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Here’s the Second Part of our Exclusive Q&A with Eva Green. We thank her for her kindness, candidness and for taking her time to answer us. Special thanks goes to her twin sister Joy for once again facilitating this, without whom it wouldn’t be possible. In case you missed the First Part of the interview, you can read it HERE. We’ll be posting the rest of the Q&A in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave some messages or comments. Enjoy!


If you could talk to your 15 year old self, what would you tell her?

Do all that you can to develop your confidence and get your attention on other people rather than being worried about people judging you.

You’ve learned how to read tarot cards, handle a crossbow, smoke a pipe, pray in Latin and acquire British and American accents all in the name of your characters. Which skill are you interested in learning should a role calls for it?

My fantasy would be to play a violinist or a cellist who would also be a kick-boxer and a chef!!!!


After Penny Dreadful Season 3, you’ll be next seen in Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children as the titular character Miss Peregrine. What attracted you to the project and what is it about Miss Peregrine that sets her apart from previous characters you’ve played?

Just working with Tim again was a huge inducement. And I love the story and the character. She was so wild, unlike anyone I’ve ever played and I was so excited to work with so many children! Playing a bird was a new challenge! The fact that she transforms into a falcon helped me to find the physicality of the character. Tim likes to call her “Scary Poppins”!


Are there any other actors/writers/directors that you’re dying to work with now that you’ve worked with Tim Burton (again) who is one of your favorite directors?

Jeff Nichols, Iñárritu, Jane Campion….


You got your first Golden Globe nomination for acting (Best Actress in a Drama Series) this year. You said before “I don’t believe in awards. It’s very good for the ego, I suppose.” and you are someone who does not chase projects for the sake of getting recognition but your Golden Globe nomination was such a huge thing (we were all ecstatic for you!). Did it take you by surprise and what was it like to be in the same room surrounded by people you admire like Cate Blanchett?

Yes it was a huge honour as I am in awe of the work of the actors nominated. I had to keep pinching myself because it felt like I was dreaming. I’m always very nervous and feel out of place in these big events, afraid I’d get Tourette’s and completely lose it! Ha!



The majority of your recent projects lately are big movies. Is there any future plan to go back to your indie roots and perhaps, even a return to theatre?

Theatre no….as just the thought of it makes me tremble with fear…But I love indie films and would adore doing another.


Late last year, you were rumoured to be in negotiations to play the villainous character Circe in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Is there any truth to this? Moreover, you are often fan-casted in these superhero movies, are you interested in playing a superhero or being involved in any superhero movie?

No, I have never been attached to the movie “Wonder Woman”.

— To Be Continued —

14 Responses to “Part 2 of EvaGreenWeb.com’s 2016 Exclusive Q&A with Eva Green”
  1. Jessie Says:

    Dear Eva, as an aspiring actress, your performance as Vanessa Ives has been truly inspiring. Thank you so much ❤️

  2. Vicki Says:

    What can I say? Eva you are a breath of fresh air. I love the idea of a cellist, kickboxer-chef! Consider my ticket bought to see that. Love the note to your 15 yr old self, my 30something self could take a bit of that advice. Wonderful interview, thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us, we all adore you so. Much love, v

  3. Minatteli Says:

    She is such an incredible actress. I just can’t get the fact that she is so shy and insecure about all this, her acting is perfect in any movie she’s in. In my opinion she is one of the most talented actresses of this generation and I wish she could be more recognized for it.

  4. Eva Says:

    Bonjour Eva !
    (je vais vous tutoyer parce que je t’aime tellement que j’ai l’impression de te connaitre 🙂
    Je voulais te remercier… Parce que, peut être que tu ne le sais pas, tu m’as aidé à surmonter des choses qui pour moi étaient impossibles, tu m’aides à avoir un peu confiance en moi et grâce à toi j’ai un niveau de fou en anglais (sans me vanter 😀 ). En plus je sais que ce n’est pas fait exprès (je ne crois pas que tu aies des pouvoirs dans la vraie vie:D ) mais je m’appelle aussi Eva, (j’ai 15 ans mais ça n’a aucun rapport :D), je suis française et j’adore le cinéma, le théâtre et mon rêve c’est de devenir comédienne, actrice (seule ma mère le sait et je dis ça sur un site internet… Je suis pas normale :D) bref. Le problème c’est que je suis timide et que rien que le fait de parler devant des choses me rend nerveuse presque au point de tomber dans les pommes. Donc je suis perdue parce que ma plus grande envie c’est de réaliser ce rêve…
    BREF 😉 merci encore pour ce que tu fais, merci de faire ton travail :D, merci pour tout!
    Tu es amaaaazing et… Je trouve pas d’autre mots pour te d’écrire mais sache que je t’aime à la folie 🙂
    Kisses from Marseille 🙂

  5. Radostina Says:

    Fantastic second part of the interview. She is wonderful! We love you, Eva!

  6. Effy Says:

    Eva Gaëlle you are bloody wonderful, I love your indie stuff I can tell they’re more your bag and nourish your soul so keep doing them please xx also I’m so proud of the woman you are because you’re not afraid to speak out and say yes I’m human I do struggle with shit but I closely admire you for how you deal with it in your own way and I want you to know that your are much braver and stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are running amongst the wolves. keep working hard and going where the wind takes you. The universe knows you’re special because nothing is ever easy and being sensitive and more intuitive in this industry is hard to balance but I wouldn’t have you any other way. stay true to yourself eva. all my love always and thanks to EGW, love effy xxx

  7. Valenty Says:

    Dear Miss Green,
    I admire yor innocent pure soul of great woman, who u are as actress and person, for what i know . U are amazing and I love your simplicity, fragility, your soul, your be different then others for your be special woman with great talent great intelligence and great ability to be different chracters, different from yorself, for your purety interior , your be sweet, lovely , your fragilities, your great heart, your be perfect as person with a great personality . U are a beautiful dreamer princess. U are perfect for the person that u are . Princess, no be afraid of critics and be judged. U are perfect so as u are as actress and person. Believe in yourself always, Eva, also when u think that u are unable in something etc. no stop believe in yourself. U are the actress number one in this world and memorable forever. I no write I love u , u are beautiful , sexy etc as others use to do because I hope a day to be able to hug u giving all my love for u, my admiration giving u a smile so every time u will be sad, u could remember my love, my admiration for u hoping u will smile.
    My great desire is hug u a day.
    In this world so materialist, hard, violence, u are still so innocent, meaning as person able to be pure , sweet in this hard life of cinema and in the world in general.
    Honestly, u could have an other look, as body, eyes colour, and I still continued to love u in this way because u have great talent, great smile and great soul memorable always.
    U are the number one .
    Strong hug and a caress to Griffin.

  8. Esteban Says:

    Eva has the rare ability to commit to her character with bold ferocity, and yet she never goes over the top. Keep the good work.

  9. Myra Says:

    Ms.Green thank you so much for this interview
    Your fans,including me are truly inspired by such a sweet,humane soul like you,which is so hard to find these days
    Thank you for giving your fans the strength and courage to move forward,for motivating us and for reassuring us that accepting that you are vulnerable is not a crime,in fact it helps you deal with your vulnerability instead
    You are that role model that I am inspired by… Your fans will always be there for you, supporting you,encouraging you and helping you move towards your goals! We love you! I am blessed to have you as my role model! I don’t think I could’ve gotten a better one
    Love you and best of luck for your future projects
    I can’t wait to watch miss peregrine!
    EGW I have said it and I’ll say it again… You guys are the best!
    Thank you for making all of this happen,and you are appreciated for your hard work and your efforts!
    Keep slaying!
    Ms.Green and ms.Joy thank you for your previous time that you have devoted to make this interview come in to existence so that all of the fans can read and enjoy it!
    EGW thank you for developing and coming up with such well framed questions and for keeping us updated all the time!! stay blessed

  10. Deidre Herrera-lawson Says:

    Just love your work, you NEVER disappoint continued success to you.

  11. queequeg Says:

    Although Eva is one who is in awe of others being recognized and not herself, I truly hope that she will get an award for just being the amazing talent that she truly is. She underestimates herself and her talent but gosh dang it! I would love to see her on that podium of the Emmy, Golden Globe, or Oscar for the raw and emotional portrayal of her characters that make us love her so much. Her portrayal of Vanessa Ives should have garnered her an Emmy and GG win to be totally honest. No one can convey such an emotion out of the audience quite like the way she can.

    Again, thank you so much for an awesome interview Eva, Joy, and EGW and I cannot wait for Part 3.

  12. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Thank you so much, once again, for sharing Eva’s answers with us. Thank you, Eva, for being SUCH a magnificent woman. We all love and admire everything about you, and look forward to any and all future endeavors you may chose to follow. For me, you are not only a fantastic actress, but also a muse and guiding light. I love you, with all my heart <3

    Thanks to all you here at EGW too, for providing us with these Q&As. I look forward to the final part, coming up.

  13. Mag Says:

    Dear Eva Green,
    thank you for being you, an inspiring person and a kind soul.

  14. Wil B Force Says:

    Just watched the finale of Penny Dreadful,conlusion of one of the finest characters ever seen on T.V. Vanessa Ives, thank you Mz Green for giving her the depth and range of emotion no one else could, you are truely one of the most gifted actresses of our generation with the gift to take viewers with you on your journey as the story unfolded. Sorry its over but fitting end. Thank You.