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Here’s the Third Part of our Exclusive Q&A with Eva Green. We thank her for her kindness, candidness and for taking her time to do this Q&A with us. Special thanks goes to her twin sister Joy for once again facilitating this, without whom it wouldn’t be possible. In case you missed the First Part and Second Part of the interview, you can read them HERE and HERE. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave some messages or comments. Enjoy!


Your red carpet looks for the past three years has been very simple, sublime and faithful to designer Elie Saab. It’s a stark contrast from your past Alexander McQueen and John Galliano dominated red carpet appearances that were adventurous, playful and iconic. Was the change a conscious decision? And will we still be able to see your playful side on the red carpet?

I wish I could be as brave as Helena Bonham Carter who wore one red shoe and one green shoe to the Golden Globes! I adore her! Unfortunately, not a lot of people have a sense of humour at these events and it has become very “political”…. This said, I do love Elie Saab clothing, it’s very ethereal and magical!


You are well-travelled and seem to choose to visit unconventional destinations. Is there a place that you haven’t visited yet but is dying to see and experience?

I have always dreamed of visiting the Himalayas. And this year I was lucky enough to travel to Bhutan and Nepal! I was probably African in another life because I’m completely in love with the Continent! In February, I went to Tanzania and discovered the Singita Grumeti Reserves and their Environmental Education Centre. And I was so impressed by their foundation that I have become their Ambassador. Their work, educating children about the environment, is amazing, and could help to change the planet for the better. I’m planning on continuing work with this fabulous organization because what appealed to me the most was their concrete approach to conservation … Once the children have finished the Conservation Workshop, they return to their villages to transmit this precious knowledge not only to their family but to the entire village. I can’t think of a more exciting way to empower children than to teach them that they have the capacity to change their world… which is the first step in making the rest of the world a better place.




You recently revealed that you are a vegetarian and have been vocal about your disdain for industrially raised and processed food source. Is the change correlated to each other? And what are your other activism passions apart from the environment?

Yes, I have become a vegetarian because we all need to think differently about what we eat. As Dr Fuhrman (the author of Super Immunity) says, “We can supercharge our immune system to protect our bodies against disease through nutrition”. I’ve also been influenced by several remarkable documentaries – which I feel should be seen in every school worldwide: “Forks over Knives”, “Food Matters”. These all promote a plant-based diet for better health. But my switch to become a vegetarian also had to do with doing my part in saving the environment. Watching the documentary “COWSPIRACY” was a total Badaboom! moment for me and I wonder why this documentary is not getting the press it deserves. I think if people see these documentaries, they will come to the same conclusion as I did – we need to shift to a plant-based diet to save our health, our environment and spare the suffering of millions and millions of animals.


What is one change about yourself for the past ten years that you most appreciate and value?

Becoming a vegetarian has changed me not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. I feel much more connected to all my fellow earthlings.


For the past 3 seasons of Penny Dreadful, you are constantly put to the wringer. What has been the most difficult scene to shoot?

My favourite episode in Season 3 is called “A Blade of Grass”. It’s like a play and had the most demanding scenes. It was so intense that in a rehearsal just before we shot, I punched a wall and ended up dislocating my finger that got so swollen and black and blue, that they had to change the size of the shot so that you couldn’t see my hand! Oh, the glamour of it all!


A lot of your fans are surprised that (technically) La Pianiste is your first cinematic appearance. How did it come about for you and how was it like to be working with one of the most revered French actress in Isabelle Huppert, your uncle Christian Berger and the great Michael Haneke?


The truth is, I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Vienna where they were shooting “The Pianist”. And when Haneke found out I wanted to become an actor, he suggested I play Benoît Magimel’s girlfriend because all I would have to do is walk up the stairs with him… Ha ha! It turned out to be a total catastrophe because they had to redo the take several times because I was so nervous,.. Haneke said that I wasn’t walking up the stairs naturally…. And then I thought, “Oh no….if I’m not even able to go up the stairs on camera…I’m in trouble…”

— To Be Continued —

50 Responses to “Part 3 of EvaGreenWeb.com’s 2016 Exclusive Q&A with Eva Green”
  1. Laura Says:

    Such a great interview, can’t wait to read the rest of it! Also, such a shame that Penny Dreadful ended. It has been a real privilege to be able to see Eva act on every single episode. I just hope she finally gets the recognition she deserves for this character. Vanessa will live forever in our hearts.

  2. Richard Lynch Says:

    Simply one of the best actresses to come along in years and years. Eva Green owns the screen.

  3. Gabriel Says:

    Each time we get to know her better, I love her even more. She’s so smart and interesting! And as an actor myself, she has being my greatest inspiration for years! And now knowing that she’s a vegetarian too, she’s even more an inspiration to me! Je t’aime, Eva! <3 haha

  4. Hazel Naylor Says:

    I love Eva so much! She is my idol and my favourite actress and I would love to be like her when I’m older. She is just so funny, kind, talented and intelligent. I would love to meet her one day but it will probably never happen. She is the best actress on tv and film right now I’m going to miss her on penny dreadful and I’m going to miss penny dreadful with all my heart and Eva deserves everything that comes her way! I just wish people notice her more because Eva is definitely the most talented actress alive.

  5. Maria Akriv Says:

    My dearest Eva i want to say that you were phenomenal as Vanessa Ives!!It was a one of a kind performance!! I want to thank you for this awesome and emotional journey!! Amazing series finale!!! I burst into tears and i couldn’t stop!!The death of Vanessa Ives is still a fresh wound for me… Best tv show and cast ever!!Penny Dreadful had unique script and characters with many colours!!
    Oh my dear Miss Ives..i will miss you so much…you will always be in my heart!!
    I’ve been looking forward to your next project as always!!
    Kisses,love and hugs from Maria from Greece!!

  6. Vucka Says:

    Dear Eva,
    THANK YOU for giving us the gift of Vanessa Ives, such a strong and outstanding character. I have never felt more attached to a character, she is a true inspiration and helped me a lot, really.. And THANK YOU for giving us a truly flawless performance every single week during these three seasons, I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I’m going to miss this show with all my heart!
    Thank you and good luck in your next projects, I’m looking forward to each and every one of them.
    All the best from Serbia,
    Nevena 🙂

  7. Fabiana Says:

    Eva my queen,

    You are an amazing person and a great inspiration to me. I admire you a lot and I hope you know that.
    Kisses from Brazil

  8. Yasser salim Says:

    hi Eva I love how you wonderful performance was amazing, In penny Dreadful so sad its finsh no more Vanessa I wish just see you and look too your eye ^J^ with huge love your fun from Iraq Yoyo

  9. Alisha Says:

    Hey dear Eva Green.. We love you for the fact that you are such a brilliant actress and we for sure are going to miss you in penny dreadful..

  10. Alisha Says:

    Eva I also want to say that you are a blessing in our lives. Thank you for existing.. We love you to the moon and back..

  11. daulmonster Says:

    Sweet jesus! Eva is vegetarian? This woman is mastering every field in life. What an actress, what a woman, what a beautiful human. I hope Eva will inspire a lot of people.

    Thank you, as always Eva Green Web for sharing all of it. You’re wonderful.

  12. Chasidy Says:

    Hi Eva! I have to tell you,your portrayal of Vanessa Ives,is absolutely,Divine👌🏻The emotion,energy,and heart you put in to her character,was captivating.I’ve never been moved by a television series,as I was with Penny Dreadful.”Blade of Grass” was my favorite episode.It was one of the rawest and human,interactions I’ve ever witnessed in television.Your
    acting,exudes pure,raw,emotion.I’m forever greatful,that you brought us a character that is so rare,and exquisite.You are a rare gem,in today’s Hollywood society.We are forever greatful,for you Eva;) ☮❤️🕉🍷

    Much Love,

  13. Daniel Kursevski Says:

    Hi Eva,

    Your commitment to a character is why I enjoy watching you act. I remember a scene in Camelot where you were eating and there was food in the air, in your hair, flying all over. I thought wow, not afraid to look silly good show. ( Made me wonder about your dinner table growing up) No season 2 for Camelot and no season 4 for PD. Still I have hopes for a reappearance of the Ives character it was such a fantastic role. Best wishes Dan Kursevski Madison Wisconsin USA

  14. Monika Says:

    I love you truly! You’re an inspirational person. I must say that you and John Logan made a wise decision of ending “Penny Dreadful” with that scene. Eventhough it was so heartbreaking that I will remember it to the rest of my live. Your final message was beautiful, I was deeply moved by it. Thank you for all: for answering those questions, giving beautiful performances, saving the environment. Your existance is a gift from heaven as I believe. Your soul is from another world. Best wishes from Poland!

  15. Samara de Moura Says:

    You are my favorite actress in all world, and inspire me a lot to be always a good person, with passion, respect and always fight for what I belive.
    Your characters always bring me a lot of feelings, the stories you tell, always delight me, teach me and bring new things to my life, like Vanessa Ives.
    I went through some things in my life, and I was becoming a person of little faith, but Vanessa reminded me of the important things and never give up… and I will not.
    I just wanna to THANK YOU, thank you for you to be you.
    I’m big fan and only wish the best things in the world for you.

    I love you so much <3
    lot of hugs from brazil. xoxo

  16. Myra Says:

    Hello ms.Green.. You are such an inspiration to be honest! I love your commitment and passion towards the environment and I agree that we all need to be more considerate towards it,which we unfortunately aren’t.. I am grieved that penny dreadful has ended,but I’m satisfied with the ending,and your portrayal of ms.Ives was absolutely magnificent! Thank you for giving us such an amazing gift of ms Ives and thank you for being part of penny dreadful! I am unusually ecstatic today,because I have been blessed with this interview on the very same day of my birthday,that is today.. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift! You will always remain as an inspiration for me.. You are already my role model!
    Best of luck for euphoria and other future projects
    I can’t wait for miss peregrine
    Love you!!!❤❤❤

    EGW thank you for this!!

  17. Florence Says:

    This was very interesting to read! I will definitely be checking out the documentaries she mentioned. She is definitely one of the most special and beautiful human beings to walk earth. I’m really really proud of her! Thank you guys so much for this! Xx F.

  18. Sara Says:

    Reading the three parts of this interview has given me so much insight and has caused the love and respect I have for you to grow so much more than I thought possible. You’re such a wonderful little earthling 😉 I’m still heartbroken over the loss of Vanessa and I don’t know how I’ll ever recover. I saw a lot of myself in her and she became my favourite character of all time. You gave your heart and soul to the character and i’ll forever be grateful for all the work you did to bring her to life. As always, wishing you all the best xx

  19. Robin Robson Says:

    Hello Eva, I hope you are well. It has been refreshing to watch your performance as Vanessa Ives. Your acting is sublime, for me the seancé scene in particular was spell-binding (excuse the pun) and a wonderful reminder of the art of acting. John Logan and yourself deserve awards and he for not just providing an entertaining show, but breaking the mold by demonstrating female leads can be interesting and drive both the plot and story.

    I would like to add as a budding actor I wrote a short film, inspired by the seancé scene. I hope I may have a chance for you to read it someday but of course I say it as wishful thinking.

    Thank you to Eva Green web and Joy Green for taking the time and effort to arrange this interview. Eva Green Web does a fantastic job and I appreciate the work you guys do.

    Should Eva read this thank you for sharing an insight into your life and I wish you all the best and happy travelling!

    Kind Regards,


  20. Vicki Liu Says:

    I am LOVING this interview. Each part is just as amazing as the previous. Eva, I commend you for your stand on environmental issues (which are near and dear to my heart as well), and making the life changing decision to become a vegetarian. It’s such a beautiful thing, and does indeed connect you more to the earth, and those around you. I wholeheartedly agree <3

    Blessings to you in your work, not only on screen, but to you on your continued journey to make the world around you an even more beautiful place to live. You are adored.


  21. Lisa Green Says:

    Eva, This is a 1st for me writing to someone I do not know personally. I felt compelled on many levels because of your consummate artistry and your genuine compassionate humanitarian soulful nature. I appreciate your willingness to reveal parts of yourself for I feel it’s not necessarily easy for you being that you seem so soulful and beautifully sensitive. Please know that you give others an example in this regard.
    I have truly enjoyed your labor of love ad Vanessa Ives, as well as many other roles you’ve created. I too am an artist and activist in environmental, human rights and social justice issues. I applaud your efforts and always appreciate another who realizes we can make a positive impact in this world by living consciously.
    Blade of Grass was the tip of the iceberg and your performance showcased your abilities and your depth. I believe many of us here see you are many things and capable and able to create and perform a wide range of in depth complex characters. Keep following your gut on projects and try not to succumb to pressures by others to do bland, simplistic, or standard roles. Your portfolio of work is rich, dynamic and highly crafted. Yes there are plenty in the industry that aren’t as aware or interested in seeing those of us that give fully to our work by expressing our rich, complex inner nature’s. Keep being that seeker that I sense about you. Best wishes in a life filled with inner happiness. At last I want to add that you said recently that it was such a luxury to two be loved so much and have someone want to get the best out of you in response to s question about collaborating with John Logan I sincerely hope you get that from within yourself and in a personal relationship with someone too.

    Also thanks so much to EvaGreenWeb team for their commitment and love for Eva and those that respect and admire her.

  22. Lizbeth Says:

    Dear Eva: I don’t know if you’re going to see or read this however I feel the need to tell you how much I love your work, everything you do and the way you are I been following you since I was a little girl and the first time I saw you acting was in the movie “Cracks”, I was complety impressed when I saw you it was incredible the way you give life to the characters, since then I’ve been fan of your work.
    I admire you and I love that you always choose strong, smart and crazy characters, the moment I realized it I started reading about feminism, sexism and machismo. You were one of the reasons why I started fighting for equal rights and show people that we are not weak as some think, that we are strong and we can fight for what we want and that we are equal, I struggle to get ahead and do what I like, besides trying to help others.
    I thank you for all the work you do, for inspiring me to keep going and be strong.
    I hope to see you soon in Latin America.
    Xoxo + ilysm

  23. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Thank you EGW, for another fabulous entry to this Q&A <3

    And thank YOU, Eva, for each and everything you do. Your roles and talents have truly transformed my life. I was in a rather dark time, but it was discovering my passion for you that gave me the light to move on. And ever since, you have shaped my life in so many ways. You are not just a beautiful woman and talented actress to me. You are also my muse, and a flame that drives me day after day. Only two days ago I saw the finale to Penny Dreadful, and it nearly brought me to tears. Vanessa has been one of your greatest roles, and will be missed dearly by me and so many other fans. However, I also now eagerly await whatever other magnificent roles/paths you take, to see your talent and inspirational charisma once more 😀 To close, a huge thank you once again for sharing so much about yourself in these Q&As, and thanks to EGW and Joy for also making it all possible.

    Love you Eva
    – Drew (LordPendragon)

  24. Jackie Says:

    Eva, GURL, we are SAME. I realize you didn’t know this but just for future reference, there you are :). How dare you be so damn perfect! Thanks as always for taking time to do this. Pretty sure our hero wears Elie Saab and leather pants. 🙂

  25. Zenariah Barends Says:

    Dear Ms Green
    My tears still flow freely that the inspiring, strong character that you inhabited for 3 seasons is no longer with us. To say I am gutted is an understatement- and is a tribute to the beauty and power you brought to the role of Vanessa Ives. I have never been gripped by a series and character or been so emotionally invested as I have been in Penny Dreadful – which in my view has no parallel in TV series history from the haunting music, the brilliant script, the stellar cast and you as the fulcrum, leading woman. When I read the first interview with you and your live for Women Who Run With the Wolves, my heart sang – it is a book that every person who reads it could be benefit from and is a cherished book in my collection. Ms Green you are an unselfish actor, pouring yourself into Ms Ives in the way you did – the actor of this age for sure. You deserve every accolade and I thank you for your performance and the way you touched me in the role of Vanessa Ives. I look forward to many great roles for you and the acknowledgment that you are the epitome of brilliance in your craft. I send you my gratitude and love. Zenariah – Cape Town, South Africa

  26. Effy Says:

    hello my earth child haha (that’s your new nickname btw) and also I checked your astrological chart and I think you have virgo in your rising sign which is very important because it explains your down to each nature even though to me you are out of this world. you have this balance of seeming like you come from another galaxy but just being someone who could depend upon, someone to reach out to for a real in depth, intelligent conversation. Let me please take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in penny dreadful with an ending so soulful and dignified for vanessa with that little bit of light shining at first I was distraught but then I thought how selfish of me, all she ever wanted was peace and a bit of untainted love and she could only get this with being released to the light. and I completely get why you thought that ending was fitting it was very poignant and beautiful and I am very proud of your devotion to the series. And as for becoming veggie Ive always wanted to be vegan I just like food too much !! Maybe I’ll watch cowspiracy see if you convert me 😉 I am very much into nature and do wicca a lot because as an earth sign I have to be very connected to the universe and what it tells me so I completely get where you are coming from. I’m proud of all the work you do and how much you care for other people. Just know you get as much love back from me even if you don’t feel it just know it is there surrounding you . all my love forever, Effy xxx

  27. Effy Says:

    Oow also I forgot to mention Helena she’s great isn’t she. “be yourself” she says and I’m glad you sre you xxx

  28. niloofar Says:

    Thank you for Vanessa, i will miss her.

  29. Ala'Jae Says:

    Eva green is sooooo awesome and a great person too!

  30. Mae Green Says:

    Dear Eva,

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work, dedication and fantastic performance on Penny Dreadful. This was one of the most poetic, breathtaking, self reflective journey tv has ever taken me through. Every characters had my heart especially Vanessa Ives which will forever hold a special place in my heart. A Blade of Grass was my favorite episode, one of the most riveting, moving, and astonishing hours of tv I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. You should win Emmy for this episode alone. Your abilities as an actor are awe-inspiring to say the least.

    Eva, I love and admire everything about you. I love your commitment, passion and contribution towards the environment. I admire your personality, professionalism and your desire to make the world a better place. You’re such an inspiration and we need more people like you. And honestly, the more I learned about you the more I love and adore you. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I hope to watch you soon in another well written and tv series. I’m looking forward to see you in Miss Peregrine and Euphoria. And I sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You can rest assured that wherever you go, we will follow, I will follow. Anywhere!

    Thank you for sharing so much about yourself. And also, special thanks to Joy and EvaGreenWeb team for making it all possible! You guys are the best!

    With LOVE and respect,
    Mae Green (@maegreen_)

  31. Nicole Says:

    I admire her so much… Eva’s not just beautiful outside but is more beautiful inside.

  32. Tamsin Says:

    I really felt like a part of me died with Vanessa Ives and that’s due to Eva’s phenomenal performance. Truly hope she (and the show) gets the recognition they deserve. And even if you don’t, know that your fans think you are amazing. Looking forward to seeing you as Miss Peregrine. From a heartbroken Dreadful fan, Ireland

  33. Christine Says:

    You guys at EGW are so amazing! Thanks for managing fan relations so well and playing mediator! These Q&A interviews are so great and the fact that Eva and Joy trust you guys to manage the internet in all its craziness is really no mean feat! Well done guys and looking forward to see more of the Q&A!

  34. Philius Says:

    Oh dear Eva. You inspire so many of us. Your passion pierces the screen, it strikes even more than your looks, in every project you make. I am so thankful for everything you do, you transfered your love for cinema to me, only through your acting. You are such a modest and down to Earth woman, without pretention and vanity. I can’t even put into words how I feel about your performance in Penny Dreadful. I have supported you for a whole decade now and never has my admiration for you been as strong. We watched you grow as an actress and you are now fearless, limitless. (On set anyway, ha!) I’m very proud of you, we all are. Euphoria sounds fantastic, I believe such projects, smaller films, like Womb, Cracks, The Dreamers, are everything, the best cinema can offer. With all my respect, a great fan. -Phil xx

    PS. I tried writing to you when I was just 16, about the impact your passion had ob my life, and the inspiration you brought to me. I was way too scared… Perhaps will you actually see it. My only goal is for you to realize what you did to so many young, lost souls such as mine. xx

  35. Lynne Steen Says:

    I loved penny Dreadfull, you where amazing.
    If they they decided on a 4th season would you want to do it.
    Looking foreward to seeing future projects.

  36. Alex Says:

    Dear Eva, first of all, thank you for this interview and thanks to your sister Joy and the amazing Eva Green Web. For your loyal fans these moments are so precious. Thanks to these interviews we know a little more about you. I foud very interesting your answer about the importance of a more coscientious way to eat for our health and the health of our planet. It’s nice to know that we are not only fans of a great actress but also of a wonderful woman. I hope we can have other of these amazing Q & A.
    I wish you all the best and i can’t wait to seeing your next projects.
    Sincerely, Alex.

  37. Matt Chermside Says:

    Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said. I have been stunned by your performances in Penny Dreadful, felt every moment of Vanessa’s anguish. I think my favourite moments were the end of Season 2 and also ‘A Blade of Grass’ in Season 3, which was so enthralling, I couldn’t move a muscle. I had not seen anything like it on TV before. I can only imagine what it must have been like to give so much of yourself to this complicated character, it must have been so draining. At times, Vanessa was so vulnerable one just wanted to take care of her, and at other times she was so terrifying that one could only gasp in awe. I thank you for your incredible acting and doubt that I shall ever see such a performance again. Good luck for your future endeavours.

  38. Priscilla Says:

    First, I would like to thank Eva, Joy and EGW for this incredible interview that allows us , fans, know more about Eva.
    I love all your work. You were spectacular in Penny Dreadful. You are an inspiration for me!! Wish you always sucess and hapiness !!

  39. Kimberly Says:

    Thank you Ms. Eva Green for 3 seasons of #PennyDreadful,enjoyed every bit of it. You are a Phenomenal actress! May all your wishes and dreams come true. Thank you EGW for interview and all you do.

  40. charzie Says:

    Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do, Eva Green! I wish you all the best! Also, i didn’t know you were a vegetarian! Thank you for that especially! <3
    Keep being you! 🙂

  41. Simone Says:

    Thank you so much to EGW for these interviews, you guys are amazing!
    Eva makes me smile, she is such a talented, beautiful (inside & out) and inspiring person.
    Also thank you Joy, for taking the time to facilitate these interviews, it means a lot to us fans ❤❤❤🌈

  42. Ian Says:

    What’s valued in society and recognition today isn’t what is valued for the mind, the spirit. The thing is not to mistake one for the other. There’s a book “In The Light of Truth”, with several insights. Disregard the connections to religion, it provides views of the world. I’m a Jew from a mother, so according to the Jewish faith, I’m Jewish. And Catholic from my father. (I read she’s also, a coincidence). When you’re around the things that matter, you’re in good company, always.

  43. The sentinel Says:

    I’ve read several coments about the abrupt ending of of “Penny Dreadful”. The series for me was a sweetheart and a sign of greatness: a great cast, great emotions, magnificent moments, etcetera. However of that greatness, I realize that the series itself was absolutely demanding: Eva herself in this interview admits it. The series was a masterpiece that deserves to be treasured as one of the most impressive and intelligent series we’ve ever seen. To those who refuse to admit the series is over, think about how hard was for Eva to cry all the time, to be pushed to cross a boundry no actress dare to cross actually, the stigmatization, how can I know. I said the previous words having under consideration Eva is a very funny and joyful person. The series needed to be over because there was nothing else to say. It had a very congruent story that was told in three seasons… that is remarkable! In essence: there is not an unique responsable for Penny Dreadful’s end. There was a natural circle that needed to be terminated. In fact: there isn’t a responsable at all!

    We are very fortunate to see the performance of a true rockstar! I tend to believe that Eva is a remarkable and a beautiful Lake in the sky: a gift. A very remarkable actress like her deserves to navegate another shores, explore another options, I don’t know.

    That’s all I wanted to say. I’m sorry if I extended my words for so long. And also I’d like to apologize if my english is not that perfect… I’m not american nor else, so the english language is very strange and unnatural to me. Thank you EGW for all the precious moments you give to us, we love you for who you are, you’re awesome!

    Greetings from a very distant land!

  44. Adam Harvey Says:

    I just finished reading all 3 parts of this interview -Ms. Green’s desire to play Joan of Arc stood out for me – if anyone could do justice to Dreyer/Falconetti it would be her.

  45. Sergio Says:

    Thank you, Eva, for your amazing performances. It’s always an immense joy to watch you on screen, giving flesh, voice and soul to such fascinating and complex characters (Vanessa Ives, particularly, touched and inspired my heart in so many ways). Looking forward to your next projects, I send you my best wishes of love, fulfillment and happiness.

  46. Lisa Green Says:

    My apologies in advance for posting twice (also item 21) but I forgot to offer a suggestion in case Eva or her sister reads.

    In consideration of Eva’s challenges with self confidence and being an introvert look into Dr. Elaine Aron’s research and books on The Highly Sensitive Person. Many doubt astrology but I’ve studied it for over 20 years. I took a look at Eva’s chart and she has what appear to be many markers of an HSP. This personality trait is not a disorder. The HSP has a hypersensitivity to external stimuli, a greater depth of cognitive processing and high emotional reactivity. HSP’s process sensory data more deeply due to the nature of their central nervous system. The books help one to understand and find acceptance as well as educate others about this gift. I also recommend Aron’s book The Highly Sensitive Person in Love to not only HSPd but more importantly to people that love someone who has this personality trait to bring more understanding and better support. Best wishes.

  47. Wynne Moishe's Mom Says:

    You made the show. Your scenes with Ethan and John Claire always brought me to tears. The ever impending doom of unrequited love. Ah, such poetry was your performance on all 27 episodes. Yes. I would have loved another season but after the conclusion of season two, I foresaw the fate of Vanessa and Ethan’s happiness. Never thought I bought into all of that. Thanks for loving the role and entertaining us every Sunday evening for the last 3 years. Bravo dear lady!

  48. Valenty Says:

    Dear Eva,
    read you is very lovely discovering, day after day, traits of your personality so deeply human, sensitive that leave you speechless. I consider you a great special woman, a kind of warrior in this era, rich in values, that believes in the life and that is close to the common people as spokesperson for women’s and children’s rights, touching topics that only a gentle soul and noble can do.
    I am vegetarian as you, I am animalist, loving contact with nature and animals a lot, and my work is with children and teenagers. I see my job as my vocation, a type of mission helping others to change world using own mind, own sensibility and not influenced by others risking total omologation. You are a great woman that teach to people how to change world in great way, with messages who you transmit and your project putting your heart.
    Your great characters, are so differents between them and similars to show some parts of your person, as in Vanessa, the warrior that, to protect others, can risk to do anything, also suffering. You characters are amazing, great choose to play them. You are fantastic, especially. Your characters, so strongs but deeply weaks, are complex with hard work back doing serch, reading books, taking informations and all this show your great talent, your ability to put yourself totally and your love for recitation, your passion and your be very professional. nobody can play them as you do. you are unique in everything. Your be versatile, also able to play into brands as l’oreal, is very rarity to find into other actors. Congratulations for your job, multi shades and rich of messages, also on the life.
    you transmit me joyousness with your voice, your way to smile and your talent infact often I use , closing eyes, listen you to be in heaven seizing thousands of shades.
    I send you an honest smile, a lovely strong hug to remember , a caress to Griffin and a greet to your sister.
    with affection,

    thank you EGW for your job full of admiration for her, your work and respect.

  49. Reyna Ojeda A. Says:

    How amazing human being you are Eva, honestly. I never felt so proud of be fan of someone famous, but with you i am proud, really. I only feel respect, admiration and a lot of love for you. You are so talented and beautiful in every way.

    Thank you for shared you talented to us, and special thanks for the wonderful character of miss Vanessa Ives, she will be always in my heart.

    And thanks to you guys to give us this awesome interviews, you rock guys!


  50. Lark11 Says:

    I watched the series finale of Penny Dreadful last night. It left me moved and stunned. I was somewhat surprised to discover online that there was some measure of controversy/criticism among the Dreadfuls of the finale.

    The death of Vanessa Ives and the end of the show were stunning developments. But, even though I’m a huge fan of the show, I surprisingly wasn’t too upset that it was over, rather I found myself happy that it had lived at all. And, I fully appreciated the rare gift that had been given to all of us.

    Penny Dreadful gave us something that is all too rare in this day and age, entertainment that is emotionally affecting. The series finale also gave us something incredibly rare: a true surprise. It is very rare and very difficult (in this day of the internet, social media, etc) for the end of a series to not be completely known and broadcast in advance. Keeping the finale a secret made it so much more powerful, because it was unexpected. To be able to experience something that surprising and emotionally affecting is something to be celebrated and cherished, because it doesn’t come around all that often.

    Entertainment, whatever the form (acting, signing, art, etc), when at its highest level, should be emotionally affecting. It should reach inside your chest, grab those emotions that you keep bottled up inside and give them a shake. It should make you truly feel something, whether joy, sadness, rage, or something else. That’s entertainment at its highest and that’s where Penny Dreadful lived for three seasons.

    Most entertainment falls short of being emotionally affecting, because its very difficult to do. Most entertainment settles for cheap thrills or surface level storytelling. Penny Dreadful consistently reached those heights because of the writing and acting.

    Obviously, the pinnacle of the acting was Eva Green. Her performance was brilliant and that description doesn’t even do it justice. The performance was powerful and impactful. Vanessa Ives was a tortured soul who had love and compassion for all. The performance had incredible range, descending to the depths of despair and rising occasionally to the peaks of joy.

    I will continue to be amazed by Ms. Green’s performance in her one showcase episode per season: Seance, the Cut Wife, and the Blade of Grass episodes. Jaw-droppingly good. And yet, my favorite Vanessa Ives moments might be the quiet ones, like the conversations with John Clare. Those moments where tortured souls find a bit of actual human compassion. Lonely souls finding human connection. The showcase episodes were truly amazing, but the quiet moments might actually have been more emotionally affecting for me. And, the older I get, the more I appreciate the quiet; the more I appreciate things that can make me truly feel something. Or, maybe they were just breathtaking examples of the power of tolerance and acceptance. Those scenes soared because of the sheer brilliance of Eva Green and Rory Kinnear.

    In the end, I’m sad to see the show end. But, I’m more pleased that it existed at all. I know I’ll have 3 seasons of beautiful and powerful show on DVD that I can enjoy and experience until the end of days. I won’t say the show was perfect, because that’s too much to place on any bit of entertainment. Besides, nothing ever is perfect and such a label would undercut what the show was about, namely flawed characters trying to make peace with their flaws and failings to find acceptance in this world.

    Still, Penny Dreadful came pretty damn close to perfect and for that I want to thank Eva Green for her fearless performance. For putting everything she had into the character and committing to it fully. For being honest and authentic and for going to those places necessary to render a raw and impactful performance. It was the performance of a lifetime and I’ll cherish it always. Thank you, Eva, your performance moved me.