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It’s just a bit of electricity. Nothing to be afraid of. A short film for the New All-Electric I-PACE starring award-winning actress Eva Green.

Jaguar. The Art of Performance.

Campaign created by: Spark 44
Directed by: Chris Palmer
Soundtrack: Skepta

2 Responses to “Eva Green | Jaguar I-PACE | Electrical Storm”
  1. Evian Says:

    In the last week another report declared that we have until 2030 to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, a time that’s already running, a difficult task unless we as a global community do something about it. Hopefully, this will drive more companies to focus on electric cars and start producing more models that can also be beneficial to the environment. It’s just the future. Nothing to be afraid of. Let’s hope… and wait. Best regards to everybody! I.

  2. Claudia Says:

    What a beautiful campaign and nice promotion! Go Jaguar.