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Proxima, a film by Alice Winocour starring Eva Green and Matt Dillon, will hit French cinema on November 27, and UK cinema on April 17, 2020.
SYNOPSIS: Sarah is a French astronaut who trains fiercely at the Cologne Space Center, the only woman among European astronauts. She lives alone with her seven-year-old daughter, Stella, whom she showers with anxious love, feeling guilty for not being able to devote more time to her. When Sarah is chosen to go on a one-year space mission called Proxima, her life and that of Stella are turned upside down.

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  1. Jessica Wu Says:

    Dear Eva Green Web (we actually met sorta a few years ago at a Penny Dreadful fan event!),

    I’m an American journalist who is living temporarily in Paris and I was wondering if you know if there’ll be a Parisian premiere for this movie? If so I’d love to email the PR team and pitch some articles on it. Thank you!