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In the race to have the first big female-fronted superhero movie (if race is the right word for something that’s taken decades to happen – which it isn’t), Marvel might apparently have a new frontrunner to play Carol Danvers in “Captain Marvel” in the shape of Rebecca Ferguson, but Warner Bros. and DC are undoubtedly in the lead: they had multiple writers penning drafts simultaneously, a director in the shape of “Monster”’s Patty Jenkins, a love interest in Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, and even a Wonder Woman, in Gal Gadot, who’ll first appear in next year’s “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.”

And now, according to the latest rumor from the rumor-hole, they might have some villains. Heroic Hollywood, who are normally well placed to know about this sort of thing, report that the studio are targeting Eva Green andSean Bean to play the villains in the movie.

Neither are officially signed on, but if she was to get that far, Green would seemingly play sorceress Circe, a key figure in Homer’s Odyssey who’s been a traditional supervillain in the DC-verse since 1959, and an immortal intent on wiping out the Amazons, including Wonder Woman herself. Bean, meanwhile, would be Ares the god of war, and an even longer-serving adversary of Diana Prince (it’s not the actor’s first brush with the pantheon: Bean also played a Greek God, in that case Zeus, in “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief”).

It’s still all to play for, but neither have been particularly shy of taking blockbuster paychecks, and with filming due to begin in November, the Warners do need to find someone to fill the roles sooner rather than later. Once they do, “Wonder Woman” will open on June 23rd, 2017.


2 Responses to “Rumor: Eva Green & Sean Bean Wanted For Villain Roles In ‘Wonder Woman’”
  1. Nausicaa Says:

    Golly, Eva Green and Sean Bean are two of my absolute top faves. If they did a movie together being all awesome and magnetic, I’d die of happiness. I kind of wish Bean was being considered for Odysseus and Green for Circe in an actual adaptation of The Odyssey…but never mind. This rumor sounds like wishful thinking, annoyingly. Wish I didn’t know until it was a confirmed fact.

  2. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    I remember catching this news when it was first announced. Truthfully, the Circe of classic mythology is actually one of many roles I have actually always wanted to see Green play. That said, this DC/WW variation might still be a satisfyingly close enough version for me, and would more than convince me to see the film <3