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If you live in the US, you can watch the first episode of Penny Dreadful on and starting today. You are welcome to post your comments on the episode once you have had a chance to watch it, but please keep in mind that not everyone will have a chance to see it early so please don’t post any spoilers because they ruin the fun for everyone.

Episode 1.01 – Night Work
London 1891. As the police investigate a series of gruesome murders, renowned explorer Sir Malcolm Murray and the strangely beautiful Vanessa Ives know there’s something darker at play. In search of someone close to them who has been lost, they recruit American sharp-shooter Ethan Chandler and Dr. Victor Frankenstein to help them on their journey. Series premiere.

13 Responses to “Watch the “Penny Dreadful” Series Premiere Online”
  1. alanfeierstein Says:

    I watched it; I loved it….

  2. Daphne Says:

    man……i wish i lived in america now, just to see this episode. guess i have to wait …..

  3. edenLiao Says:

    omg! I’m watching it now!!!!

  4. Kev Says:

    Why I’m living in Paris???!!!! It’s so unfair!! 🙁

  5. amazingpri Says:

    Just watched!! It’s awsome!! Love it!! Dying to see the next one!!

  6. Daphne Says:

    so i finally watched it. the ending …..

  7. Char Says:

    I got emotional…
    Tears ran down my face…
    I flailed…
    I screamed…
    And that was just seeing Eva’s name on the opening credits.

    It was absolutely fantastic. I can’t even say how much I loved it.

    I’m still not quite over it, I keep running up and down with happiness.

    Eva you never disappoint!

  8. Rebecca Says:

    The look of the show: amazing!
    The acting: the whole cast does an amazing job!
    The story itself, though, I found a bit weak and very predictable. But I’m looking forward to the next episode, hoping the story will become a bit more complex, a bit more challenging toward the audience.

  9. Louise Says:

    I’ve now watched it three times tonight because it was just far too perfect. Vanessa is such a brilliant character, I’m in love with her already. Eva could not play her any better. She’s just so strong and mysterious yet she has this vulnerability and sweetness to her that I absolutely love. I’m so excited for the next episode!

  10. AusRotten Says:

    .its a promising start , must be fun wearing all those amazing costumes

  11. Sid Says:

    Quiet good pilot…a bit weird and quick camera movement at times, but acting and visuals are good.
    @Kev…you can watch it even from paris.

  12. jess Says:

    about to watch it AGAIN Eva picked a brill role

  13. alanfeierstein Says:

    It’s not just the acting that makes this series great; it’s also the clothing and garments and the early 1900 setting that add to the significance of the show..Of course, Eva and all others are great in their roles..