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By Elsa Keslassy
Emmanuelle Seigner and Eva Green are set to star in Roman Polanski’s psychological thriller “Based on a True Story” (“D’apres une histoire vraie”), which will be sold internationally by Lionsgate.

Assayas, who nabbed the best director prize at Cannes for supernatural drama “Personal Shopper” is co-writing the film with Polanski. “True Story” turns on the toxic relationship between a writer (Emmanuelle Seigner), whose life and mind are endangered by an obsessive woman (Eva Green).

Marking Polanski’s return to filmmaking since his 2013 drama “Venus in Fur,” the French-language “Based on a True Story” is an adaptation of Delphine de Vigan’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name. The book was published last year and won the Prix Renaudot and high school prize Goncourt des Lyceens.

“True Story” is Beji’s first collaboration with Assayas and Polanski. Beji is producing the film via his Parisian outfit Wy Productions, whose credits include Jalil Lespert’s Cesar-winning “Yves Saint Laurent” and Pierre Niney starrer “An Ideal Man” and the French remake of “Chaos” with Romain Duris, Charlotte Lebon and Lespert.

The shooting will start in Nov. in Paris. Mars Distribution will release the film in France.

7 Responses to “Eva Green, Emmanuelle Seigner Star in Roman Polanski-Olivier Assayas’s ‘True Story’”
  1. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Wow! Another upcoming movie for Eva, already?! 😀 Reading the summary, it sounds like a very fitting film and role for her ^^ Plus Polanski is definitely an interesting director, whom I think Eva could work very well with <3

  2. lilou Says:

    great news I’m happy for her !!! she is a great actress

  3. Lisa Says:

    I’m excited but also kind of scared for Eva because I don’t want her to get any backlash and hate online for working with Polanski…as much as I don’t like Polanski as a person, I can’t not admit that he’s is a great director and I hope Eva will have a good experience with this film. It’s exciting that she’ll finally be in a french film!!!!

  4. Gertrude Says:

    One of the traits that I admire about Eva Green is her pragmatism and dedication to her art. She treats acting as both her passion and just a job. While I do not like Polanski as a person, I do like his body of work and I do admit that he is a talented director. Therefore, I do get why Eva would like to work with him. I will not hold it against her and I will not be a hypocrite and bash her or anyone who works with him because they are all adults and they fully well know the good and bad impact of working with him. This film is bigger than Polanski so yes, count me in as one of the people who will pay to see this. As an Eva fan, I’ve longed to see her act in her native language so I’m very excited for her on doing this film. I cannot think of a more deserving actress to finally get proper materials and people to work with. Between this and Euphoria, I hope she has fun and may these two projects, including Miss Peregrine, open more opportunities for her! I’d like to see her work more as it’s been a joy to see and follow her performances and body of work. Eva, if you are reading this, do not mind the haters and critics, do what your heart tells you and where you can fully exercise your art and express yourself! You have us your real fans who will see your work no matter what or with who!

  5. Flavia Says:

    Can’t wait for this!!

  6. Ian Says:

    You have, in front of you, a fiction entering reality, or is it the other way around. It’d be wise to give the importance it deserves, with the concidences and meanings that are in the book. I’m reading D’après Une histoire vraie. I am on page 188. I even see the resemblance, of the similar words and arguments, as if fiction was magically now copying those. Without the obsessive, unstable or negative aspects. When you watch a French film, or another one in an expansive language, and can understand the words and meanings, the subtitled version, leaves you as if you missed something. Like you watched something in half, without seeing a universe beyond. If “Deux Jours, Une Nuit”, was filmed in English, the story would look artifical, maybe forced, and the true quest for that humane trait, would be sabotaged. The message would change. The power of language. Or imagine if Amélie, (movies people are familiar with) was in English? Its details, that made the film unique in form, would turn to nothing but goofy traits, destined to trivially amuse an audience for 5 minutes. Thus, people would fail in having the experience that the movie reserved for each. I’m happy about the Polanski collaboration. I hope the movie won’t serve as propaganda for untrust. As they have in the U.S movies, where somebody meets a stranger, and someone had a bad experience… and all of a sudden, every stranger you meet is bad. Even created an effect and society until this day, became closed, suspicious of everything, and is still hysterical about meeting strangers on a street. But Polanski is skilled and always knows his way around.
    Maybe one of the objectives of the book was that the ones that go along with everything, unquestioning, usually conformist, will never challenege you… They know things you already know. And will leave you with a feeling that you’re fine, but always wanting something more. The future looks propitious. In 2017, there is much to seek for.

  7. Siddharth Says:

    I wish i could read this book, but seems it is not available yet in english