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As I promised… I’ve managed to steal some time for talking also with Eva Green! I’ve been really lucky, you must believe me because that night L’Oréal organized a very exclusive party – in which I participated – at the Grand Palais of Paris. The dinner, the location, the atmosphere… How can I describe them to you without being ‘repetitive’ or ‘exaggerate’? Delicious food, real artworks made by Michelin award-winning Chefs, the Salon was set up perfectly creating the ‘magic’ that only L’Oréal is able to create… See for yourself the pictures because they speak for themselves! But… are you curious to know what the beautiful Eva answered to me? I satisfied you immediately! 

How important is your hair for your image and your job? 

My hair is my job. I love strong looks and I like trying out new make-up… It’s almost a game for me!


What’s your favourite style? 

I like to have the hair in one side and If I had to choose a style in particular… well, the important thing is that I can see the face very well and the hair has to have soft waves. 


How must be the ideal Hairstylist for you? It makes any difference if it’s male or female? 

That’s an interesting question because there’s such many men and women hairstylists! When I was making a film I was used to work with women hairstylists because in my opinion among women there’s an incredible harmony! But it’s different choosing a look for a role rather than for a campaign. I love the hairstylists that are able to dare, man or woman at this point doesn’t make any difference. 


Is there a particular hairstyle that you can’t adopt? 

Oh wow…! Yes, sure! There’s one! I would like to cut my hair really short or dye it blonde or blue but I think I’m not going to have a future as a model anymore!


What’s your daily beauty routine? 

I tell you immediately that I would like to have the chance to not wash my hair… For me it’s a waste of time but in the real life I wash it every two days. I’m really careful to use specific treatments and I try to avoid using the drier too much! 


Do you like ‘selfie’? 

But if I tell you that I discovered them three days ago, do you believe me? The first time a person asked me to take a selfie, I was almost terrified!

In your opinion why L’Oréal chose you? 

I’m honest: I have no idea! Maybe because I’m French, international or probably because I’ve the hair they want!


Are you feeling comfortable in this role? 

Yes because people are so lovely when they recognize me. They treat me as a princess! And being a Testimonial gives you the opportunity to try new products and for me being the Muse of L’Oréal is not only a job. My co-workers are lovely people and together we make a big family.


Eva Green has been really… Accessible, kind and I must confess to you that sometimes she was almost embarrassed for feeling ‘so important’ for me… That is another proof that there are still famous people that exist that doesn’t put on airs just because they became famous around the world… Zaguline, I hope you liked my adventure! I should write a lot of names to say ‘thanks’ to everybody but I risk of excluding someone and I don’t want…! I just want to say: THANKS a lot to L’Oréal Maison. For me it was a privilege to work in this big project with You!


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2 Responses to “Valentina Coco Interviews Eva Green”
  1. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    A splendid interview 🙂 Always a joy to read Eva’s replies, to questions such as these <3

  2. Cece Says:

    I would love to see her with blonde hair!!!!!