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Great news everyone! Eva recently granted us another Exclusive Q&A!! We thank her for her kindness, candidness and for taking her time to answer us. Special thanks goes to her twin sister Joy for once again facilitating this, without whom it wouldn’t be possible. We’ll be posting the rest of the Q&A in the coming weeks! Thanks for reading and feel free to leave some comments. Enjoy!

Your fan base has grown especially since our last Q&A (2014). You’re very much admired for your strong and fearless attitude towards your craft and your pleasant personality, what is it like knowing that you inspire so many people, especially young females from around the world? Do you have any message to your loyal fans? To the wonderful staff of EvaGreenWeb.com?

I feel very honoured. The kind devotion of the fans counterbalances any meanness that I may encounter in this cruel business. The website is so well done and professional that even my agents and my publicist check on it to find the latest info! I’m very touched by the time and energy and especially the care that you take with the website. Bravo bravo bravo!


You’re known as an actress who constantly plays strong female characters. Apart from your general interest in portraying women of various facets and contradictions, would you consider yourself a feminist?

Yes, I do. Even though tremendous progress has been made, many women all over the world do not have equal rights. We must continue the fight!


You’ve worked with a lot of up-and-coming young actors such as Juno Temple (who recently made the jump to television with HBO’s Vinyl), Dakota Blue Richards, Imogen Poots, María Valverde, and Shailene Woodley who are all currently doing well in their respective careers. Is there anyone in particular among them that you still keep in touch with? Wish to work again with?

Juno Temple who I worked with on “Cracks”, has become a dear friend and we see each other whenever I’m in LA. She is such an uninhibited, instinctive, raw actress and I’d love to work with her again!


You’re frequently described by writers, critics and even fans as someone who is reminiscent of an Old Hollywood actress, often compared and described as having the charisma and bravado of great actresses like Charlotte Rampling, Bette Davis and Marlene Dietrich. If you were to play someone from Old Hollywood or European Cinema in a biopic, who would it be?

I would feel intimidated playing an actual person… I feel I would be afraid of not doing them justice…. This said, it would be a dream to play Joan of Arc, Mata Hari, Diane Arbus, Virginia Woolf…Let’s dream….


We met Penny Dreadful creator and writer John Logan during San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and were lucky enough to have a one-on-one conversation (he was even gracious enough to offer his cigarettes!) with him. He talked very fondly of you and it was evident to us that he deeply adores you (he told us that he completely gets our adoration towards you as he feels the same way). Your special friendship and professional relationship with him is greatly talked about and admired as he seem to really have a good grasp of your capability as an actress. Together, you’ve built an iconic character in Vanessa Ives. What is it like to work with John and what do you think makes your tandem work?

First of all, John is one of the most brilliant writers alive today so it is a rare gift for an actor to work so closely with someone so talented. His characters are so multi-dimensional and conflicted that it renders them incredibly interesting. He wrote me the meatiest role I’d ever been offered. And on top of that Vanessa is intelligent, strong, fearless and yet vulnerable. My biggest hesitation in doing a TV series was that you are given the scripts at the last minute, just before shooting each episode. But John promised me that I would have the scripts well beforehand as he knows I prepare my roles in advance and he kept his word. He offered me the most amazing collaboration. For instance when I felt that there was a line that I wanted to cut because I felt it could be conveyed with a look or through action, John jokingly called me his “French Cut-Wife” and would graciously make the cut! John loves actors and he comes from the theater and he realizes that for an actor to give the best performance they can, they need to own the words and believe in what they are saying. I will always be grateful for having been given the gift of Vanessa Ives.


You are very much admired as someone who is very honest about her struggle with self-confidence. A lot of your fans, men and women alike, have often said that one of the things that they appreciate about you is your openness to admit and discuss your vulnerability. For us your fans, you are extremely relatable and inspiring in this aspect. Do you have any advice for anyone struggling with it?

Well… It may come as a surprise but a lot of actors don’t have much confidence and they cover it up! I’m really trying to make progress in this area because I realize no one can have confidence in you unless you have confidence in yourself. I do read some of the Inspirational writers such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra… And I’m a huge fan of Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote “Women Who Run with the Wolves” and I have all of her audiobooks. I love her tales which she narrates herself. She has a kind, almost childlike voice that is soothing and inspiring. (You should listen to her, recounting the tales of “The Jumping Mouse”, “Prayer for the Outsider”, “The Cry of the Swans”)
— To Be Continued —

65 Responses to “Part 1 of EvaGreenWeb.com’s 2016 Exclusive Q&A with Eva Green”
  1. Melisa Says:

    Eva, thank you for being such an inspiration! you’re an amazing actress! Hugs from Argentina

  2. Lisa Says:

    What a nice read. I’ve recently read up on many of her interviews and also find her willingness to acknowledge her personal challenges refreshing. I study astrology and pulled her chart based on her b day of July 6 1980 and a birth time of about 10:3am. Without getting into the details her natal chart shows the markers of an introvert, and deeply sensitive nature. She might possibly be considered a highly sensitive person which is a high sensitivity to the environment which affects the neurons. It is in no way a disorder. It is a gift but makes it hard on the person so they tend to require a lot of quiet time and introspection. These characteristics if applicable would add her greatly in her art. She also has what’s called a mystic rectangle which also gives her a very special gift when she performs her craft. She is a real gem and I wish her much happiness in life. Thanks web team for making it happen.

  3. Marsha Weaver Says:

    Such a wonderful interview, and such an interesting person Eva is. I’m in awe of her acting in Penny Dreadful; she’s certainly my favorite actress ever. I look forward to reading more of the interview. I sure hope Penny Dreadful gets a Season 4. John Logan and Eva have given us one of the most fascinating characters on the screen in Vanessa Ives.

  4. queequeg Says:

    Wonderful Part 1 of the interview and cannot wait for more. Eva is such a great actress, humanitarian, and person who struggles with self-confidence issues just like many of us. There aren’t too many celebrities who would do interviews like this for fansites and it is just so refreshing to see that she loves EGW as much as we do.

    Please keep doing what you do, Eva, and we will be there to support you. Wishing you all the best and cannot wait to see you in Miss P and Euphoria.

    Thank you very much Eva & Joy for this lovely interview.

  5. Ian Says:

    Reminiscent of the days when actors connected differently to films. I’m 31, but you know what I mean. Reminiscent of when it was about something larger than life – really about it. When the magic was the goal. It’s the natural force and instincts that make her work unique. In some, most, the uniqueness or else isn’t there, even if everything else is brilliant. And is that something, that makes the difference. Though some try – making an experience to calculate emotion, time, reaction, the movie experience isn’t rational. It can’t be. It’s not only a physical experience, but a spiritual one. Doesn’t matter if you believe in something or not. You respond to feelings in a way that can’t be rationalized. It’s the Catch – 22 situation. You want her to know that. But you don’t wanna say much, to have the opposite effect.
    About the book, it’s maybe about them trying to be in touch with instincts. Something that today,
    we look down (we look down our own powers), cause they can’t be rationalized. There are powers, instincts, beyond comprehension – and since
    they can’t be rationalized, they put down as meaningless. You don’t have the substantial proof in your hands, but you know is there. The fact that you feel its force and see it to be right, is proof enough. You just were taught not to believe it and disregard it. I had a humble background, I was in touch with things from an early age. As a straight male, I confirm the power and sixth sense of women. I see all the time. Like everyone, if paying attention.

  6. Marthie Kidty Says:

    I loved the interview with Ms. Green. I’ve read some Q&A’s of other celebrities and they are extremely self absorbed and feel like they are entitled every fan they have.
    I will be honest, my mom told me about Penny Dreadful when the first season came out, but I didn’t watch it until last year, so I’m a late bloomer.
    After that I was a fan of Ms. Green. I’ve watched all her movies, The Dreamers was a little harder to find.
    Her acting is definitely a beauty to behold, even her work with Tim Burton (whom I adore). I love that she doesn’t just take any role, that she acts in movies that shows different sides of her (fierce as Atremisia in 300: Rise of an Empire).
    I hope that Ms. Green stays away from social media because there are so many disrespectful people out there that would do anything to tear her down. This website does an amazing job to bring true fans together and share news and allow us all to discuss episodes, theories, and just have a safe place to share our adoration for her talent.

    I want to thank the creators and staff of evagreenweb for everything you guys do. I know it must be a round the clock job to keep a personal touch with all of us on twitter and keep this website updated.

    Rock on! And to all the wonderful #dreadfuls, remember to campaign to have showtime renew Penny Dreadful for a 4th season! 💜💜💜

  7. Angelique Says:

    Eva! Poland loves You! <3

  8. Kelly Says:

    Although I don’t know Eva personally, and sadly probably never will, she seems like she would be a ton of fun to hang out with! Eva, if you ever find yourself in Toledo, Ohio we should totally get a beer!

  9. Phil Pish Screeton Says:

    fab interview evagreenweb keep up the good work

  10. Radostina Says:

    Awesome interview, thank you guys! Looking forward for part 2! Eva is such an inspiration! Wishing her all the best with love from Bulgaria.

  11. Vanessa Ives Says:

    My demon brought me here and I (cough) (cough) love you fools… Eva is so hmmm sweet and lovely.

  12. John Henry Says:

    Eva is a great actress. Is she interested in Astrology? Best wishes JH

  13. Jona Says:

    I love it when folks get together and share opinions. Great website, stick with it!

  14. Valenty Says:

    This is a lovely interview, as Eva’s soul, lovely And sweet. Sure it could be great, To see the princess Eva as Virgin Woolf or an other actual real person into a movie or a chef. I wish u ( Eva ) To realize your dream. Virgin Woolf is My favorite writer And see u in her it is a dream also for me.
    I am Very shy as u so, While u play characters dreaming into movies, i use To write, Novell romances, since i was young grewing up Writting To dream And Live different lifes, as u do. I am 30, a dreamer finding me in your shiness, in your passion To Read, piano, classic Music, sweetness, in your funny Side so And also for other reasons, u are My Force, a mirrow where i find peace, and a bit of me in your eyes also.
    U are a Princess, an Angel for me always

  15. Lisa Says:

    Thought I’d take the time to say that I loved the ending of penny dreadful and had sorta convinced myself that the show was ending based on the announcement of Eva being part of euphoria ad well as her response in the exclusive about John and the show. Great job. It is I imagine a shock for many of the fans but we will see more of Eva Green in other roles. She is a gifted actress and this role gave her s grand platform to show the world her range of talent.