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By Diana Lodderhose
EXCLUSIVE: Eva Green is in talks to star in Tim Burton’s Dumbo, the live-action adaptation of the 1941 animated classic for Disney. Sources tell me she’s being eyed for one of the three main adult roles in the title, which is edging closer and closer towards a production start.

A Green-Burton reunion would make a lot of sense given the sizzling actress seems to be the director’s new muse, and Burton has a habit of working again and again with actors he likes. Green played the title character in Burton’s family fantasy Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, based on the novel by Ransom Riggs. It grossed $297.4M worldwide last year. She also starred in Burton’s vampire comedy Dark Shadows alongside Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer, which generated $254.5M worldwide in 2012.

The live-action remake of Dumbo is written by Ehren Kruger, who produces with Justin Springer (Tron: Legacy). Disney’s original version focused on a big-eared, lovable circus elephant, who is mocked for his large ears but learns to use them as wings to fly.

It’s the latest in Disney’s long line of reboots: This month, the studio is set to release a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens, and Emma Stone is set to star as villainess Cruella De Vil in the upcoming 101 Dalmatians. The studio has had huge success with reinventions of classic animated fares like Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent and Johnny Depp’s Alice In Wonderland, the latter of which was directed by Burton. Those pics earned $758.5M and $1.02B worldwide respectively. Its 2015 reboot of Cinderella starring Lily James took $543.5M worldwide.

Green has been hugely in-demand lately. After a successful run on Showtime’s psychological thriller series Penny Dreadful, the French actress starred in Miss Peregrine and then worked with Roman Polanski on his latest title Based on a True Story, which is currently in post. She’s also starred alongside Alicia Vikander, Charles Dance and Charlotte Rampling in Lisa Langseth’s Euphoria, about two sisters who meet up again after many years apart and the profound journey that they undertake together.

Green is also attached to star with Gemma Arterton in Vita and Virginia, a title which looks at the love affair between Virginia Woolf (Green) and Vita Sacksville-West (Arterton). But word is that should the Dumbo deal make, dates for that title will have to be shifted.

Green is repped by UTA in the U.S. and Tavistock Wood in the UK.

9 Responses to “Eva Green In Talks For Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ At Disney”
  1. Nausicaa Says:

    I don’t remember what the human roles in Dumbo were like, but I hope the “female lead” is more than a generic Disney heroine. Short of an unexpectedly cool part or some great costars, I’m not terribly interested in seeing her in Dumbo. She’s already worked with Burton twice; it would be nice to see her work with a wider variety of mainstream directors. Excited about her upcoming indie roles though.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I’d rather she didn’t do this project only because I believe that she could do better. But no matter what, I will watch anything with Eva in it b/c she’s GREAT! 🙂

  3. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Sounds like she’s in talks for a number of roles. Nice to see she’s still such a sought after actress <3

  4. Kasia Says:

    Dear Tim, just postpone Dumbo and wait for Eva 🙂 Good luck Eva, it will be great to see you in so many productions!

  5. Gertrude Says:

    With all due respect to Eva, I find her involvement with Tim Burton and his aesthetic as toxic and a drag to her career. One quick look on social media and publication comment sections shows that critics and fans alike dislikes the notion of another collaboration with Burton. Euphoria, Based on a True Story and Vita & Virginia are good film projects with directors that have a clear unique voice. These are the projects that I personally believe would show her range and complete potential. Burton is stale and repetitive and she’s constantly relegated to a supporting character in his movies. She’ll just be wasted again and it’s a damn shame because she’s definitely more than a Burton fever dream freak show material. I get it that she’s friends with him and he’s one of her favorite directors but she deserves better material and not a director who at the mere mention of his name, causes critics and people to cringe and ask “How do we as a society stop Tim Burton from making films?!”.

    Frankly, she’s at the point of her career where she’s in demand (RIGHTFULLY SO!) and must take advantage of it – not contain herself to doing favors for her friends. Not gonna lie, I would still go and pay to see this but I’m honestly not excited with another predictable collaboration with Burton.


  6. Madeleine Says:

    I don’t think it matters WHAT she’s in, Eva will always remain a great actress. Yeah, OK, maybe three Tim Burton movies are a little extreme, but it’s her personal feelings whether she wants to play the part, or not. And as for stopping Burton making films… Why? My personal thought is that he’s an amazing director. Just my personal thoughts…

  7. SymphonyAngel917 Says:

    Great actresses’ are drawn to great roles and I’ve read where Eva enjoys performing the more complex characters. I would think that the Virginia Woolf project would be something she’d be more attracted to and it’s certainly more intense subject matter. I can’t imagine Tim Burton holding it against her if she decided to pass on Dumbo, particularly after the box office $ take of Miss Peregrine. Go for the plumb role and spread your wings higher Eva. There will be other Dumbos….;)

  8. Siddharth Says:

    Agree with Gertrude ^

    Tim burton’s movies while i have not seen all of them…feel repetitive now..at least the ones made after year 2000. I normally watch all Eva movies but didn’t bother to watch Peregrine’s because of it being Tim Burton. Eva definitely is wasted in such movies. At this stage personally i would prefer to see her in movies with actors like David Lynch, Lars Von trier or maybe even Gaspar Noe.
    Ultimate it is her decision but definitely as her fan i would like to see her in more meaningful movies..with edgier or important roles. The subject matter of “dumbo” hardly inspires one. The whole treatment of Tim Burton to a theme seems of taking 2 hours to say what has been done already and can be said in 5 minutes.
    Regrets if she takes up this movie. ANyway we have the Polanski movie and Vita & Virginia to look forward too.

  9. Kasia Says:

    I wouldn’t be so harsh at Tim – it does not matter much to me if a film is not a box office hit or is not praisded by american critics. In fact I think a lot of oscar winners are crap films. I liked Dark Shadows a lot, i think it was a very good parody of a vampire romance. I had a lot of fun waching it, so funny. Miss Peregrine was not bad either, my sister’s kids loved it. Of course Based on a true story, Euphoria or V&V are extremely interesting and good for Eva’s career, I can’t wait to watch them but actor’s job is to play, she can’t wait forever for best roles. I am happy Eva will not play in any crap productions or any superhits just for money and I believe Tim won’t go beyond certain quality level even if it’s just disney’s Dumbo.