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The French actress would have finally found her niche? She’s back with Penny Dreadful, an American horror TV series. Eva Green reveals her capacity of reinventing herself with genre films.

Sin City reinvented the comic-book movie as dirty, sexy and cool. Now Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller return with sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

“Eva’s eyes are so haunting… She’s irresistible” – Frank Miller

“She’s a princess, a lover, a goddess and a bitch…” – Eva Green on Ava Lord

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3 Responses to ““Sin City 2” Special in Total Film (UK) – August 2014”
  1. Jackie Says:

    Ava is definitely the sexiest character she’s played to date but, like she says, I feel like it’s so far from who she really is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going opening night to see this BUT I’m utterly in love with the Non-Ava Lord Eva 🙂 ( I make this comment based on reading Frank Millers novels)

  2. alanfeierstein Says:

    Action packed wonderful movie…Eva at her best: I wait anxiously for the debut.

  3. Nausicaa Says:

    The way she describes the character – constantly shifting from “goddess” to “bitch” etc. depending on the man she’s dealing with actually sounds fascinating; now I can’t wait to see the performance. Did anyone see the Frank Miller quotes in the article – the guy is gushing praise.