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By Divina Vitale
What does your work mean to you?
It’s a beautiful art. I find it extremely joyful to be able to play different characters. In true life I am shy, my job allows me to canalize my demons. It is jubilant to be able to “liberate “ myself by performing a role.

Was becoming an actress your dream as a child?
Not at all. At the start I wanted to be an Egyptologist…. But then at age 18 I started taking theater courses and… here I am!!!

The movie The Dreamers was the picture that put you on the spotlights. How important was that role for both your personal and professional growth?
I have wonderful memories of working with the great maestro Bertolucci, it’s most certainly one of my most memorable experiences. It’s thanks to him that I’m still acting today. On the set he was very gentle, respectful and fatherly. When the movie came out , on the other hand, it was a brutal experience. Most journalists wanted to talk about was nudity, when in my opinion there were other more important subjects in the movie …no?

What is your favorite movie?
Cries And Whispers

Is there a role you would have liked to play?
Virginia Woolf

What is your opinion on Weinstein?
I already expressed myself repeatedly on this matter; I would rather not talk about it anymore.

You are of French origins, how difficult was it to be accepted in Hollywood? I bet it hasn’t been an easy task…
In France the film director has full power of decision, unlike in the USA where even a famous professional such as Ridley Scott doesn’t have the last word! For my part the work it’s identical wherever it is an independent movie or a big Hollywood production. You may feel the difference in the budget they dispose for the movie set , the number of actors featuring in the movie… As far as I’m concerned, the hardest part is definitely to train for roles with all the different accents, in different languages, other than my mother tongue.

Are you also a writer… Did you inherit your mothers talent?
No. I would have liked to have her talent and her imagination but it wasn’t for me …

Your twin sister, Joy, lives in Tuscany , in Bolgheri, how is your relationship? How do you live the distance?
We are ever more close with time. My only regret is to live so far from Joy, Niccolò, and my nephews, but we find the time to see each other eventually. Recently they surprised me by coming to visit while I was shooting the movie Dumbo. The kids were a bit intimidated. I thought it was very funny to see their faces when they saw me wearing a wig and a tutu. They weren’t sure of whom I was! hahaha! They say twins have a special relationship that keeps them close to each other all their lives. It’s true, although we are not identical twins we are very fusional.

Were you able to visit Tuscany, Bolgheri and it’s surroundings? Did you like it? As a tourist what did you like most?
The entire region is gorgeous, I understand why my sister decided to live there. For me, coming from abroad, I have the feeling that time stopped in a happy era for Bolgheri and its environment, maintaining the charm of its origins, without the hecticness of today’s world. I also have my favorites there, like the caffe della posta and its ice cream “Bolgheri ti amo”, or the Enoteca Tognoni for the vast selection of wines or the restaurant Osteria della Magona where you always receive a warm welcome by the owners. When I go there my favorite dish is the ribollita , it’s fabulous !! I’m told that the restaurant is famous for its meat, but I can’t judge, as I’m a vegetarian…

Do you like wine? Bolgheri is an icon on this matter. How is it perceived in the movie world, is it known?
Absolutely, although the estates are better known that the appellation itself. Personally I always liked the wines coming from Bolgheri as they are powerful wines yet very elegant.

Your sister also produces wine… do you like it?
I’m not saying this because its my sister but I love her wines. The Le Crocine is my sort of wine: direct, round, with a nice fruit and with no presumptions. With the 2016 vintage Joy has dedicated a Cuvée that will carry my name. Clearly I will be the biggest consumer! Both Joy and Niccolò are true passionate that produce wine for pure passion. We are talking of a handcrafted production done with 4 hands !

What is your day like?
I begin the day with a 20 mins cardio and if I have time I also work on my arms. When I don’t have too much to work I like cruising around London, taking long walks in parks or looking for a new restaurant to try… vegetarian of course. Alternatively I also like to relax by watching old movies.

What do you wish in the future…
I hope with all my heart that the world will wake up and that people will take conscience of the urgency that we need to save the planet before it’s too late. What scares me the most are the ecological catastrophes that we will live within the next 5-10 years without anyone reacting in time!!! The solutions are there!! For whom is interested I recommend to see a wonderful documentary by Melanie Laurent called “Demain”. It’s a sort of optimistically guide on how to avoid the end of humanity with concrete solutions.

Any projects?
I just finished shooting Dumbo directed by Tim Burton, where I played the role of a trapezist. At the beginning it was very tough, as I have always suffered from dizziness fearing the height. After having won my fears I found myself with a new passion. In my next movie, directed by Alice Winocour, I will be playing an astronaut. This role requires a lot of physical training in addition to learning Russian… It will be tough but I love challenges!

What is the dream that you would like to come true?
To contribute, somehow, to save this wonderful, fragile, planet!

8 Responses to “Un Vino Per Eva Green”
  1. SymphonyAngel917 Says:

    Splendid interview! So much new Eva coming my way. However possible, I’d be very much interested in purchasing a bottle with her signature on it. This musician loves wine. Admins, do you have any links to a website? Is this product open for purchase by anyone outside of Italy?

  2. L. Says:

    Lovely, talented woman. I’ve missed her, I feel we haven’t really seen Eva since Cannes. Can’t wait to watch her new films!

  3. Nausicaa Says:

    I’ve missed Eva Green interviews. I want Proxima updates! Has there been any more casting news? I assume principal photography has begun.

  4. Evian Says:

    To those interested: Nature protection is something that should touch all of humanity. It’s linked to other sectors of society… and it’s a reflection of humans and the era we are living in. It’s not a lot of use if 3% of the planet does something about it. It has to be a collective effort. Positivity is welcomed, but we must take things as they are… And focusing on solving one thing, and perpetuating another that is detrimental to the planet, doesn’t solve it, but only perpetuates the same known issues. I recommend an interview with Pierre Rabhi on France 2. It’s in French, so if you understand. The truth is that unless humanity takes the culpabilization, there aren’t tangible solutions, but far fetched dreams. It’s a difference if we possess solutions and want to put into practice, that means compromise, or just talking about it, and getting coffee, getting on with life. The issue is linked to the culture. One cannot change one, just without changing the other. Humanity needs to evolve, learn its place and functionality in the world, and to respect freedoms and limitations. Not always – but some documentaries, do talk about important topics, then there’s a joke, or they start acting silly, they may need to do so for commercial reasons, I understand it. And this would be fine in other scenarios, but that’s exactly the problem, not taking something serious, seriously. The rivers are overflown, species are extinct, the air quality isn’t the same, it’s time to change the tone. I’ll take a peek at this one. The same way Macron delivered a speech on the United States leaving the Paris accord… whether you like him or not, mentioned that the time is urgent. This is the tone. There are many things to improve. The good ones are waking up, the few of us are, best regards to everybody.

  5. Evian Says:

    I want to ask you to please post the post above, it’s helpful for other fans to know how they can help the planet. I’m environmentalist, thus this issue is of utmost importance for me. As it should for everyone. It was written here LAST WEEK, and the matter is urgent. If you care as much for our environment (, as you say you do), you’ll do the right thing. And I think Eva would like it as well. Right Information is never too much, and should always be welcomed. Let’s put differences aside, and work together toward a better planet. I’m screenshotting this post as well, just so I have it. I wish you the best, have a great day.

  6. Chrisia Alleyah Says:

    Any other updates? I miss her and her films as well. I’m excited about her new movies and I can’t surely wait!

  7. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Such a lovely interview <3 Here Eva talk about Tuscany makes it a win-win for me XD 😛

  8. Ian Says:

    I took a peek and bought the doc today, I truly enjoyed it, I thought it was going to be about the world’s problems… but it’s people realistically giving their inputs on daily issues and future crises.