EvaGreenWeb Penny Dreadful Season 2 Giveaway Promo


Penny Dreadful™ will be premiering on May 3, Sunday, at 10PM ET/PT on ©Showtime (check your local listings for full details). In celebration of the show’s return and Eva Green reprising her role as Vanessa Ives, we will be giving away FREE authentic Penny Dreadful memorabilia to loyal and lucky Eva Green and Penny Dreadful fans!

We have a series of planned contests and random giveaway moments so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

We will be giving away the following EXCLUSIVE Penny Dreadful™ prizes:

  • Penny Dreadful posters
  • The Art and Making of Penny Dreadful books
  • Penny Dreadful Dreadful Packs that include:

New Season 2 Dreadfuls T-Shirt

Penny Dreadful Candle

Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards

(5) Season One Download Cards (which you can share with other Dreadfuls)

The Art and Making of Penny Dreadful Coffee Table Book

*All items come in a custom Penny Dreadful Tote Bag




Open to Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram using fans

Contest will feature 2 chosen main fan arts that will be posted on EvaGreenWeb’s Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts. Fan art with the MOST LIKES, REBLOG, RETWEETS OR FAVORITES WINS (likes, reblog, retweets and favorites of each fan art will be combined on the final tally)

Email your fan art to evagreenwebpromo@gmail.com . Use the subject line “Penny Dreadful Fan Art Contest”. Kindly include a description of the piece: why you choose to draw/pain it, materials used in making it, social media handles (Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr account handles/url)



Open to Twitter and Instagram using fans

Quotes will be randomly posted to be guessed


Open to Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram using fans


Open to every Eva Green and Penny Dreadful fan around the world

Tell us who is your favorite character and why you love Penny Dreadful in 3 sentences OR send in a 15 second video. Email your answer to evagreenwebpromo@gmail.com . Use the subject line “Penny Dreadful Fan Contest



  • All participants must be following both @EvaGreenWeb (Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram) AND PennyDreadful.tumblr (@SHO_Penny on Twitter ; @pennydreadful on Instagram).
  • All participants must be 18 years old (or older)
  • Promos with the Penny Dreadful posters and The Art and Making of Penny Dreadful books as prizes are available to US and Canada residents only. International fans who wish to join the promo must have a US or Canadian shipping address who will receive the poster or book on their behalf.
  • Promo for the Penny Dreadful Pack is available to ALL Eva Green and Penny Dreadful fans around the world.
  • Only one win is allowed per fan.
  • Winners will be raffled (except for Penny Dreadful fan art participants) and picked by an uninvolved third party. Upon winning, winners will receive a direct message or tweet informing them that they won. Winner has 24 hours to reply to the direct message with their full name and shipping address. All personal information relayed within this promo will be kept in strict confidence during and after the promo. Should winner decide to forfeit their winning, they have 3 days to inform EvaGreenWeb about it. Winners will get a direct message once their prize has been shipped.
  • Upon receipt of their prizes, winners are required to inform EvaGreenWeb and to take a picture of themselves with their prize (or their prize only) through tagging @EvaGreenWeb and @SHO_Penny on Twitter or @EvaGreenWeb and @PennyDreadful on Instagram –whichever is preferred and using the hashtag #PennyDreadful. Should winner not have a Twitter or Instagram account, winner can email their picture to evagreenwebpromo@gmail.com .


Eva Green fans and Dreadfuls who own Tumblr and Facebook accounts are allowed to repost our contest announcements and guidelines on your respective accounts. EvaGreenWeb is not liable for any mistake on reposts. We advise that you link back to EvaGreenWeb.com or to this post when you do make your repost.


DISCLAIMER: Showtime© provided the prizes for this exclusive giveaway promo but is NOT a sponsor of this program and is NOT involved in picking the winners. Winners are chosen by an uninvolved third party. EvaGreenWeb.com, a non-profit fansite, has the rights to change the promo mechanics on any given time it deem necessary. Showtime© owns all Penny Dreadful trademarks and other related properties. All rights reserved.