Penny Dreadful (2014 – 2016)

Character: Vanessa Ives
Director: James Hawes, Brian Kirk, Paco Cabezas, Juan Antonio Bayona, Coky Giedroyc, Dearbhla Walsh, Damon Thomas, Kari Skogland, Toa Fraser
Co-Stars: Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Rory Kinnear, Billie Piper, Harry Treadaway, Danny Sapani, Simon Russell Beale, Helen McCrory, Patti LuPone, Reeve Carney, Wes Studi
Created by: John Logan
Written by: John Logan, Andrew Hinderaker, Krysty Wilson-Cairns
Based on: Penny Dreadfuls, the weekly cheap popular serial literature during the Victoria Era in the United Kingdom that focuses on sensational stories about detectives, criminals and supernatural entities.
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
MPAA Rating: TV-MA

Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, scientist Victor Frankenstein and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London.

Eva Green’s Role

Eva plays Vanessa Ives, an enigmatic, faithful, quietly driven heroine who proves herself a force to be reckoned with from powerful forces.

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1.01 Night Work – Stills

1.02 Seance – Stills

1.03 Resurrection – Stills

1.04 Demimonde – Stills

1.05 Closer Than Sisters – Stills

1.06 What Death Can Join Together – Stills

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Preview: Look Ahead

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Featurette: A New Narrative

Featurette: Behind The Scenes

Featurette: Behind Episode 1.02 – The Seance

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Featurette: British Exploration & The Search For The Nile

Featurette: Inside Penny Dreadful

Featurette: Literary Origins

Featurette: Prostitution & Sex In The Victorian Age

Featurette: The Science Of Medicine

Featurette: There’s Some Thing Within Us All

Character Featurette: Dorian Gray And Brona Croft

Character Featurette: Eva Green Is Vanessa Ives

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1.01 Night Work

1.02 Seance

1.03 Resurrection

1.04 Demimonde

1.05 Closer Than Sisters

1.06 What Death Can Join Together

1.07 Possession

1.08 Grand Guignol

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2.01 Fresh Hell – Stills

2.02 Verbis Diablo – Stills

2.03 The Nightcomers – Stills

2.04 Evil Spirits In Heavenly Places – Stills

2.05 Above The Vaulted Sky – Stills

2.06 Glorious Horrors – Stills

2.07 Little Scorpion – Stills

2.09 And Hell Itself My Only Foe – Stills

2.10 And They Were Enemies – Stills

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On The Set (Dublin, Ireland) – September 23, 2014

On The Set – November 29, 2014

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Trailer #001

Teaser: A Curse And A Blessing

Teaser: The Devil

Character Teaser: The Devil Is In All Of Us


Featurette: Behind The Scenes

Featurette: Dorian Gray Dances

Featurette: Eva Green On Vanessa Ives

Featurette: First Look At Season 2

Featurette: First Takes

Featurette: Josh Hartnett On Ethan Chandler

Episode Screencaptures

2.01 Fresh Hell

2.02 Verbis Diablo

2.03 The Nightcomers

2.04 Evil Spirits In Heavenly Places

2.05 Above The Vaulted Sky

2.06 Glorious Horrors

2.07 Little Scorpion

2.09 And Hell Itself My Only Foe

2.10 And They Were Enemies

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3.01 The Day Tennyson Died – Stills

3.02 Predators Far And Near – Stills

3.03 Good And Evil Braided Be -Stills

3.04 A Blade Of Grass – Stills

3.06 No Beast So Fierce – Stills

3.07 Ebb Tide – Stills

3.09 The Blessed Dark – Stills

Episode Screencaptures

3.01 The Day Tennyson Died

3.02 Predators Far And Near

3.03 Good And Evil Braided Be

3.04 A Blade Of Grass

3.06 No Beast So Fierce

3.07 Ebb Tide

3.09 The Blessed Dark

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Anaïs Chareyre
Fady Elsayed
Lili Davies
Ian Bass
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Robert Nairne
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Eva Green

On playing Vanessa Ives

“I can’t exactly pinpoint what did. The role was simply completely different. Like we shot Miss Peregrine between seasons two and three and it almost felt like a vacation. Penny Dreadful was incredibly intense, incredibly dramatic. I loved it and always gave my everything to make the character as human and as believable as possible. But Penny Dreadful wasn’t only gothic-horror. I don’t think I would have taken the role if it would have only been about possession and nothing else. There was a whole lot more human about the character, which perhaps is why it is so hard for me to say goodbye to the character. In the end, it almost was like I never wore a corset when I played Vanessa. Most people probably don’t understand how I could have enjoyed such a role but for me it is only enriching.”


On working with John Logan

“It’s a luxury to work with him because I can go, ‘Do you mind if we cut that?’ Or, ‘I wish we had more complexity there.’ And he like, ‘No problem.’ He is so gifted and open. I feel lucky.”


On working on television again

“A TV series requires quite an important commitment and that was my fear. But Vanessa is such an amazing role with so many colors to play.”


John Logan

On Eva Green

“She’s phenomenal — the fulcrum of the piece. She’s a ferociously committed actor.”


On why he visits Eva’s trailer first thing every shooting day

“To keep me honest and to make sure that we’re telling the same story.”


On shooting the séance scene (Season 1 Episode 2)

“It was a tough shoot. We shot it over two full days, knowing it would be the most difficult part of anything we shot in the first two hours, and indeed it was. There are tons of extras around the table and in the background -it’s in the midst of a big party scene. Those days we had world-class actors – Helen McCrory, Simon Russell Beale, Timothy Dalton, Reeve Carney, and Eva -all around that table. Essentially you just turn Eva Green loose for two days to find it.”


Sarita Allison

On working with Eva

“Eva Green is a true professional. She works so hard and is dedicated to her part. On set she is quiet, focused and a joy to work with.”


Anaïs Chareyre

On Eva’s card shuffling skills

“The size and the texture of the cards made them a lot harder to spread on the table, I was a bit stressed about it, I hoped she would be okay….I practiced myself for hours the day before and went to the set when the scene was shot, in case she needed help, I told a few tips for the set manager to tell her, but I don’t think she needed it at all, she was incredible! She made a beautiful fan of cards, in a slow, precise movement, and the shot looks absolutely amazing!”

Eva’s character Vanessa Ives
“I have a need for a gentleman who’s comfortable with firearms and not hesitant to engage in dangerous endeavors. Or was all that a tall tale as well?”

“Do you believe there is a demimonde, Mr. Chandler? A half world between what we know and what we fear? A place in the shadows, rarely seen, but deeply felt. Do you believe that?”

“Perhaps it has always been there, this thing, this demon inside me. Or behind my back, waiting for me to turn around.”

“I tried to pray that night and God didn’t answer me, but another didI would put mirrors behind the entire world if I could.”

“An unforgivable transgression that has marked me for life. You think you’ve suffered. You think you know blood. You think you’ve walked on corpses. Spread them from here to the horizon and I have walked further! You weak, foul, lustful, vainglorious man. How dare you presume to speak to me of death?”

“I write in hope that one day you will answer me and that everything can again be like it was… Though I know that can never be.”

“I don’t remember clouds when we were young. Were there any, my dearest Mina? Just beyond the horizon, perhaps? Or was it all seashore and sandcastles? Such a thought is naive, I know. But aren’t memories always that?”

“Your father loves you very much and would do anything to save you. But I love you in a different way. I love you enough to kill you.”

“I have a complicated history with the Almighty.”

“That’s why you’re a virgin. Or maybe not. Who can tell about such things, such hidden things. Such secrets we all have, don’t we, Doctor? There’s a line from Shelley that haunts me, a single line from Adonais. I can’t seem to get it out of my head. “No more let life divide what death can join together.” Your clean hands are trembling. Are you afraid?”

“All sad people like poetry. Happy people like songs.”

“Perhaps I belong here. She always thought that. I don’t know that I’m made for company. I think I’m made for something… like the moors. And for doing such things as hurt even as they help. She called me her Little Scorpion, and only said my name aloud once, before she was murdered, tied to that tree outside. I’ve never liked trees since. Not one.”

“I love storms. Primordial. Every bit of civilization gone. Everything true coming out.”
Production Trivia & Facts
John Logan did not produce a spec script when he pitched the show to Showtime. Logan had already written the first two episodes and along with it, he also wrote a 40-page Bible exploring the characters and story. Showtime bought the show after he presented the scripts.

Eva spoke Lingala during the séance scene in Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Séance’.

To avoid spoilers and to protect the big reveal of Josh Hartnett’s character Ethan Chandler’s true nature, the code name during Season 1’s production for the Wolfman character was ‘Brian’.

The séance back-bending scene was filmed in three different segments: the first was on set with Eva standing on the table, the second was filmed in a studio where she bent her body as far back as the stuntmen deemed safe, and the third was Eva bent all the way back in a contraption which was filmed in front of a green screen under John Logan’s supervision. The post-production visual effects team then combined all three segments into one.

In an exclusive encounter with John Logan after Penny Dreadful’s San Diego Comic-Con panel (July 2014), John told that he specifically wrote the character Vanessa Ives with Eva in mind. Logan said that Eva was his only choice to play Vanessa Ives. When asked if he would have waited for Eva to do Penny Dreadful had her schedule not permitted her to take on the project, John answered with “Yes, definitely.”.

The show uses many metaphors to point out the hidden or dual nature of the main characters. One of them is shooting scenes in reflective surfaces like mirrors. Most notably though is the dark versus light depiction of Vanessa and Mina in Season 1.

Eva acquired the skill of smoking a pipe (as seen in Season 2 Episode 3 “The Nightcomers”) for the show.

The only cast member who gets his/her script in advance is Eva.

John Logan wrote the role of Evelyn Poole/Madame Kali specifically for Helen McCrory. McCrory knew her entire character arc prior to start of filming of Season 1.

The shows boasts four Bond actor alumni: Timothy Dalton [who played James Bond in The Living Daylights (1987) and License to Kill (1989)], Eva Green [who played Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale (2006)], Helen McCrory [who played Clair Dowar MP in Skyfall (2012)] and Rory Kinnear [who played Tanner in Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015)]. Apart from the four main cast member, Creator John Logan (who co-wrote Skyfall and SPECTRE) and Executive Producer Sam Mendes (who directed Skyfall and SPECTRE) are also Bond alumni. A lot of the production crew has also done work on James Bond films.

John Logan has stated in numerous occasions an interviews that Eva is his muse.

All main and supporting actors on the show have theatre performance experience.

Prior to working with Josh Hartnett on Penny Dreadful, Eva co-starred with his real life partner Tamsin Egerton in Camelot (2011). Eva played Morgan Pendragon while Tamsin played Guinevere.

Billie Piper, Timothy Dalton, David Warner and Helen McCrory and Alex Price have all appeared in the revived series of Doctor Who (1963).

The impressive prosthetics and make-up special effects on the show were done by industry experts Sarita Allison, Nick Dudman and their hardworking team.

The whole make-up process on The Creature took about 2 and 1/2 hours to apply. Sarita Allison, Penny Dreadful’s Key Prosthetic Make-Up Artist, calls the The Creature’s huge cheer scar “The Norwegian Coastline”.

To achieve consistency, Sarita Allison’s team used human hair to match in with Josh Hartnett’s own hair to give his Werewolf a more human look.

Robert Nairne, who played The Vampire in Season 1, wore special vampire pants which were glued on. He also wore a specially designed vampire feet to make him comfortable. For the vampire’s face, Robert wore red contact lenses and a seven piece unpainted face prosthetics applied on Robert before a good mix of airbush make-up. To achieve the vampire’s bald look, Sarita Allison’s team wet shaves Robert’s head each day he was in make-up.

The Creature’s look is meant to be the closest realization of its look from the novel. John Logan made it a point and insisted for Sarita Allison and Nick Dudman to design The Creature the way Shelley described him in her novel. The facial make-up is consisted of six pre-painted prosthetic appliances. The prosthetics were pre-painted to save production time.

Pre-painted Werewolf ears and forehead pieces are applied on Josh Hartnett prior to the application of an airbrush light base make-up to match his skin and the glued on pieces.

Penny Dreadful Season 1 featured 8 episodes while Season 2 featured 10 episodes and Season 3 with 9 episodes.

Eva’s stunt double is Eimear O’Grady.

Penny Dreadful is created and written by 3-time Oscar nominee John Logan.

Penny Dreadful‘s Costume Designer is legendary costume designer Gabriella Pescucci.

The song that Madame Kali (Helen McCrory) sings on the Season 2 official trailer is titled “The Unquiet Grave” which plays a key role in the relationship between Madame Kali and Vanessa Ives. The first time the song was heard on the show is during the séance scene in Season 1 Episode 2 “Séance” where Vanessa Ives was scene singing the while possessed with the ghost of Peter.

The language used in Season 2 (“Verbis Diablo”) is a fictional amalgam of Aramaic, Ancient Greek, Latin and an obscure Arabic dialect called (in phonetic English) “Kan Allah Musali-Algins”. The language, Verbis Diablo, was created specifically for the show by the curator of the London Historical Societies Emeritus Professor of ancient languages.

In this show, Dr. Victor Frankenstein likes to quote the Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Shelley’s second wife, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley, was the author of the 1818 Gothic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, from which the characters of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and “Frankenstein’s monster” originate.

Penny Dreadful is shot in Ardmore Studios just outside of Dublin, Ireland. All sets on the show are intricately built from scratch by the show’s production team, giving specific attention to facts and details during the Victorian period of England.

Vanessa’s tarot cards were specifically designed for Penny Dreadful by French artist Anaïs Chareyre.

Legendary singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist Patti Smith is a big fan of Penny Dreadful that she visited the set while season 2 was filming during the fall of 2014 and performed privately for the cast and crew of the show. Patti Smith is also a fan of Eva that she wrote a song for her titled “Little Scorpion”. Eva cried when she found out as she couldn’t believe it.

Season 1 Episode 5 “Closer Than Sisters” marks the second time that Anna Chancellor has played the mother to one of Eva’s characters, the first being in The Dreamers (2003).

The Grand Guignol (in London as depicted in the show) is not a real theatre. It was constructed for the filming of the series. It was a real theater in Paris in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The style of plays common in this theater eventually ended with that style of storytelling called “Grand Guignol”. Though the Grand Guignol Theatre was primarily a French institution, there was a British Grand Guignol that was active in London in the early 1920s.

Eva and Harry both have a twin sister and brother. Eva has a non-identical twin sister named Joy while Harry has an identical twin brother named Luke, who is also an accomplished actor.

The original script that series creator and writer John Logan wrote for Season 1 Episode 2 “Séance” did not contain Vanessa Ives climbing the table. Eva pitched the idea during rehearsal to Logan and episode director Juan Antonio Bayona. Logan was adamant but let Eva try it out. Eva showed them her idea and both Logan and Bayona were impressed that Logan decided to rewrite that part and requested for a prop to be added so Eva can throw away something as she approached Timothy Dalton’s Sir Malcolm.

Dry ice was used as a substitute for real ice in the asylum hydrotherapy scene in Season 1 Episode 5 “Closer Than Sisters”.

Simon Russell Beale based his accent for his character Ferdinand Lyle on the accent of renowned playwright Tom Stoppard.

Eva did her own stunt in the water cannon asylum scene in Season 1 Episode 5 “Closer Than Sisters”.

John Logan wooed Eva for months to accept the role of Vanessa Ives. They spent a lot of time exchanging phone calls and emails discussing the script and the show’s structure and together, they built the character of Vanessa Ives.

Frankenstein’s Creature used the names “Caliban” or “John Clare”. Caliban, the name first given to him by the actor Vincent Brand, is a character from Shakespeare’s play The Tempest who (like the monster) is described both as monstrous (“A freckled whelp hag-born–not honour’d with / A human shape”) and sensitive, with a legitimate grievance against his master Prospero. John Clare was a real English poet during the Romantic movement (the same era as more famous writers such as Lord Byron, John Keats, Percy Shelley, and Shelley’s wife and “Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus” author Mary). Clare had a tragic life; although his mostly rural-themed poems were generally well-received, their sales were not sufficient to earn him a living to support his wife and children, especially after he started suffering from mental illnesses and alcoholism. He was institutionalized due to his florid delusions, which included the beliefs that he was really Shakespeare or Lord Byron in disguise; that he had multiple wives; and that he was a celebrated boxer. The Shelleys and the real Lord Byron knew each other well, and it was while they were all on a vacation together in Switzerland that Mary Shelley first conceived the Frankenstein story.

Series Key Prosthetic Make-Up Artist Sarita Allison designed and applied the prosthetic head used on Eva in Season 1 Episode 5 “Closer Than Sisters” with Series Prosthetic Make-Up Designer Nick Dudman. Only one punched head was available for the trepanning scene and Sarita had to cut and shave the hair off the head the night before shooting the scene. Nick and Sarita placed a little metal plate under where the drilling will be to protect Eva’s head.

According to Eva, she Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 director Juan Antonio Bayona employed the use of a rope during filming of Vanessa’s praying scenes in “Night Work” (Episode 2). The technique featured Eva (off camera) holding on to a rope that Bayona pulls to be able to produce the intensity within Vanessa Ives in the scene.

Director Juan Antonio Bayona is credited to have set the tone and atmosphere of the Penny Dreadful world.

Billie Piper and Eva have both worked with Matt Smith. Billie with Matt on Doctor Who (1963) while Eva with Matt on Womb (2010).

The séance scene (Season 1 Episode 2) script alone is consisted of 10 pages out of the whole episode’s script. All dialogues were uttered by Vanessa Ives. All acting, voices and sounds were done by Eva.

During Season 2 Episode 8 “Memento Mori” after Sir Malcolm regains his power, you can see an Edgar Alan Poe doll behind Evelyn Poole.

The original séance scene (Season 1 Episode 2) script was twenty pages long. Series creator John Logan thought it was a little severe even for someone like Eva so John rewrote the scene. Despite the toned down version of the séance scene script, it was still a difficult scene to shoot with all its complexities.

Fady Elsayed (Lead Familiar) had the privilege of hearing Eva recite her Arabic dialogue that she herself prepared for future Penny Dreadful episodes. Fady can speak and understand Arabic and Eva asked him to listen to her as she wanted to see if her Arabic sounded good. According to Fady, her Arabic “was amazing!!”. Eva spoke Arabic in “Possession” (Season 1 Episode 7).

Nicole O’Neill (Witch #1 in Season 2) stated that it was hard for her to overcome the fact that Eva wanted her to literally pull her hair hard and throw her to the ground for their pivotal scene in “Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places” (Season 2 Episode 4) where the witches attack the Murray Mansion. Nicole is a huge fan of Eva prior to working together on the show.

Eva is the only series regular to have had scenes with dialogue with every other series regular.

The producers of Penny Dreadful hired sculptor Paul Spateri to design and make the dolls that Evelyn Poole (Helen McCrory) made in Season 2. It took Paul 3-4 weeks to make the dolls. The dolls’ eyes were hand painted instead of giving them glass eyes to give the idea that it was really Evelyn Poole who made the dolls herself. Once the dolls were finished, animatronics was applied to make the dolls move. For the Vanessa Ives doll, Paul printed pictures of Eva from different angles to accurately capture her facial and bone structure and make the Vanessa Ives doll look exactly like Eva.

Season 2 Episode 8 “Memento Mori”, Season 3 Episode 5 “This World Is Our Hell” and Season 3 Episode 8 “Perpetual Night” are the only episodes in the series where Eva’s character Vanessa Ives did not appear.
Awards & Nominations

Golden Globe Awards (2016)


Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Eva Green

Primetime EMMY Awards (2015)


Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or a Special
for the episode “Grand Guignol” – Nick Dudman, Sarita Allison, Barney Nikolic

Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music – Abel Korzeniowski

Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score)
for the episode “Closer Than Sisters” – Abel Korzeniowski

BAFTA TV Craft Awards (2015)

Won (BAFTA Television Craft Award)

Best Make-Up and Hair Design – Nick Dudman, Sarita Allison, Vincenzo Mastrantonio and Stefano Ceccarelli (Showtime)

Best Original Music – Abel Korzeniowski

Best Production Design – Jonathan McKinstry and Philip Murphy (Desert Wolf Productions and Neal Street Productions)

Cameraimage Awards (2015)

Won (Jury Award)

Best Pilot – Xavi Giménez , Pilot: “Penny Dreadful: Night Work” (2014)

Canadian Cinema Editors Awards (2015)


Best Editing in Long Form Television Series – Christopher Donaldson

Costume Designers Editors Awards (2015)

Nominated (CDG Award)

Outstanding Period Television Series – Gabriella Pescucci

Critics Choice Television Awards (2016)

Nominated (Critic’s Choice TV Award)

Best Actress in a Drama Series – Eva Green

Best Drama Series

Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Drama Series – Patti LuPone

Best Supporting Actor/Actress in a Drama Series – Helen McCrory

Critics Choice Television Awards (2015)

Nominated (Critic’s Choice TV Award)

Best Actress in a Drama Series – Eva Green

Critics Choice Television Awards (2014)

Won (Critic’s Choice TV Award)

Most Exciting New Series

Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (2016)

Won (Chainsaw Award)

Best TV Actress – Eva Green

Nominated (Chainsaw Award)

Best TV Series

Best TV Actor – Josh Hartnett

Best TV Supporting Actor – Rory Kinnear

Best TV Supporting Actress – Billie Piper

Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (2015)

Won – 2nd Place (Chainsaw Award)

Best TV Actress – Eva Green

Won – 3rd Place (Chainsaw Award)

Best TV Supporting Actress – Billie Piper

Nominated (Chainsaw Award)

Best TV Series

Best TV Actor – Josh Hartnett

Best TV Supporting Actor – Rory Kinnear

Best TV Makeup/Creature FX – Nick Dudman

Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association [GALECA] (2015)

Nominated (Dorian Award)

Campy TV Show of the Year

Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards (2016)

Nominated (Artisan)

Best Special Makeup Effects – Television and New Media Series – Nick Dudman and Sarita Allison

Best Period and/or Character Makeup – Television and New Media Series – Vincenzo Mastrantonio and Clare Lambe

International EMMY Awards (2015)

Nominated (Emmy)

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for Series, Limited Series, Movie or a Special – Nick Dudman, Sarita Allison, Barney Nikolic (Showtime)

International Film Music Critics Award [IFMCA] (2014)

Nominated (IFMCA Award)

Best Original Score for a Television Series – Abele Korzeniowski

Irish Film and Television Awards (2015)

Nominated (IFTA Award)

Best Director (Drama) – Dearbhla Walsh

Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA (2015)

Nominated (Golden Reel Award)

Best Sound Editing – Short Form Dialogue and ADR in Television – Penny Dreadful: Séance (2014) – Jane Tattersall, David McCallum, Dale Sheldrake

Best Sound Editing – Short Form Sound Effects and Foley in Television – Penny Dreadful: Night Work (2014) – Jane Tattersall, Oriol Tarragó, Andy Malcolm, Goro Koyama, David Rose, Marc Bech

Online Film & Television Association (2015)

Nominated (OFTA Television Award)

Best Music in a Series

Best New Theme Song in a Series

Satellite Awards (2015)


Best Television Series, Genre

Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television – Helen McCrory

Satellite Awards (2014)

Nominated (Satellite Award)

Best Television Series, Genre

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television – Rory Kinnear

Best Actress in a Series, Drama – Eva Green

SXSW Film Festival (2014)

Nominated (Audience Award)

Episodic – John Logan, J.A. Bayona

Visual Effects Society Awards (2016)

Nominated (VES Award)

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode – Penny Dreadful: And They Were Enemies (2015) – James Cooper, Bill Halliday, Sarah McMurdo, Mai-Ling Lee

Visual Effects Society Awards (2015)

Nominated (VES Award)

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Photoreal/Live Action Broadcast Program – Penny Dreadful: Séance (2015) – James Cooper, Bill Halliday, Sarah McMurdo, Lorne Kwechansky

Outstanding Created Environment in a Commercial, Broadcast Program, or Video Game – Penny Dreadful: Séance (2015) – Matthew Borrett, Lorne Kwechansky, Graham Day, Jason Gougeon