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By Trace Thurman


Penny Dreadful – The Séance

Talk about a slow burn. Penny Dreadful has one of the most interesting narratives of any TV show I’ve ever seen. Based on the pilot alone, it is clear that the destination is not what’s important with this show, but rather the journey instead. Penny Dreadful takes its sweet time getting to the point, and at first I was a little bored but after a while I became mesmerized by how beautiful it was. That pretty much changed after the second episode, appropriately titled Séance. If Eva Green doesn’t get an Emmy nomination next year (and let’s face it, she probably won’t) it will be a sad day for TV indeed. All of the performances are top notch, but Green nearly steals every scene she is in. Her tour de force performance in the second episode involves her character becoming possessed at the titular event and it’s phenomenal.


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One Response to “TV’s Best and Worst Moments/Episodes in 2014”
  1. Jackie Says:

    IF Eva doesn’t get nods during the awards season this time around it will be a severe injustice. The bureaucracy of the whole awards environment is already incredibly upsetting. Its especially so for me, when it involves Eva. Here, we actually have an actress who delivers a FLAWLESS performance no matter what part she is playing. You think possession is cool, commanding the navy is a must, and being absolutely ruthless is OK, ONLY because you are, literal, FIRE on the screen! All of these things because Eva told you to. Because she made you believe that these 3 characters were in your living room. I’d bet you felt bad for each one of them at some point in her performance. Even Ava Lord. Though you may not invite her to dinner I’d bet you asked yourself, “What happened to her in the past that made her this way?” Not because that’s how Frank Miller ‘wrote’ her but because that’s how Eva does…she is always able to draw you into a very small part of ‘humanity’ each character might have.

    All of this is of course my opinion and no award recognition won’t stop me from being mega supportive of Eva. It will make me sad. However my sadness gets less and less substantial these days. Eva Green has always been first place for me and she only gets better and better. I find solace in knowing that everyone else is realizing that.