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MILAN, July 10, 2014 / PRNewswire / – Today, Campari ® is officially featuring Hollywood actress Eva Green as the star of the Campari Calendar 2015 The stunning actress born in France to star in this year’s version of the iconic calendar, entitled ‘Mythology Mixology’ , and is dedicated to celebrating the colorful history of Campari and stories related to the intrinsic twelve of his most beloved classic cocktails. Each month will focus on a classic cocktail and thus represent imaginatively anecdotes, stories and beautiful and little known stories behind each iconic recipe.

On her role in the 2015 Campari Calendar, Eva Green says:

“It is an honor and a privilege to work with a global brand as iconic Campari. There is something very special about it this year because it achieves a compelling and almost magical balance between classic and contemporary. Exists this feeling at the base of each image rich history behind each of the most beloved Campari cocktails, but presented in a way that is ultramodern, exuding style and imagination.’s something incredibly beautiful and clearly shows that while some of these recipes have more than 100 years old, are still relevant and worshiped in the world today. ”

In charge of photography for the 16th edition of the globally renowned Campari Calendar Calendar is Julia Fullerton-Batten , an acclaimed art photographer who exposed worldwide and became the first woman to get behind the lens for the project calendar.

Julia Fullerton-Batten says:

“Campari has always had an inherent ability to recreate and maintain the image of fresh, inspiring and imaginative ability brand. Objective by constantly I also practice in my own work The theme this year was an interesting challenge, because there was a job important thing to do in terms of taking historical anecdotes and revitalize with a modern look. I’m convinced that we achieve that delicate balance with the pictures this year. ”

Bob Kunze-Concewitz , CEO of Gruppo Campari: “Although there has always been a sense of timelessness around our classic cocktails, we have been receiving reports of bartenders around the world that is emerging popularity of classic recipes as Negroni and American. Campari Calendar this year was designed to celebrate those recipes that have stood the test of time and bring the heritage, so we’re very excited to introduce them to do this year. ”

The full 2015 Campari calendar will be unveiled later in the year.

Source: Campari’s Twitter and CampariGroup.com

3 Responses to “Eva Green Announced as Campari’s New Muse”
  1. livia Says:

    That’s so cool! Eva’s eyes make me melt. But I don’t understand the project… there will be a calendar or something to buy with her photos or what?

  2. G Says:

    @livia It’s basically like the Pirelli Calendar. When you buy a bottle or box or it depends on what they will eventually announce later in the year, there will be a calendar to go with it and the calendar will contain pictures of her.

  3. livia Says:

    Oh, now I understand. Thanks for the explanation! 🙂