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It came to the attention of Eva that she has talented and imaginative fans who are also writers. Eva has manifested an interest in reading good complex intense intricate stories that feel unique and has a good, strong, complex female character with an elaborate back story who is not necessarily a femme fatale or someone she has played on screen or on stage before.

Eva Green Web will now start accepting literary works on behalf of her and her management. For more information on this project, kindly read through and strictly follow the guidelines and terms & conditions stated on this page.

6 Responses to “Eva Green Literary Project”
  1. Maria Says:

    What a great initiative. I’ll definitely write something, actually I have a novel I wrote years ago. Although, I am not good with words… Another great endeavour that will really be appreciated. All the best!

  2. Daniel Says:

    Waiting to get through the project. Sending 2 materials that I got in possession. Let’s hope for something to happen. Fingers crossed.

  3. Jo Ann Says:

    I really want to be part of… but I’ve no talent, I can’t write smart words nor ideas, and everything is rather dull or looks bland. Not original. But who knows, maybe I’ll try it?

  4. Mac Says:

    Wish luck to the one who gets it.

  5. Thanasis Says:

    Very nice prospective and very gentle. Just a favore please for all of us who are not from England or France. Please give to all (not only to us) a respectful time to writte spmeyhing good. Lots of us we have to compose in a language which is not our mother one. Thank you very much. Thanasis. Greece.

  6. Angelique Says:

    this is so cool! I will definitely sumbit something, in fact I’ve been working on book ideas 😀