming empty because of it. I know that it gets very tiring having to explain day after day on Twitter that we’re not Eva herself, that she’s not on any social platform, and that she’s indeed aware of this site and approves of it, and so does her management, but that we never claimed we were an official site or an official Twitter account that speaks for her. However, if people read our previous Q&As with her, they’d see that Eva herself said she wouldn’t change anything to EGW and that she likes how people here seems to understand her and her career choices. But what can we say? Some people just don’t read! And every day hundreds of new fans have been joining our Twitter account so they ask questions that have been answered before. G. has been having tons of patience with that. It’d be preferable if people just read the description, but sadly they don’t. And we don’t want to fool fans and don’t want them to be fooled by random fake accounts. Unfortunately some people like to pretend they’re celebrities on Twitter and they manage to fool many fans this way. You’re always welcome and always entitled to your opinion. It’s ok not to be enthusiastic about Sin City 2. Being a fan doesn’t need to love every single project she’s done or will do. Maybe she wanted to work with Rodriguez, maybe it was because of her co-stars, maybe she thought she’d get more projection and that it’d allow her to get the roles that she really wants afterwards? Who knows? But it was her decision so we respect it. Just like we respect the ones who don’t want to see Sin City 2 for whatever reason. I have to admit that if Eva weren’t in it, I wouldn’t be looking forward to it. You’re also entitled not to like Twitter and not want to create an account. And so is everyone else. To be honest, I don’t have much patient for Twitter. I don’t know how G. does! 😉 Thanks for understanding. 🙂

  14. AusRotten Says:

    I dont wanna start anything here , but I have to say, i found sebastian’s post to be bit distasteful and more like a rant rather than feedback?ive always liked the friendly easy going vibe this site has goin on,readin that was a bit agonising,I don’t consider disscussing her current and future projects to be stupid And I don’t mean to sound mean when I say if you got nothing positive or productive to say why say anything at all?maybe I didnt get the point he was tryin to get across and that’s on me..

  15. Stef Says:

    AusRotten: I don’t think he meant anything rude by his comments. He’s a big supporter of us, the site and Eva. I think he just feels passionately that we shouldn’t have to explain ourselves or how we operate and honestly I feel that way myself at times. With the influx of new fans/visitors and all the new contributions though, things can be overwhelming for us behind the scenes and we felt that it should be addressed again publicly. We appreciate each and every one of you and value the friendships we have all made here. We appreciate the support and the contributions and the interactions even if we don’t always agree with each other on things. That’s all part of the fun of our online family here. 🙂

  16. G Says:

    First of all, thank you for all the messages of appreciation. It’s nice to see old fans like edenliao and johnny again! We hope all of you will continue to come back and visit us.

    I think M has said most of the things that I wanted to say but I would like to add a few other things for better explanation and understanding. I don’t think Sebastian meant any harm in expressing his feelings and opinion. He’s one of the most loyal Eva Green fans on this planet and an ardent supporter of EGW and I personally appreciate that he’s come forward to say what he wanted to say. We are all entitled to do that.

    The statement above is not pointing fingers to anyone specific. It’s a statement we made based on our discussions and feelings towards where and how things are going behind the scenes. We made it so we’ll be able to better communicate with you all because as we have mentioned above, you are all part of our growing EGW family and families talk. The statement above is in response to a collective feedbacks and suggestions that we have received here, via email and on Twitter. EGW operates in a very harmonious manner and each of us has our own task apart from updating the “News” part of the website. I, for one, operate EGW’s twitter account and I can speak on behalf of my experiences there. Here’s the thing: apart from Casino Royale, 300: Rise of an Empire is her most successful movie and we are not just talking about its box office proceeds but also because 300: Rise of an Empire elevated Eva in a higher status –as an actress and as potential leading lady. The movie itself has mixed reviews but Eva is pretty much the only thing that came out of it unscathed. If anyone of you has been tracking reviews and reactions, it’s pretty unanimous that she nailed the role and more. Most people have been commenting that she’s the only reason they saw it or would see it again because she, according to them, carried the movie. 300: Rise of an Empire is still playing in some territories and countries and because of this, she gets more noticed, hence, more famous. Everyday on Twitter, we get follows and tweets from people around the world. Some of them have just discovered her. In this regard, our Twitter account has been a great tool for people to get to know her. We get to “promote” her and her projects. We get to answer people’s immediate inquiries about her and her projects. We get to discuss her and her projects. We get to point traffic here in EGW for the new fans who are curious to get to know her more. Is this a bad thing?

    Twitter is indeed a double edge sword. Operating it could be both fun and tiring. Tiring in the sense that everyday, no matter what time of the day, our account receives various kinds of crude messages (about Eva and sometimes towards us) from immature people and I think you all know what I mean with crude messages. It’s all part of the whole thing and I understand it and why have I not given up on it yet? It’s because I do it out of passion to help out EGW and Eva. It’s my own way of support, if you get my drift. We choose not to deal with these crude messages or “followers” or “fans” so we ignore them or block them (if they are really being a burden or have been extremely rude). The sweet, interactive, loyal and fun fans are what makes the whole thing enjoyable and it’s been a joy to interact with them. Opening our doors for communication with them has been successful and it would be a disservice to stop communicating with them just because it’s deemed that we have “jumped the shark” or whatever perception one has towards this social media tool and EGW being involved in it. Additionally, our Twitter account has been a great tool to clear out the confusing things like Eva being on Twitter. Like what M said above, there are people who pretend to be her and make accounts. Why they do it is beyond us. In fact, there is one account that’s fake and it has way more followers than us because it has been existing for a long time and a lot of people still thinks it’s legit. It’s very ridiculous! Now, there may be things that are retweeted there that are not posted here but that is because we’d like to separate the site and the account and if you want to see what’s happening there without making an account on Twitter, our tweets appear on the right bottom side panel of the site. Lastly, Twitter has been a great tool for us to communicate with various people in the industry. We get updates straight from Showtime (they follow us), CBS International (who distributes Penny Dreadful internationally) and we get scoops from journalists, critics, reviewers and people who has worked with her, etc.. Relevant things and discussions there are posted here. All main and major news are posted here. I hope this clears this issue up.

    Now, to say that Eva is a box office poison is harsh. We may not agree on this but in my humble opinion, a box office poison is someone whose name carries a movie and has continually delivered flops. Objectively speaking, I don’t think that she is one. The only movies that have her carrying a film would be The Dreamers (and this is even an ensemble cast and more marketed towards being a Bertolucci film), Cracks, Franklyn, Womb and Perfect Sense. All her other films has been ensemble movies with main casting being carried by “bigger” stars. If you notice all those movies carrying her name on their posters are all small films so how do you consider indie movies with limited releases as flops? As I said earlier, 300: Rise of an Empire has elevated her status and many are now finally noticing her box office and leading lady potential so if there’s anything good that came out of these blockbuster movies that she’s involved in is that she gets more opportunity as an actress. I see it more as a career move and there is nothing wrong with that. Real fans would respect it despite these movies being not in their palette. We won’t judge you if you don’t go to the cinema to see it and it doesn’t make you less of an Eva Green fan.

    Now, we appreciate each and every one of you and as we said before and as what M has said again above, we are a family here. Let’s talk, share and contribute. Our doors are open for all of you. Thank you for understanding and being patient! 🙂

  17. Kellyk Says:

    You are doing an awesome job. I’m sure eva would be quite humbled to know that she has such loyal fans, people who spend there own time doing these things all because they simply want to. I have loved eva since I was 15, granted that was only 3 years ago, but this has been the main place I go to and I visit it almost everyday, I read all the comments and am quite blown away by how people love eva not just because she is attractive or in blockbuster movies but just because she is her. I don’t comment much but I feel like I would like to talk to you guys because no one even knows who she is where I’m from, it’s nice when other people have similar interests as you.

  18. Daphne Says:

    First of all congrats to Stef and Mariana for creating this site and maintaining it for so long. I don’t know if anybody could have done what you guys did so far.

    Also congrats to G. It’s nice of her to help the girls and I’m sure you are going to do a good job.

    Second of all, I like Eva Green ( ‘love’ would have been too strong) and I think she is a good actress (as a person, i don’t know her, but from all the interviews I’ve read and seen, she seems really nice and has great tastes in almost everything), but that doesn’t mean I should close my eyes if I see something that I don’t like. If Eva reads some of our negative comments (even though I don’t think they are that negative), I’m sure she knows that we are all different and we have different thoughts and different opinions.

    If sometimes we talk something else rather than Eva, it’s because well there no news from her, and I think it’s nice to learn more about the others fans, and so far the conversations have been pleasant (like the one with the books). At least for me.

    I didn’t know it is bad to discuss Eva’s future projects. I’m sure she likes it more if we talk about her as an actress and not about her private life.

    I don’t know why Sebastian reacted that way. I’m sorry he feels that way.

    In the end, I will support Eva in the future, helping the girls with interviews, videos, magazines etc. , but that doesn’t mean I won’t say something that bothers me or that there was a movie in which Eva starred in and I didn’t like.

    I’m happy that I’ve met you guys and that you were and still are nice to me. And Eva will ever read my comment, I wish her and her family good health, to have a beautiful life, and strength and will to pass all the bad moments ! 🙂

  19. G Says:

    @egg Welcome to EGW! Surely, a lot of things are in store for all of you this year 😉

    @dandy candy She did say that she checks us out so who knows!

    @kellyk The qualities you have mentioned are what makes us real Eva fans unique and simply the best. We are glad that you are part of us and of course you can always talk to us and all the other fans anytime 😉

    @daphne We are glad that we have met you too and that you are one of our regular visitors. You have been one of the most vocal fans here and we appreciate and always look forward to what you have to say. Being real fans means seeing through your favorites whether be it good or bad. A real fan doesn’t have to agree with everything and that’s something very important. You are allowed to your own opinion and we respect it. We enjoy all the off topic talks that has nothing to do with rumors. Talking about her upcoming projects are completely okay and normal 🙂

  20. Antigonus Says:

    This is all a trifle po-faced! ( 😉 ) Some of the comments read like biblical exegesis! I’m a huge fan of her as an actress but think we’re allowed to make criticisms of her and her films. Unlike many here I’m not convinced by her performances in Cracks and Perfect Sense but I liked her in Womb. I think she can push too hard to extract every ounce of drama from a role, where taking a more minimalist route could be more effective. Sometimes this appears strained; other times she can appear effortless. She also chooses (by her own admission) the most disturbed and overwrought characters to play, but the scripts of the films can lack the complexity or context to ground these characters and make them work. Looking at Cracks, Womb and Franklyn I think all had really interesting central ideas but were inadequately scripted, particularly the latter two. I would be curious to know how fully realised the scripts were when she came on board; in the case of Franklyn and Womb my theory is that the directors never had a fully realised script (not uncommon for indie auteurs), and this was reflected in their failings. I think it was brave of her to take on these movies, but wonder whether, like any actor, she often has to make her decisions on the basis of a treatment and an interesting central idea, gambling on the skills of a director who failed to realise or flesh out that treatment. Womb was the real tragedy for me; I felt with a stronger script teasing out all the complex implications of the relationship and with a stronger resolution it could really have been a masterpiece. Instead it fell entirely off the map. She suited the part and worked damn well with what she was given. Cracks was perhaps too derivative to be a great film (Prime of Miss Jean Brodie etc.). I also think Ms. Green’s character should have remained more opaque and complex until far later in the film, building towards a conclusion with more ambiguity and subtlety; that was a flaw in the script, but I also think a more toned down performance from her would have served the film better. I thought Franklyn, despite some striking visual sequences was just totally incoherent, the work of a purely visual director with no feel for script and no idea of what he wanted to achieve. But in all of these films I can see why she would have got involved and respect her for it.

  21. Sebastian Says:

    @ all I have wirtten that she is for the Studio Bosses box office poison !NOT FOR ME! When a real Fan see behind the Showbisz than you see that EVA MAKE A VERY HARD JOB, harder than some think. And the naked fakts about her job must you understand. The financier have the power in Hollywood.

    I have also must hear “Your project is to expensive”.

    G. has said she make the Sin city role for the Business but why? She will make the roles that she want.

    Daphne has said “I kind of hate her for picking this role, because I remember her saying she doesn’t want to be cast as femme fatale.” She will never typed as a female fetal by the Hollywood Studios. From a role as a female fetal was never the speech.

    A other said “I’m going to go, pay and buy (when it comes out on blu-ray) Sin City but, frankly, i dont have high hopes for the movie. It’s been a long time (7-8 years), pushed back even more and Rodriguez has not made ​​a good movie in years and I doubt this work will change that. ”
    And her the same he has not see the movie and why he will pay Sin City when Robert Rodriguez make not a good movie in years?

    Think you not that Eva will think the same? Any Question?

  22. edenLiao Says:

    actually I checked EGW almost every single day since the first day I visited the site. just didn’t comment and contribute that much. (and I search for Eva’s news every day as well.) sorry for that, and I think from now on, I’ll comment more, cuz it’s so great to see people talk their feelings about Eva herself, about her films and the site much more these days. it must be great to communicate with all the royal fans here! 🙂
    I have to say, I live in Taiwan, and 300: Rise of an Empire really makes more people in my country to know Eva. it does help her raising her fame worldwide. so now when I talk about Eva, people around me finally don’t give that confusing faces like, “who’s that she’s talking about?” and I can even discuss her films with others more than ever! that’s not bad, right?
    and yes, at first, I was so worried about it might narrow her choices on characters since she did Camelot, Dark Shadows, 300 and now Sin City. which are mostly evil kind, femme fatale characters. but I respect her decisions (surely including those I personally wanted to see her to be in but she dropped out.), and I know Eva must see something in those characters, something really attractive to her. like fragility, independence, desire, power and more. then I realized, not just the characters she did in box office movies have those qualities, but also, we can clearly see them in her indie ones. suddenly the problem doesn’t trouble me anymore.
    in my opinion, some of her films may suck, but definitely not her performances. she gave lives to the characters, she lit them up, and I can’t wait to see more coming, whatever Sin City or the others. and we’ll know what she saw in Ava Lord, which makes Eva wanna be her. I do look forward to it!!!!

  23. Daphne Says:

    @ antigonus can you explain me what ‘This is all a trifle po-faced!’ means? I’m serious I’ve never heard of this term.

    @ sebastian I don’t know what do you want from me, because no matter what I won’t change my opinion.

  24. edenLiao Says:

    btw, due to the legal issues EGW mentioned, that some photo shoots can’t be posted here, I have a tumblr blog where I post Eva’s latest images and news I find online. all of you are welcomed to visit, here’s the link — http://edenliaothewomb.tumblr.com/ (enter the site and click “Eva Green” tag)

  25. Stef Says:

    M. here. I for one don’t expect you real fans to change your opinions. The beauty of life and of this fandom is the diversity of opinions and how you’re all people who know how to voice your points of view. You always say why you loved a film or a performance or why you hate them. I have to agree with edenliao. I may not always like all of her projects, but I like Eva’s performances in them. She gives her all. If she was asked to acted in a certain way in Cracks, for example, I’m sure she was following the director’s instructions. When an actor plays for a director, he or she is in a way an instrument, and the director is the musician. But I can understand and respect why some didn’t like her in it or in other films. Please, don’t be shy, and don’t disappear. You’re all welcome here and I’d like us to keep on being just the same, discussing Eva’s past and future projects, fashion choices, and even off-topic subjects. Have you seen a movie that you think fellow Eva fans would like? Have you read an interesting book? Share your thoughts with us. The same applies for other subjects.
    As for not so good projects, I can only say that I’ve questioned quite a few of Eva’s choices in film. Maybe it looked better on paper than the finished product ended up being. It’s hard to tell with films sometimes.
    But every single film she’s done made her who she is today. The Eva Green we see today is a result of all the experiences she’s had and the roles she’s played. I’m sure she learns something new with every role, with every project, with every director and co-stars she works with. So no film she does is a total waste of her time and talent.

  26. alanfeierstein Says:

    I feel that since we are all Eva’s fans, we should do our best in supporting her, and posting positive messages….Eva does work hard on movie roles for the entertainment of not just her fans, but all who pay to see her movies..

  27. Daphne Says:

    @M. To be honest I didn’t understand what Sebastian wanted and why was he so mad. Of course I’ll support Eva and you guys! 😉

  28. G Says:

    I think it’s very important to point out that Sebastian is not trying to fight anyone here. There’s a language barrier at play here and let me just remind everyone that he’s a huge Eva fan and a great contributor to EGW.

  29. G Says:

    Well put, M. I’ve never been a big fan of some of her career choices though I kind of see at a certain degree why it took her atttention but I’ve always been in awe of her performances. This is why I’m a fan. She takes on a role and she just becomes them and owns them. I’ve also been critical of some of her fashion choices. Just because it’s unique amd different, I immediately like it. Not really. But I take my hat off because she experiments, she takes risks and she owns them. It’s very rare for someone to wear haute couture like as if they were born to wear one and she is one of those people! So yes, in that regard, I BOW every single time. We must be thankful she hasn’t worn anything more ridiculous (like Gareth Pugh clothes). Haha 😆

    I’d greatly appreciate and welcome all of you to open subjects for everyone to get involved in. One thing that makes Eva fans cool is you all have eclectic great tastes so let’s hear them! Don’t be afraid to share them 😉

  30. Sebastian Says:

    For Stef, Mariana, G and all other

    I’m so sorry. I had to shut my mouth. I’m inconsolable that you misunderstood me and that it give so much confusion. In 20 years I have told my opinion 3 times and all end in a misunderstanding.

    I’m so sorry Daphne I would you never hurt.

    In a firm had one said to me: „Your opinion don’t interested somebody.“ At that I think very long before I write. I Know now it’s not long enought. It was wrong to tell my opinion and I excuse me from the deep of my Heart. I shouldn’t have done that.
    Therewith this not passed again no comments anymore, I would write her birthday wishes but it is safer for me.
    The best were I leave this side and nobody tell my opinion like the last 13 years. I think my whole live is hierarchical obey orders ever and ever again, without opinions. I the last time I try from that get away and you see the attempt failed.
    I will no anger.

    So I’m very sorry and I excuse me from the deep of my Heart. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I would never hurt somebody.

    Sorry for all.


  31. Leo Says:

    @Sebastian No need to apologize because is only a debate. Maybe it was strange for some because they see not politically correct, but again it’s just a debate and is fine.

    i dont need to see a movie to make preconception of the film quality, and you can do that seen who is the actors, the writer and obviously the director. I have high hopes for the works of Nolan, Scorsese, Malick, Fincher, Pizzolatto (writer of True Detective), Von Trier because they already show of capable are of making impresive films. You can name a Rodriguez film has been a Masterpiece or simple a Box Ofiice hit recently? Maybe you enjoy the Spy Kids o Machete series, well make you party there becuase i dont like those.
    Also, why i am going to pay to see Sin City 2 if i dont like Rodriguez work? Well, since we are in a Eva Green page i believe you can figure out

    You said that YOU think that producers in Hollywood think (that is amazing to do) that Eva is box-office poison, If this were half true the Warner Brothers would not allow Eva taken the role in 300 after Dark Shadows. They give to her because she had talent. Any Implications of Rise of an Empire being a flop should be dismiss: the movie cost 110 Million and make 105 Domestic. So What? The movie make 223 million OVERSEAS
    and i still going in cinemas in some countries. Move on.

    Like many here said before: simple because some of us are skeptic about Eva movie choices in Hollywood (Sin City, 300) that dont mean we want to failure; on the contrary, we want to succed particularly in Box Office, make happy some big company producers and then, product of the success of this works, work even more harder to be casting with good Directors and mature as an actress. I firmly believe that she can win an Oscar someday.

    No one knows Eva here and she could easy be a different person what we see or read in interviews (after all she is a talented actress) but the certain i have she have a career and millions, she will be fine. DO NOT TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY. Is only a healthy debate. I admire Eva A LOT but I could recognize that she dont even care what we think and is fine. She take his own decisions

    Thanks to all the staf for the work in this page, because is amazing. And also when is gonna be the surprise? Maybe i am guessing but i thing is video interview promoting Penny Dreadful?… I am anxious to know!!! I insist, if is gonna be interview ask her about working in a comedy! That well be really challenge for her.


  32. AusRotten Says:

    there’s a need to apologize, some of us just got lost in translation,But I think.and this is just my opinion ,comments should stay on the lighter side ,definitely away from politics,religion and negativity ,lets not scare off new visitors haha

    moving on!

    The one thing we can all agree on is that shes incredibly talented and she does rock haute couture like nobody’s business

  33. Daphne Says:

    @ Sebastian. You don’t have to apologize you did nothing wrong and you didn’t hurt my feelings. As ausrotten said, I think we got lost in translation and I thought you were mad at us. I don’t want you to feel bad or anything.

  34. alanfeierstein Says:

    I think we all hope that Eva finds time to read some of our messages someday when she’s not so busy….It may just happen..

  35. alanfeierstein Says:

    I feel we should all realize that the administrators of Eva’s fan club are working hard for us and for Eva..So making it nice to comment on Eva’s works..Thanks to all involved and best of luck to Eva in her career…I will stay with this fan site as this is the right thing to do.

  36. alanfeierstein Says:

    And this is the place to learn of all of Eva’s accomplishments and those yet to come.

  37. alanfeierstein Says:

    It was the performance of Eva in 300 part 2 that drew me to joining her fan club..Thanks Eva, you were super in that movie.