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Part I can be found over here.
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We thank Eva and her twin sister Joy (our intermediary) copiously for making this possible! Enjoy! 😀

11. What has changed in your way of acting since you’ve started your career?

Eva Green: Well, I’m older so I’ve lived more and consequently can relate to more of the “given circumstances” that may arise in the film…

12. Do you think that acting in a different language changes your process? Do you feel like acting in English is harder than in French? Or does it help you because you feel like a different person and it helps you escape your personality?

Eva Green: Most of my films have been in English and I so love the language that I’ve kind of adopted it as my own… it feels like me.

13. When you’re playing a character who can’t communicate verbally in “The Salvation“, what challenges does this pose for you as an actor? Do you find that you must change the emphasis on different aspects of your performance, such as body language, in ways that you wouldn’t in a role where you can be dependent on dialogue to convey emotion?

Eva Green: It was very challenging to play a mute character in The Salvation because it forces you to be very focused and filled emotionally so that your body language is readable.

14. Recently, trivias of you having a Directing degree in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and an acting polishing course with London’s Webber Douglas Academy have been popping up everywhere (specifically on your imdb.com page and on your Wikipedia page), is there any truth to this? Could you take us through your academic endeavours?

Eva Green: I have no idea where this rumour comes from, though I wish I had gone to Tisch School in New York, it just isn’t true… I did a workshop at Webber Douglas, that’s true.

15. You’ve captured a huge geek/comic book fan base thanks to your San Diego Comic-Con appearance because of “300: Rise of an Empire” and, consequently, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For“. There have been suggestions among this fan base that they would want you to play a female Sith Lord in the upcoming “Star Wars” sequels. What can you say about this? Have you gotten a call from J.J. Abrams?

Eva Green: No, none of it is true… just internet bullshit…

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15 Responses to “Third Part of our exclusive Q&A with Eva Green – May 2014”
  1. edenLiao Says:

    personally I wanna see Eva in Star Wars. but not that close after 300 and Sin City. (there was a rumor about Florence Welch would be cast in Star Wars. sometimes I find her and Eva are similar, not just the look, but also personality.)and some French films in the future would be nice. 🙂

    thanks for the interview! Eva and EGW!! most of the questions are those I was dying to know!

  2. valentina Says:

    Thanks EWG for this wonderful interview and I am curious to see the movie The Salvation and see Eva in this new Character. I wish the best for Eva, Thank you EWG for all news and thanks to Eva for give me the happiness 🙂

  3. G Says:

    @edenLiao It honestly sounds like she doesn’t want to be involved in any way in the new Star Wars movie. Haha. I definitely want to see her again in a French film. That would be interesting given that her French accent is a bit different now compared to when she did Arsène Lupin.

  4. pamela marte Says:

    Dear Eva Green
    I guess I will grab the chance to say this to you, you are such a great actress and I do know that many projects are coming at you because you are a really awesome person and I really love you so much even at this Young age Im leaning towards to see you because i really do love you, your my Idol inspiration in fact your my everything and IM very proud at you and I am also proud to be One of your fans I hope you read this and remember this and remember me IM your biggest fan my name is pamela and I love you so much I wish that I ‘ll see you in person

  5. Andrew Says:

    heh. It doesn’t surprise me that she wants nothing to do with the star wars films and that is fine too. I’ve kept my distance from the franchise for years since the prequels left a bad taste in people’s mouths. I hope after 300 and Sin City, it opens the door for Eva to be in a Marvel movie in the near future. If X-Men ever gets rebooted and reverted back to Marvel, I can see her playing Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix. Or Madelyne Pryor.

  6. Saverio Says:

    Regarding any Eva Green & Marvel rumours for me it’s always -> Jessica Drew/Spider Woman

  7. edenLiao Says:

    hahahaha!!! yes I know she definitely doesn’t wanna be part of Star Wars. just personally wanna see her in it. 😛 but I think if there’s a character in SW which attracts her, like some confident, powerful one, and the script’s good enough, she might consider it. and if the director is not J.J. Abrams, and the movie’s not distributed by Disney… oops, off topic. well we don’t know about the future, maybe SW VIII and IX will have something which is attractive to her, right?

    otherwise, I wanna know if she’s ever been offered any role in Game of Thrones. lol

  8. G Says:

    @edenLiao We’ll probably ask her that GoT question next time 😉

  9. .Rooz Says:

    Truely an amazing Q&A it’s so amazing to read about her ^_^

  10. Johnny Says:

    Awesome interview. Thanks to everyone involved that made this possible and of course Eva! Since Penny Dreadful just got renewed for a second season with 10 episodes, that will be very time consuming for Eva, I just hope she will be able to do a new a project in the summer! A dark comedy would very nice 🙂

    Also is Penny Dreadful really ineligible for the Emmys this year? I only saw 3 episodes so far, but Eva’s performance in the Séance is screaming (literally) for an award.

    Andrew I really like your idea, out of all the Marvel comics, X-Men were always my favorite and Jean Grey is one of the most complex and interesting female characters in the franchise.

    As for Game of Thrones, I’ve read the books and I don’t think there’s any major female character to be cast that would suit Eva… However I could see her portray Cersei, Melisandre or even Margaery (the way she is being portrayed in the series is being way more interesting than in the books, and she’s also older). Hm maybe Arianne Martell if they age her a bit, but then again her skin completion is said to be a bit dark, so altogether it seems very unlikely.

  11. Leo Says:

    I remember that she was related with one Maria Callas movie and even she mentioned this in a previous interview with this page. Deadline report that the movie is now actually happen and casting. Maybe she can do it?…

    h ttp://www.deadline.com/2014/05/httpwww-deadline-com201405cannes-2014-news-callas-niki-caro-wolfcop/

    Anyway, with Penny Dreadful renewed i want to hear more about movie projects from her because no matter what i am always gonna think in Eva as a movie star and no as TV one. Only she need pick better her roles in films and will be easily a A+ actress. She have the talent for that.

  12. Monika Says:

    I’m so amazed by Eva’s performance in the 5th episode of “Penny Dreadful”. But going back to the topic, I must say that after all interviews I watched and read, I’m sure that Eva isn’t into mainstream productions. As she said – she did “300” simply because it was something new, but she treats it like an entertaintment. She’s having a lot of fun bringing the characters into the life. But I’m definitely sure that her ambition is way more bigger than Marvel or Comic productions. I think that she is meant to play the challenging roles, not only because of the physical stuff, mainly because of the complexity. I would love to see her in an indie again (can’t wait for “White bird”, just saying), but I respect all of her choices – they are always reasonable 🙂
    If you read that Eva, I wish you all the best, I’ll always support you and be your fan, ’cause you have a beautiful soul and you’re simply wonderfull. Thanks for everything!
    And of course, thank you, guys, and Joy – I wish my twin was as amazing as you are 🙂

  13. George Says:

    I saw the 5th episode of Penny Dreadful. Eva doesn’t deserve a Golden Globe for her performance. She deserves two Golden Globes or more…

  14. green_dreamer Says:

    I just can’t get enough of Eva Green, she’s just so magnificent and i couldn’t put up in words how i adore her. Thank you for doing this website and for sharing everything we have to know about Eva Green! My bucket list includes seeing her in person ^.^ peace everyone

  15. Tylor Says:

    Eva Green is an amazing actress who brings life to any character she portrays and hope she continued to be not just a good actress but also a great person.