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We thank Eva and her twin sister Joy copiously for making this possible! Enjoy! 😀

“Dear Eva,

First of all we feel privileged that you so willingly accept to devote some of your scarce free time to complete once again the Q&A session for EvaGreenWeb.com. It says something about your humble character despite your tremendous success. Thank you so much.”

Here are our new questions:

1. After a tiresome period you will at last have some time to relax. What do you enjoy most in these breaks? Being lost in the crowd? Family time? Exotic destinations?

Eva Green: 1. I’m usually exhausted after a shoot, so I go somewhere beautiful to relax like Sri Lanka (I recently climbed “The Sīhāgiri », the Lion Rock, the most amazing view that I have ever seen anywhere), I like going somewhere I can explore, rather than lying down like a turnip on the beach…

2. In “300: Rise of an empire”, even though the critics for the film were controversial, the comments about you were dithyrambic (worldwide). Did you expect it? How do you feel about it? You’re probably going to be a “recherchée” (= in demand, sought-after) for blockbusters in the future. Does it mean “no more indie films”?

Eva Green: You never know how a film will be received and of course that type of film targets an action audience – it was fun to do because I got to train and fight, and Artemisia was a really over the top character… As far as Indie films go, I adore doing them – that’s where my heart is – unfortunately they rarely get the attention they deserve. You always hope when you do an Indie film that it will magically take off and become a huge success…

3. Are you going to visit Comic Con in San Diego for “Sin City 2” as you did last year for “300”?

Eva Green: I don’t know if I’ll be going to Comic Com this year…

4. “Penny Dreadful”: What kind of novelty this TV series brings us? What was actually new for you?

Eva Green: “Penny Dreadful” is set in Victorian London with great characters who interact with some of Literature’s great characters – Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Dracula. My character’s name is Vanessa Ives… She is a non-conformist, an individualist, hungry for life, at a time when women were repressed… Vanessa is a kind of magnet in the series, she draws all the other characters around her in their quest to find Sir Malcolm’s daughter…. Vanessa is at war with the demons inside her, possessed by some obscure force but she has such an amazingly strong will that she is able to keep it dormant… Except those times when Temptation arises…. Vanessa exults in the power and freedom her possession has allowed her, but she is alienated and alone because of it…

This role has been the most demanding – on every level – that I have ever done. Vanessa is the most complicated and exciting character that I have ever played.

— To be continued… —

17 Responses to “First Part of our exclusive Q&A with Eva Green – May 2014”
  1. paola Says:

    thank u so much for this, i love eva!! 2nd part when??

  2. alanfeierstein Says:

    A large poster is in our neighborhood super market of Rise Of An Empire with the DVD release date of Tuesday June 24, 2014…I sincerely hope and I do believe the sales of these DVD’s will attest to Eva’s ability as a great actress…And demonstrate her hard work in the making of this movie…Thanks Eva for your efforts…

  3. np001 Says:

    Thanks a lot for the interview M & S. Eva is so humble and down to earth as always.

  4. valentina Says:

    Wow Thanks for this beautiful interview and I support Eva for her work thanks Eva I live beautiful emotions. She is great, talented .. the best at everything. I thank Eva for the impact she had in my life for 10 years. Penny Dreadful unfortunately in Italy there yet but I’ve seen something streaming..she is great in all her characters ^_^ I love her <3

  5. edenLiao Says:

    omg can’t believe this is happening again!!!!! thank you EGW, Joy and Eva! can’t wait for the next part!
    besides, wondering if there will be more exclusive Q&A in the future, can we submit questions, too? 🙂

  6. jwill Says:

    I want to ask a question! Truly though I look forward to additional questions. Thanks guys!

  7. dandy candy Says:

    Wow, Eva and Joy have my respect, thank you for sharing this with us

  8. David Says:

    Call me stupid but where exactly is Joy’s part in the interview?

  9. Stef Says:

    David: Joy is our intermediary. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to email our questions to Eva and receive a reply. It’s the third year that she does it for us. She’s not a public person, so we don’t interview her. We let her lead her normal life breeding horses.

  10. green_dreamer Says:

    Do you think Eva Green would consider a lesbian role in a film/series?

    Thanks EGW team and to Eva Green that i adore so much 😉

  11. G Says:

    @green_dreamer We don’t know for sure but we do know that she is a fearless amazing actress who takes on interesting and complex characters with substance and stories to tell. Thank you for the compliment! We’re happy to share our knowledge, passion and love for her to everyone 🙂

  12. green_dreamer Says:

    @G yeah, i know she has this thing for complex characters, so maybe you can do this question for me if you’re gonna do an interview with her? ^-^ geez, i sound like a geek but i can’t help but feel giddy about Eva Green ^~^ oh btw, thank you so much for your reply, i really think you’re all nice here. Keep doin’ the great job guys, i really freakin appreciate it ^-^

  13. G Says:

    @green_dreamer We will take note of your question when we interview her again! Thank you again for your kind words. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or concern. We’re all here for you guys 😉

  14. green_dreamer Says:

    May i know if Eva Green sings? Cause I’ve got this huge feeling that this woman has a great voice that matches her jaw-dropping acting skills… and if she sings, would you mind asking her for me if she would also consider taking a role in a musical film? Thanks bigtime, EGW people. My deep respect and appreciation goes out to all of you x

  15. Lily Says:

    Vanessa Ives was indeed the most demanding and complicated character that Eva could ever played. Every time I watch episodes of this serie, even though I love Eva and keep telling myself that it’s not true, I end up being pretty scared! She’s really talented, really! It’s like… It’s like she’s not herself anymore when she’s acting but her character. I admire her a lot. And I found myself loving her more and more when I read the Q&As.
    Thank you so much EvaGreenWeb and Joy for making this!