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“My lack of confidence is disastrous. I still don’t know what I’m missing. It’s an inner thing I can’t untie, and being successful doesn’t change anything to it. This job is a constant questioning. I can put on a strong face, but I don’t get used to it… On the other hand, I know that being an actress doesn’t solve everything. We live intensely, but it’s not enough. I don’t want to wake up at age 50 telling myself that I’ve done nothing but films.” – Eva Green

4 Responses to “Eva Green does Madame Figaro (April 30, 2015 issue)”
  1. simone Says:

    I wish i could read the article. 😉

  2. G Says:

    @simone The English Translation of the interview is posted too.

  3. simone Says:

    Oh…i couldnt find it

  4. G Says:

    @simone It’s within the main page on a separate post.