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Dear Friends and Fellow Fans,

2014 has so far been an exciting year for EvaGreenWeb and all Eva Green fans. Ms. Green has blessed us with four films and a television show this year. 300: Rise of an Empire and Penny Dreadful were both highly successful projects and Ms. Green has been critically praised on both. We expect the same for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, White Bird in a Blizzard and The Salvation –all of which will be out this month and later this year. We thank you all in making these projects to be certified hits and we hope you are all enjoying this joyous year so far as this has been truly unprecedented.

We are happy to relay to you all that Eva has read your birthday messages both here on the site and on Twitter. She was deeply moved and would like to send her appreciation and thank you to everyone!

In this regard, it came to her attention that she has talented fans who are also writers and because of this, Eva Green Web would start receiving literary works for her and her management’s behalf. Ms. Green has manifested an interest in reading good complex intense intricate stories that feel unique and has a good, strong, complex female character with an elaborate back story who is not necessarily a femme fatale or someone she has played on screen before. We are open to receive full length novels, short stories and graphic novels of all genres both from amateur and professional writers. All submitted works MUST BE original, brand new, non-fan fiction, unpublished (both on paper and online, excerpts included) and must not use Ms. Green as a character. Deadline for submission is on December 31, 2014. For more information on this Project, kindly click HERE.

Lastly, we’d like to thank you all for your continued support to Ms. Green and to EvaGreenWeb.com. We immensely appreciate your participation during Eva and Joy’s birthday celebration, as well as following and livetweeting Penny Dreadful Season One during its airing and all other recently concluded and upcoming Eva Green projects and appearances. Ms. Green may not have attended San Diego Comic-Con, but there are other projects to look forward to such as the Campari 2015 calendar, her upcoming appearances and interviews for all her upcoming films and Penny Dreadful starting to resume production for Season Two. All contributions, big and small, are greatly appreciated. We will continue to be a non-profit Eva Green fansite dedicated to her who brings the latest news and updates here, on Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. We thank you all for continuing to make EvaGreenWeb.com your oldest, largest and most up-to-date fan resource for Ms. Green!

M, Stef and G

35 Responses to “EvaGreenWeb.com – Eva Green Project”
  1. Ola Szmidt Says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I’m a huge fan. What about a short story with a musical evocative transcription , would Eva’s management would be happy to accept this as a submission?

  2. G Says:

    @Ola Szmidt You can give it a try but no promises. Be sure to put or give a proper description of your piece. Good luck!

  3. Jackie Says:

    This is such a fabulous opportunity. The fact that she would do this only solidifies the level of faith and respect she puts in her fans. You will be very hard pressed to find that in a very brutal Hollywood these days. Good luck to everyone. This is truly a fantastic gift for someone.

  4. Antigonus Says:

    I’ve just written a masterpiece about a society lady in 1870s Russia, trapped in a loveless marriage who leaves her husband after falling in love with another man and is ostracised from society as a result. There’s a less convincing secondary narrative about a successful relationship with some rather tedious moments of religious inspiration …..but on the whole I’ve feel vid really got the period detail down pat…..any chance of a read?

  5. Kev Says:

    @G : Has the story to be written in English? Or French is possible?

  6. G Says:

    @Kev It’s in the guidelines. English or French only.

  7. alanfeierstein Says:

    That’s what friends and fans are for..To be at the side of Eva as long as she would want us..

  8. G Says:

    @Antigonus Do send it in once you’re comfortable with your finished product.

  9. Kev Says:

    @G : Oh sorry I didn’t have read the other page 🙂
    Thank you

  10. Bruna Says:

    This is amazing. Thanks Eva!

  11. Bruna Says:

    Just a quick question, Scripts are out of the question? I know it says Full Length Novels, Short Stories and Graphic Novels, but as a Screenwriter, I had to ask. Thanks to Eva and the management for this opportunity.

  12. Antigonus Says:

    @G I assume you’re calling my bluff. It’s difficult to detect sarcasm from a comment!

  13. Lorène H. Says:

    C’est une magnifique opportunité, l’idée est brillante. Merci beaucoup pour ce projet ! Je vais m’y atteler à 100%, merci énormément !

  14. dandy candy Says:

    wow, I’d be delighted if Eva reads my work…let’s get started!

  15. Valentina Says:

    woow ! This is a great opportunity and know that Eva could read my romance makes me very happy. I am Italian and I do not speak English very well so I’m perfecting the English so I can to avoid errors … I’m writing a story mysterious enigmatic of an angel dark gothic woman and a co potagonista style Gothic fantasy. I hope to have a chance. ^_^ . Can I do an index with the novel, biography and summary?

  16. Valentina Says:

    co star sorry…

  17. Ea Says:

    This is so awesome, Eva is just an amazing lady. I’d wish I could write… And of course you guys are super cool as well!

  18. G Says:

    @Antigonus I honestly cannot tell buddy 😉

    @Valentina Just follow the guidelines that we have set and you’ll be fine 🙂

    @Ea Thank you!

    @Bruna We regret to tell you that scripts are out of the question at the moment. If there are changes, we will let everybody know but right now, scripts are not acceptable.

    @Kev No worries.

  19. valentina Says:

    thanks G.:) I love this your site ..it is serious than others that others said to be Eva … I finished the novel and I am translating into English .. 🙂 good luck to all 😀

  20. jean paul magnin Says:

    Very very great idea for all fans and friends of ms Green

    Somtime the reality is most strong the fiction, and this time
    that’s true !

  21. Javier Says:

    Quick question: how long should it be a short story?

  22. G Says:

    @Javier No word count.

  23. wayne Says:

    Noticed on the post you said on twitter she got her birthday wishes. What is her Official twitter?

  24. G Says:

    @wayne She does not have a Twitter account nor any account on any social media platform. When we informed her twin sister Joy of the birthday wishes, we let them know of the Twitter and Tumblr greetings too. She saw the greetings via EvaGreenWeb’s twitter account.

  25. Ola Szmidt Says:

    @G thank you for response

  26. Rafael Bürger Says:

    Hi! This is a great idea, but I don’t understand something: What is the purpose of the project? Thanks

  27. Ryan Says:

    Can we send a screenplay? I’m currently developing a script in my college class that has a strong female heroine at the forefront that suits Ms. Green’s strengths.

  28. G Says:

    @Ryan Hi Ryan! We’re sorry but we are currently not accepting screenplays on her behalf. Only the ones listed on the guidelines is accepted.

    @Rafael Burger It’s just a fun project for creative fans who wish to share and show Eva their work and talent. Who knows what could happen if she likes a piece 🙂

  29. Rafael Bürger Says:

    Oh, show for Evas our work and talent is already a great prize! I was smell a rat because of the calculated risk.

  30. Angie Says:

    Hi, whether Eva will read all the books?

  31. G Says:

    @Angie What do you mean with “all the books”?

  32. Angie Says:

    @G I’m sorry, I mean Full Length Novel, Short Story and Graphic Novel

  33. Martine Says:

    She want to ask about that Eva will read all stories. I think so 😉

  34. G Says:

    @Martine We honestly don’t know which ones she will read or which one will get her attention. We will just forward all submitted works.

  35. Angie Says:

    Thanks @Martine, @G <3