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Greetings to our fellow fans!

It has come to our attention that there is a particular Facebook account that has been using images owned exclusively by EvaGreenWeb.com and other Eva Green fan accounts on Tumblr. EvaGreenWeb does allow other fans to make use of images that are available on EvaGreenWeb.com granted that we are properly credited as a source. While we cannot speak for them, we believe that the other Eva Green fan accounts with edits and fanarts of their own do wish the same fair crediting practice.

Additionally, the aforementioned Facebook account has been claiming to be an account that is run by Ms. Green’s manager. We reiterate that EvaGreenWeb, Ms. Green nor her managers DO NOT have a Facebook account nor is her career run by a sixteen year old Turkish boy. IF the day comes and Ms. Green decides to get involved in any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we will of course let her fans know of her verified account. Until then, Ms. Green is not in any way involved in any social media platform. Likewise, we request that EvaGreenWeb.com’s domain name not be used by other entities without our written permission. We greatly value and respect Ms. Green and her management’s trust in us and while we understand that other fan accounts share the same passion and respect for Ms. Green and her career, we greatly feel that it is only fair that these accounts use their own name and not EvaGreenWeb.com’s name out of respect to our own, our contributors and followers’ hard work, goodwill and passion.

“The Eva Green-EvaGreenWeb Project” is an EXCLUSIVE project between Ms. Green and EvaGreenWeb.com. It has the blessing and cooperation of Ms. Green and her management. No other third party entity must claim otherwise. All information related to the project are exclusively posted on our official website, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Questions from all aspiring participants to the project will ONLY be entertained on the website, Twitter and Tumblr accounts of EvaGreenWeb and all entries must be sent to evagreenweboriginals@gmail.com ONLY. Please be reminded that inquiries sent to the project’s email address will not be entertained and all participants understand that they own the copyright to their work and are taking a calculated risk in submitting their work to Ms. Green and her management through EvaGreenWeb.com.

Lastly, we are very much aware that we have detractors who are heckling EvaGreenWeb.com’s good name. We believe in free speech but we also believe that our followers, supporters and everyone who visits all our platforms are smart enough to gauge and see if there is an ounce of truth to such claims and critique. With that, we rest our case.

Thank you again for your continued support to EvaGreenWeb and to Ms. Green and her career!

-M, G and Stef

6 Responses to “A Few Words From The Staff….”
  1. Valentina Says:

    Good job guys! I continue to support you and Eva. This project is gorgeous, congratulations.

  2. Jackie Says:

    It couldn’t have been said better. Its a shame it even has to be said at all though. Its sad that Eva’s continued, deserved, growing, recognition causes such mess. What a fabulous year for Eva. What a fantastic project that Eva has presented and shared with EGW and fans.
    There’s a clear respect between EGW and Eva’s affiliates, that should never be doubted. As always, you, and Eva, will always have my support. I absolutely, without a moments hesitation, wish the best for Eva and you girls at EGW. Thank you for all your hard work and MOSTLY for your respect of a truly talented actress. Finally we have someone to watch that is truly captivating, legit, and talented….can we just enjoy the view? 🙂

    Thanks again Steph, M, and G

  3. Hilary Says:

    Steph, G, and M,

    I so greatly admire your determination and respectful candor in handling this issue. It is a shame the issue needed to be addressed at all, but you all at EGW tackle every hiccup with the utmost grace, consideration, and humility.
    I have come across many fan sites, fans, and even actors, and I must say you are by far the most respectful, and respected, site I’ve found. I am proud to be a fan of Eva’s, and I’m blessed that the shared admiration of such a gifted artist has led me to you and new friendships.
    Thank you for all the work you do and the countless hours you all put in to keep this site and your subsidiaries kind, thoughtful, responsible, and courteous. You are all truly an amazing group of talented and generous women. Thank you for constantly upholding, and defending, the name of Ms. Green, and encouraging her career to flourish.

    Best wishes and ever continued support,

  4. alanfeierstein Says:

    It is better that if a person make a negative comment of Eva; they should not log on to this site at all….Eva does not need aggravation; she works hard enough.

  5. LAngelo Mysterioso Says:

    What is the general contact e-mail address for this website? The contact form seems to be broken.

  6. G Says:

    @LAngelo Mysterioso evagreenwebcom@gmail.com