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Here’s the Fourth Part of our Exclusive Q&A with Eva Green. We thank her for her kindness, candidness and for taking her time to do this Q&A with us. Special thanks goes to her twin sister Joy for once again facilitating this, without whom it wouldn’t be possible. In case you missed the First, Second and Third Part of the interview, you can read them HERE, HERE and HERE. For this last and final part of this year’s Q&A, we asked Eva about her favorite things that she’d like to recommend and share with her fans. Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to leave some messages or comments. Enjoy!


Your taste is very impeccable and a lot of your fans have often cited how they’ve seen, read, tasted, visited or tried out some of your recommendations from various interviews. What are the things (film, tv show, place, music, food, performance, etc.) that recently interested and satisfied you that you would recommend?


NOPI in London

It is a fabulous restaurant. Ottolenghi is such a brilliant chef! Sumptuous flavours that I’ve never tasted before and great choices for vegetarians!



It has the same satisfaction of a home cooked hamburger! Pure magic!



It is one of my favourite wine.



It’s one of my favourite shows. Keri Russell is just wonderful!



I adored this very unusual love story. Absolutely bonkers!



I have always admired Leonardo since he began his career and I’m so thrilled that he finally got the Oscar he so deserved.



Fabulous hotel in “Sacred” Bhutan.



I love his little poems. I love poetry. I read one everyday. So soothing and inspiring for the soul….
— The End —

13 Responses to “Part 4 of EvaGreenWeb.com’s 2016 Exclusive Q&A with Eva Green”
  1. Myra Says:

    Oh my god! These are some of the things that I love too,especially Leo
    This whole interview has been so amazing.. I got to know so much about my idol through this.. Thank you so much ms green for sharing your recommendations with us.. Next time,when I’ll visit Paris,I know which burger I have to try. I have been anxiously waiting for all of the parts of this interview and i have now finally read them all… With each passing day,my love and admiration grows more and more for you.. I hope that my wish of seeing you someday becomes a reality… This would be the best thing that could happen.. Thank you for inspiring all of us fans! I have been a big fan of you since casino royale,and will remain till the very end.. Eva fan for ever! Stay happy! Love you!

    Eva green web!!!! You nailed it guys! Gosh this site is my favorite! Thank you so much for this
    Love to you!

  2. Cece Ziehl Says:

    I’m so glad she’s finding great vegetarian, vegan restaurants to try! I will definitely try these places when I go back to Paris and London.

  3. Cece Ziehl Says:

    I also just have to say thank you to Eva. Without her recommendations or movies I would have missed out in so many amazing things. When she recommended Deyrolle I made that the first thing I wanted to see in Paris. Also when Penny Dreadful was shot in the Natural History Museum of Dublin, Irelad I also made that a place to visit. It was breath taking! Absolutely amazing! After I visited these places I became deeply interested in Ethical taxidermy and entomology. I hope to make it a career. I really really thank Eva for these recommendations!! I never would have found these places or my career ideas without her!!!

  4. Vicki Liu Says:

    Thank you Eva for another wonderful interview, and Joy for facilitating. What a treat. Your taste is impeccable, but I’m sure you are aware of that 😉 I also enjoyed The Lobster, what an amazingly unique film. The Americans, yes girl, love it too.

    I wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors, thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us here, and on screen. You are an artist in the truest form, and its always a pleasure to see you and the amazing work you are doing, on screen and beyond.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  5. Robin Robson Says:

    Does she have any plans to write or direct?

    I think I read somewhere that Eva may be interested in independant projects, if so I have written a short film I’m looking to film soon I’d certainly like her opinion on.

    Thanks EGW for the stellar work x

  6. Christine Says:

    Yes! I should watch ‘The Americans’. Heard a lot of good things bout it. Leo was great in ‘the Revenant’ and enduring through all that physical stuff was no mean feat.

    My coworker was telling me bout ‘The Lobster’so definitely wanting to see it.

  7. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Having shared so many of my emotions in the previous three parts of this Q&A, let me just conclude by thanking EGW, once again, for giving us such a wonderful interview <3 This final part was very fun, reading Eva's various tastes/preferences ^^

    Love you Eva, and I look forward to seeing you in any other future movies and shows; and reading whatever further news about you I find here on EGW 🙂
    – Drew (LordPendragon)

  8. Ian Says:

    There’s a Turkish director called Fatih Akin, I don’t know if she knows. It’s worth a look.

  9. Vanessa Says:

    What a great interview series! Very fun to read Eva’s recommendations…agree wholeheartedly re The Americans and will have to look up her wine suggestion soon. Thanks, EGW!

  10. Jess Says:

    Thank you so much to Eva! She has expensive tastes but I’m definitely buying a bottle of that wine…

  11. Chasidy Says:

    I’m a wine drinker,I have yet tried that one.I must try it! I admire your,individuality! That is what drew me to your acting.You have put a very unique spin on the characters you play.Like none other,I’ve seen.It’s very captivating to watch you.You have a depth too you,that’s unworldly.Thank you,for making such wonderful movies,and of course-Penny Dreadful;) You are,Splendid Eva.Much Love X

  12. Tyler Knott Gregson Says:


    If you know how, pass along to Eva that I would love to send her some signed books! Let me know how.

  13. Lisa Green Says:

    I want to once again thank the EGW team for making this happen. I just love that the poet she mentioned posted on this site wanting to send a special thank you. Eva’s paradoxical nature makes her an interesting person. She has a raw talent and matches it with a commitment that I feel. We’re intrigued with her. I think it’s brilliant that she explores her own being mess through her artistry instead of so many of us that end up acting out some of the unsettling parts of ourselves in our lives. I hear her wrestle with the public’s image of her, and find her willingness to reveal herself a relatable quality. Go Eva.