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Part I can be found over here.

We thank Eva and her twin sister Joy (our intermediary) copiously for making this possible! Enjoy! 😀

6. Who do you think are your best advisors? Agents, friends, family, instinct, …? What is your life motto?

Eva Green: My best advisor is my own instincts, my first impression when I read a script – it’s like love – you can’t explain it, your heart goes boom or not…. My Life’s motto is, “Stay pure in the midst of impurity” (my little fortune from my Yogi teabag from today – very relevant for this crazy business)

7. Briefly describe us an ideal day for you.

Eva Green: My ideal day would be to wake up early, go for a long walk in the mountains, get lost, and escape…

8. After the preparation for “300” have you put more exercise in your life? For example do you go jogging in London?

Eva Green: I don’t have a trainer at home who kicks my ass for four hours every day, so I don’t have the discipline to work out like I would if I were preparing a film… but I do run each morning, more for my head than for my body, I think…

9. What do you consider as the most difficult/unpleasant and the most pleasant part in your job?

Eva Green: The most agreeable part of this job is travelling all over the world, discovering new people and places, you don’t get bored with routine, and the preparation – researching a role, working with my coach, it’s even more rewarding than actually shooting.

The most unpleasant part of the job is that you are constantly doubting yourself because people are continually judging you and as you can’t please everyone, you really need to follow your heart and put earplugs and blinders on sometimes…

10. It’s been almost 10 years after your debut with “The Dreamers”. Looking back at this 10-year career how do you feel? Are there things that you regret? Looking ahead in the future what are your major challenges? What advice would you give to a young actress/actor starting her/his career?

Eva Green: My only regret is that I haven’t done a comedy – a black comedy, of course – but I would really, really love to do something wacky and weird…

— To be continued… —

14 Responses to “Second Part of our exclusive Q&A with Eva Green – May 2014”
  1. valentina Says:

    wow,,, it would be nice to see Eve in a funny comedy .. Eva is the beauty, the woman next door and what makes it special .. I’m curious to read the continuous ^ _ ^ (sorry dear, before I entered my full name)

  2. edenLiao Says:

    would love to see Eva in a comedy! (but Dark Shadows is sort of a comedy for me? :P)
    and I still wanna see her as Maria Callas. hope the project is still on-going.

  3. alanfeierstein Says:

    Eva does have good instincts and she appears well physically fit…All this helps her in attaining success.

  4. jwill Says:

    I laughed out loud at her in Dark Shadows! She cracks me up when she goes to Barnabus’s (sp)house once he wakes up. I literally have no clue how they kept straight faces. The drawing room scene is comic gold and well of course the “love” scene if you call it that. Hilarious!

  5. Whatever Says:

    Yeah, the scene where she’s driving through the town in the convertible and waving at everybody cracks me up every time. Best part of Dark Shadows.

  6. .Rooz Says:

    She really is an amazing person, she has inspired me since I was 14, and I’m 22 now. She is Eva and stays that way, she does what she wants and the way she has in her mind, she get better and better in what she does. My biggest wish is truely to meet her one day, even though I know I will never meet her…

  7. David Says:

    Re: Comedy

    I wonder if Beetlejuice counts as Black Comedy?

  8. G Says:

    Never lose hope .Rooz!

  9. .Rooz Says:

    Thank you G, I won’t lose my hope, you never know what the furure may bring. But I’m planning in to do something special, combining my hobby with Eva’s greatness but first I have to save money (:

  10. G Says:

    Good luck in your endeavour .Rooz! We wish you the very best!

  11. Anna Says:

    Saw the new Penny Dreadful episode last night and I have to say, I’ve never ever seen such a sufficatingly captivating acting before. I’m speechless. Well done, Eva!

  12. AusRotten Says:

    i never wouldda thought in a million years ,shes a runner,but i agree with her its a great way to clear your mind,and the endorphins dont suck either!Im sure some brilliant writter is somewhere writtin an amazin role for her in a black comedy cuz she’s the type of person that inspires creativity,i love how she loves a simple life yet her life seems to be so complex and chaotic but the fact she can separate herself from all that its admirable

  13. Jackie Says:

    As always you ladies keep it classy and straight to what it’s about, Eva’s amazing skill. I love these! I’m not sure why I just now found you guys since I’ve been a fan for so long. I just caught up on all the Q&As!
    As always thank to Eva as well and Joy for letting us “in a little”. Wonderful!