Jalousie en trois fax (2001)

Character: Iris
Director: Didier Long
Co-Stars: Dominique Labourier, Isabelle Gélinas
Written by: Esther Vilar
Genre: Drama, Comedy

A play about three women living in three different floors of the same building. They don’t know each other but their lives will be interwoven when Helen’s husband leaves her for Yana who will next be dumped for Iris. The three women will start an abundant correspondence by fax only.

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Stills from the Petit théâtre de Paris performance

Eva Green

On her character Iris

“I am, in theory, the coolest one because I converted to Buddhism. Even though jealousy is a new feeling for me, I go from happiness to despair. I address myself directly to the audience, it was very impressive.”

Production Trivia & Facts
Jalousie en trois fax is Eva’s first professional play.

Was performed at the Petit théâtre de Paris.

The play lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Eva was nominated at the Les Molières (France’s most important theatre award) for Révélation Théâtrale Feminine (Best Female Newcomer) for her role of Iris in the play Jalousie En Trois Fax (2001). Unfortunately, she lost to Rachida Brakni (Ruy Blas). Other nominees in the category are Françoise Gillard (Le Mal court), Hélène Seuzaret (Plus vraie que nature) and Agnès Sourdillon (L’École des Femmes).